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  1. I think most people never have this realisation. You obviously need more reality TV and vacuous advertising. You are clearly sick.
  2. I would love for you to be right but I cannot see it happening. It will take down too many well connected industries such as the big builders and large land owners and stop capital inflows. The government won't let their mates down and reducing capital inflows will cause inflation anyway and exacerbate the crash. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-capital-investment/uk-capital-investment Account deficit for 20 years or more (due to chronic mismanagement and Oxbridge PPE everywhere), a population decline will mean poorly returning assets, therefore ramp up immigration and ensure a shortage of houses, assets perform well and attractive for foreign investors and funds account deficit.
  3. They are awfully managed. They hold a good position in the market (the top of middle segment) but have not capitalised on this. The list is endless of what they should do to improve
  4. You mean if immigration (labour supply) was reduced there might need to be a benefit reform?
  5. Exactly. That is why a reform of immigration is unworkable without a change to welfare. Which is what I stated earlier.
  6. That assumes market forces apply to that sector. Fruit = care in this case and you can't just not care for patients. I am not sure where the government is going to find money to pay these higher salaries. Try working in some of the worst roles an HCA can have, let me know how much you enjoyed it and whether you would prefer to do nothing for your money
  7. Washing someone is much more than just the physical process. It is another opportunity for human contact, it is also an opportunity to look for ulcers and signs of infection amongst others. I don't believe everyone has the same potential but I do believe most people are capable of much more and have something that they are passionate and knowledgeable about which they ciukd teach. An immigration policy needs to be combined with benefit reforms because if you reduce immigrantion a number of jobs will go unfilled but only because people receive benefits for doing nothing. Higher benefits for those genuinely incapable of work and none for the lazy will sort this. I would recommend some time in the health care industry, the majority of the lower undesirable jobs are being done by immigrants. Without them it would collapse. A number of these jobs are not desirable at all and the natives do not want to do them.
  8. I agree that they should target the employers, I always wondered why it was never implemented. As you allude to, most probably because Trump and co. want the people's votes but are in the pay of big business and they know the electorate don't want to do those jobs. An anti immigration policy without changes to the benefit system is basically meaningless. Teaching is much broader than that just for children and lifelong and adult teaching is where I see a lot of growth. As someone who has experienced the full spectrum of learning modalities I think nothing compares to small group face to face teaching with enthusiastic, insightful teachers. I think there are many opportunities here. In regards to automating care, it has been mentioned before that Japan are automating this but I have seen no evidence and can't see how it would work. The fact a society would try to automate care functions, where people are vulnerable and in need is an indication that the society has much greater issues than the the automation of jobs.
  9. His policies are very mundane with little substance and naively assume that work is only about pay. There are plenty of jobs just not ones people want to do. An ageing population will comfortably provide work for all these people. Far better to say if your job is automated you get a universal income to be a care worker/nurse/teacher, or find a job on your own. Trump's anti immigration policies would be far better at mitigating any possible AI automation job issue.
  10. Materialism at its core - the disregard for the environment, consequences and ultimately their own well being, in order for a quick return. They do have a stake in this world, as we all do, but it is always easier and safer to moan than do something about improving it. It also means that insulated egos that were never allowed to fail in school (grade inflation etc) can blame their own perceived failures on extrinsic rather than intrinsic factors.
  11. From my experience and speaking to others the 90s born are worse, it could be because they are younger and you forget what others were like at that age but they seem less creative, overall less able and more materialistic. Not their fault as they grew up in an era when the West was declining on many levels
  12. People also don't factor in the alternative investment return, benefit/happiness of spending that deposit on you and friends and family and the liquidity risk that comes with houses
  13. Just like houses the credit bubble can't be popped, only a few outliers can be allowed to go under. Probably best to have a moderate to high level of debt then when the hyper inflation comes you'll be bailed out. Disgusting, but can't see it playing out any other way.
  14. If more social housing is needed: Plan a - government builds houses B - force private companies to have a higher percentage of housing association on their developments C - buy private properties at 'discounted' rates The fact they are pursuing c demonstrates incompetence and/or corruption
  15. For me, middle/working/upper class don't exist. There is a productive class which are useful to the economy and then there are the unproductive, these comprise the rich and poor that either through privilege, laziness or lack of ability/opportunity are a drain. Those unproductive individuals in high paying roles are the biggest problem. The productive are annoyed because the system is rigged and they are beginning to realise it
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