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  1. More on this - a peer reviewed study from china no less :- https://www.inkstonenews.com/science/covid-19-face-masks-could-cause-lung-problems-chinese-study/article/3116339 And these are what we're asking our kids to wear full time now!! Still if it saves one life.. 🙄
  2. UK debt judgments at 10-year-high Ok correct me if I'm wrong but if these figures are true then this has a massive bearing on the way forward. A quick back of the beermat calculation means extrapolating this forward a massive approx. milion CCJ's are on course to be issued this year - meaning 1:60 of the population will be considered 'sub prime' which either means bear heaven or the beeb have their stats wrong again.
  3. Missed the programme myself but judging by the comments here much of it centered around the supply and demand myth which is obviously th vi's biggest bit of spin on the situation. I think we all know here that there is no chronic shortage of house judging by the amount available to rent. Personally I think this is one of the biggest issues you could challenge a politician on in this situation, I'm sure with some good stats to back up the case you could put them on the spot about the true number of houses in the uk, second home owners etc. to highlight the massive inequalities the BTL's banks and boomers have created with this HPI monster. The point that the younger generation are forced to line the pockets of the older by either paying them rent or being crippled with debt to house ourselves should be concentrated on more. Plus the fact the PM and god knows how many more people in power are complicit in this with their 'portfolios' what chance do we have. Just my 2p worth :angry: .
  4. http://property.scotsman.com/news.cfm?id=864682006
  5. Is spam in the cpi basket, increased demand could mean inflation and higher IR! papa
  6. They really should make a link to a spam wholesale sight because thats all we could afford to eat after taking their mortgage on
  7. Hi all, like many others been lurking here for a while but def timer to introduce myself after a few friday night beers. Its been so refreshing to find a site trying to combat the madness out there at the moment. Currently an OO who bought last year (very much wishing I hadn't now) servicing a big mortgage on a not so great place. Realising that no chance of moving to a decent property and after this one as you all well know the 'ladder' is def broke. Here in Glasgow currently 150K for a semi at least (WTF) this is totally extreme and I can only wonder how much worse you guys down south are finding it. Anyway I'm of to talk the missus into a STR, as like everyone here I know thinks - this shit has to end soon and lets hope we can all meet in our 4 bed detached in a few years time and discuss old times after the crash has been and went. cheers, papa
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