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  1. Just started reading this thread from the start. Very depressing that TCs are still in place when it was very clear in 2015 that it's such a scam. I'm in my early 30s, single, no kids, earning £50k and I'm getting screwed over big time. I live in a room in a HMO in the SE and drive a £600 car because I'm desparately trying to save to get on the housing ladder and its going to take me years and then many years to pay it off, all the while there are people able to have a full family life while working 16 hours, many of which are not even from this country. Will there ever be an end to this? I'm waiting for a finantial collapse but will it ever come?
  2. I can confirm central reading is uninhabitable at this point. Mass immigration has eliminated any social cohesion. Speaking with the lady that cuts my hair, the schools are totally falling apart both in terms of finance and dicipline.
  3. Climate change is fake. The predictions say that we would be underwater by now. Right now they are saying "we have 10 years to do something" as they did 10 years ago and will say in 10 years time. Scientists have to agree to it or they are fired. Totally fake and anyone with half a brain, access to google and about 3 hours of their own time can do the research into it themselves. There's no excuses for still beliving in climate science at this point.
  4. Good to see ADVchina/Serpentza/CMilk fans here, I've been watching their videos for a couple of years now.
  5. I would be keen to find the overall % of the vote which was spoilt ballots. (Which is what I did).
  6. Cancelled my Conservative direct debit last month. Thinking about voting UKIP in the locals, Brexit Party in the Euros and Brexit Party in the generals. I don't have any faith the torys will take us out, but they wont risk a second referendum. It turns out we do live in a representative democracy and the only way to get out of the EU is to change parliment. Only way to change parliment is to smash the 2 party system. I'm hoping Nige can win the GE, but if not I'm happy with 4 years of Corbyn if it permanently destorys the Torys. However, if we get a mass defection of Tory's to the brexit party (at least a few must jump over depending on what happens) - I think most (80% - the number of Tory No dealers according to Conservative home) of the Tory vote will combine with the Labour leave vote and we may get a pure Brexit government.
  7. Hopefully all the pensioners will switch to the Brexit party in time for the general election. (rich pensioners should be means tested on benefits though, while protecting poorer ones)
  8. I agree up until now - but with the Brexit Party and Momemtum nipping at the heels of the neo-liberal centre is there a chance they would be forced to unless they face a populist backlash.
  9. I've been thinking: In the event of a crash leading to mass unemployment and/or substantial interest rate increase rises many people would fail to be able to make their morgage payments. House prices would also crash which would lead many to go into negative equity. At this point would the government be under pressure to step in and start to bail out home owners or put restrictions on the banks reposessing houses? If this is the case is it a good idea to enter into the housing market before a crash inorder to benefit from a bailout?
  10. The quality of the Yang Gang memes is incredable: https://www.google.com/search?q=yang+gang+memes&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwidvNvaiubhAhViTBUIHeu7DBIQ_AUIDigB&biw=1680&bih=936
  11. Unironic #YangGanger checking in. Secure the bag.
  12. Is it true that spyguy is an MI5 agent who manages the secret services interests in domestic housing?
  13. ah, im talking about future general elections. In the EU parliment I'm hoping that the brexit party can get a majority for the UK's seats. However, I am also excited about Count Dankula (the Nazi Pug dog guy) getting a seat in Scotland for UKIP. They may also run Paul Joseph Watson & Sargon of Akkad which would be interesting.
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