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  1. We've heard the big guberment is bad schtick for a long time. The issue is the central banks. Schiff wants to divert your attention away from them because they are run by his fellow tribesmen.
  2. This is different from 2008. They can't cut interest rates more and QE gets less effective each time they do it. I predict some sort of crazy realignment/new economic paradigm or madmax world
  3. This is a better policy than mine, but this would essentially force BTL land lords to sell properties they've paid £300k for, for £125k. While I would love this, it would crash the economy and be to destablising. The effect would be that every landlord would attempt to sell their houses before the policy came into effect. That is a good thing but it needs to happen more slowly.
  4. The law should be if you rent you get the right to buy at 10% off the current market rate after 2 years. 20% after 4 years. Also no fault evictions should be prohibited to stop LLs from kicking people out to stop them from buying.
  5. Good find OP. I got a bit angry watching this show. The landlords are clearly profiting on peoples misery. They try to justify it with "we're just providing housing", "the councils wouldn't have put this many plugs in" but they are cutting up family homes and cramming strangers together while charging rents equating to half of peoples salaries. Ultimately the landlords are stooges though. If they could, the banks would buy up all the properties and exploit the people directly. The problem for the banks is that this would be too obvious, so instead they have set up this middle tier of landlords to act as a buffer and obfuscate who is really profiting from all of this. This doesn't exonerate your run of the mill landlord though. Mentioning banging up someones rent £15-£20 for a door lock with such an uncaring grin on his face is disgusting. To the poor McDonald employee or lidl shelf stacker that £15-20 is a lot of money. The Ferrari that the landlord drives represents probably 3-5 families that have not formed as people couldn't find affordable housing to start one. It feels like we are living in a Weimar Britain at this point. I really hope we get a second coming of Hitler to protect the people and sort this mess out. Edit: Also interesting to note how many of the tenants interviewed were europeans who had the attitude of "yes I am fine with this". We're living in a perfect storm of banking usury, a government who doesnt care or protect the people and mass immigration driving demand up.
  6. Here's my 2¢. I'm quietly optimistic. Javid was a standard run of the mill, unthinking neo-liberal who just thinks about keeping house prices high and doesn't really consider the future beyond 4 years. Rishi Sunak is a non-entity and has clearly been put in as a puppet while Dominic Cumming really pulls the strings. I've listened to a lot of Dominic Cummings speeches and read a fair bit of his blog. He does think beyond the 4 year election cycle and is cognizant of the potential debt, demographic, social problems which are bubbling away and could become huge. Dominic Cummings is a sort of autistic genius and there is some hope that he has good intentions for the country - time will tell if this is right.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/feb/08/britains-buy-to-let-boom-is-over-we-should-rejoice#comments Pretty generic article - however the comments are interesting: Guardian readers showing their true colours and exposing themselves as landlords and complaining about being taxed on interest. This is the true face of the people propping up neo-liberalism - the guardian is not a socialist paper.
  8. I wonder if they would allow a bunch of private individuals to collectively buy an office block and live in it?
  9. Could someone please kindly explain why the hell there is no thread on this? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000f1wr/panorama-cashing-in-on-the-housing-crisis
  10. Given that the UK economy is based on its housing market, when the boomers sell to go into retirement homes or probate will the economy survive?
  11. I'm in my early 30s and right wing. Initially I was angry at the boomers but I don't blame them anymore. Maybe the upper and middle class ones but definitely not the working class. They were tricked. The greatest generation were completely broken by the war and weren't able to guide them properly. They also had no protection of the bad ideas that were in the pipeline. The boomers grew up with Christianity, but failed to convey it to future generations, but they did have a media, academia and cultural blitz against them carrying it on. They benefited from the stable families and fruitful society that it provides but didn't bring it forward and engaged in the degeneracy of the 60s which has ultimately ruined the family. They were paid off with credit and being the first into the usury pyramid scheme. This weaken them and softened them up for society to be taken over by financial interests. Gen X and millennial's are the ones paying for their retirement. Gen X and millennials won't be able to retire. When financial interests decided it was time to outsource all industry to Asia along with bring in massive amounts of immigration to lower wages and work standards the boomers were fat and paid off. We are heading into hell world and it's my generation which will have to work a way through it. This is what we're angry about. Personally I forgive boomers because I think they were just ignorant, a bit selfish and tricked. Good times make weak men Weak men make bad times Bad times make strong men Strong men make good times.
  12. Thank you for the recommend, I watched it and it was really good.
  13. Brilliant new video from one of my favourite British YouTubers on housing.
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