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  1. The calm before the storm where those in the know are silently offloading their portfolios 😜
  2. Well done @qejunkie @markyh respect for living the dream. Gotta work hard play hard, build memories. I remember both of you posting a lot pre 08. I was posting too but got put into HPC prison lol my situation is I never sold since buying 2011 lol. Kids arriving and mrs being uncomfortable with selling at the time meant I didn’t get to use that equity wisely. Now I’m waiting for prices to equalise to allow me to jump to the next square of the game.
  3. Maybe high interest rates would help with the reset. Then the game can carry on for another 40 years
  4. 50 Million dollar order for physicalGold / silver placed by one single billionaire
  5. He warned repeatedly over and over again…. “Protect yourself now” It took a while to decipher the message… but he couldn’t say it directly on here.
  6. Interest rates up petrol prices up car prices up wait till food prices get going 😳 Cheaper housing will definitely be a priority for new buyers
  7. definatrly neat. A lot easier than keeping a classic car in a rented garage and trying to stop it rusting etc lol
  8. No I hadn’t started working back then. anyway I was just proving a point. Still holding 97% of the silver I bought back then, playing the preservation, protection appreciate game. this forum has proven that nothing is guaranteed and that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket
  9. I’m stupid for wishing I bought something at 10/15K and wanting to sell it now for 45/60K ???? Wow very high standards on here these days. That’s a lot of bullion I could of bought now if I followed through with that purchase which was a PART of my investments back then.
  10. I’d wait… prices are insane Every young person we know who wants to buy (which in 2022 is 35 and under lol) is moving way out of London Its not even by choice, they’re priced out.
  11. Awesome work Dave Kicking myself that we couldn’t sellup before brexit. Hopefully prices correct sharply and even out more
  12. That big house and big car dont seem so appealing now 😜… no I mean seriously 🤔🤔
  13. I believe I was this forums youngest member in 2004. Early 20s and stumbled down the rabbit hole with enough time to hear it all and then find CGNAO. Bought the bottom and been enjoying life… still in the rat run though lol
  14. I did that too should have just put all the PM money into a bigger place to live
  15. You’ve got to look at it from YOUR perspective / situation & weigh up all scenarios / outcomes to see how each scenario will effect you and for how long, and whether it will be worth your effort. Some here have attacked 1st time buyers who made the right decision 2009-12 accusing them of being bulls, smug, market scum, as bad as estate agents etc etc …..whilst they themselves sit on £250+K of equity profit in the bank after they sold to rent trying playing the market themselves lol.
  16. I put off buying a dream car in 2010 for PMs, dream car has quadrupled in price… PMs barely moved lol
  17. There’s ways around it if your willing to break a few rules / make some sacrifices. Nothing new that people haven’t been doing the last 30+ years
  18. I dunno about that, by buying after the last crash my mortgage has dropped by half due to me setting up a new deal every two years knowing they couldn’t raise rates. As prices rose and my loan to value increased each time. We now pay half what we used to in the beginning. I couldn’t find anywhere near London, for the amount we pay monthly on our mortgage.
  19. Bump what’s the thoughts on silver, hold or sell ?
  20. I’m an older melinial & thanks to this site managed to buy just after the last crash. I found this site at a young age, otherwise it would have been difficult as hell. Most friends are only buying now / within last 5 years
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