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  1. Same here, need to sell our flat for a house. I’m not selling for peanuts to rent whilst the gap is so massive. Could eat a big chunk of my equity I decided I’d rather keep saving money & wait for the cost gap to narrow, which will come eventually as most of the competing 1st time buyers / those out of our area will be priced out due to the end of the stamp duty holiday.
  2. One of biggest regrets…thinking anything bubbly / bubble was instantly a bad thing… lived on this forum from 2004-11 heard of bitcoin then, saw this thread but assumed it was a bubbly gamble etc.. I then took a break from the forum after buying a house lol did dabble in dogecoin 2014 wish I chose bitcoin instead
  3. Yep in my situation the demand for bigger houses has priced us out… so I m not selling to rent when prices will stabilise eventually.
  4. Happened at my place.. new girl had a reputation as a slag & kept some guys at work entertained. work suffered I couldn’t have asked for a better setup.. they all helped me work insane hours clocking up O/T that helped me get on the ladder ! Best thing that ever happened lol
  5. Started the whole journey Googling house prices... found this site... read and researched all arguments & came to my own conclusions... Going to keep thinking for myself but keep an eye on what’s going on. So far so good
  6. Basel 3 due to kick in soon, read that it would be good for BTC... but that was an old article.. can anyone shed any light / thoughts on this ?
  7. Printy printy printy printy is multiples worse than before... don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  8. Maybe you don’t match the sellers criteria...Sometimes the seller may only want to accept offers from cash buyers only... or those with accept offers on their property
  9. anyone had an issues with withdrawing funds to HSBC account. Keep seeing headlines about it & then threatening to close accounts associated with it. thinking about opening a crypto friendly bank account. Any thoughts ?
  10. Can’t believe the squeeze is actually showing. Bullion by post nearly out of everything except kilobars... for golds little cousin 😄
  11. What would you recommend, cashing out in smaller chunks did you not want to wait for peak summer - end of the year to sell ?
  12. Interesting times for sure.. lockdown rules won’t help me sell easily. Sorry copper got to get to the coin dealer ASAP #silversqueeze
  13. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/bitcoin-holders-barred-from-depositing-profits-in-uk-banks-pgswbfrdz Any truth to this BAN ? If so what other UK account can anyone recommend ?
  14. I heard about bitcoin 2009 ish but didn’t understand it & had so much going on I just ignored it, ( all in PM’s, 1st home, Kids) was a hardcore if you can’t touch it you don’t own it. also ignored this thread because it had bubble in it lol just my luck after hanging around on this site since 2004 whats your thoughts on getting rid of silver for BTC, not full amount maybe 20% if bitcoins going higher eventually seems a no brainier. I’m aware of the cycles etc
  15. Can’t remember seeing posts in this but what are you all dong regarding UK Cryoto taxes ?
  16. What about the reply... over a year ago : Hi. I am someone drifting thru the time stream and I am not affiliated with any government agencies. I am a solo, spirit traveller. I am in 2019 and I believe that every science is a half science unless combined with something from the past. Ask your people to travel back to medical laboratories and undo the a conference that’s gonna happen at Suzhou Medical university on Chronobiology. We need to collapse all reality into ‘good’ in quantum world.
  17. Protect yourself now.. did wonders for me. I could have easily interpreted it the wrong way.. but I came to the conclusion CG couldn’t say it directly or he would have got banned.
  18. I can’t see a purchase bitcoin option in my PayPal.. is it a new app specifically for Bitcoin ?
  19. Been looking at classic cars recently and realised that there are so many people have poured lots of money into old / classic cars.. (maybe not classic at the time) only to leave them somewhere to eventually fix.. and they never get round to doing it. Whats left behind after years a pile of rust...... Millions of years later..gold still shining.. buy gold !
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