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  1. What are you talking about? I am my own man. Successful in my own right from my own endeavours. I care about Brexit because it will directly affect my family, especially my children’s futures. I do not care why you voted but I do not want to bring my children up in a closed bigoted country. They deserve better than that. It’s suspicious to me that when you are called out for your obvious lies or misinformation you go quiet only to pop up hungover days later incoherent. Why do you care about forcing Brexit on to people like myself? Last time I checked Gammon is a piece of meat, not a raci
  2. So the vote was based on racism and them furreners (six) stealing our shopping aisles. Thanks for confirming.
  3. Is that your usual modus operandi, trying to dodge questions and laugh it off once your lies have been called out? We can roll with the punches all day if you like buddy.
  4. Is English your first language? I mean that most sincerely, as it states quite clearly in plain English at the top of this page: “House prices and the economy. This is the main discussion forum where you can have your say about house prices and the economy.” So I repeat, try again.
  5. Incorrect. This forum is House Prices and the economy. Maybe a bit less of the all day drinking, eh? Try again.
  6. If you really knew anything about Spain and the Spanish you would know that there are millions more against that barbarity you post than for it. But that wouldn't suit your agenda, eh?
  7. Indeed. Most voters voting for Brexit were the older generations who have a large chunk of housing stock and triple-locked pensions. Not the young renters with jobs to lose.
  8. What does it matter one jot to you want I am interested in, especially as the clue is already in the name of this forum? That's just weird.
  9. Have you been in the pub all day again; did I say we are all going to starve? No, you did. Try again.
  10. Because there are no plans, beyond armed troops on the streets and empty supermarket shelves. That really didn't need explaining did it now?
  11. This thread should merged with the Brexit one. Best to keep all Brexit fools penned into one thread.
  12. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/army-on-standby-for-no-deal-brexit-emergency-dz3359lrf
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