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  1. On option. Buy a bit of a ruin somewhere probably out of the South East, outbid a local developer who needs to make a profit, pay low stamp duty, treble your estimated renovation cost, double the renovation quote, and take your time while renting near work. Maybe hire a project manager. Build a home, the one you want, where you want it. Add value, just like you're probably doing in your business. It's what I did. Opened up a whole new world to me. Yep, It's rubbish at times but so sometimes seems the alternative when I read forums like this one.
  2. Such "related" items all go on the solicitor's paperwork precisely for this reason. And given the risk, the vendor would want such a slice it may not be worth it. IMHO based on seeing the impact of a few tax investigations on people's health, families, and finances, evading tax is a mugs game. Avoiding tax though, well that takes smarts and greed control, although some may still have a point and object.
  3. Some relatives tried a scheme managed by another relative. All very clever and well, it was a relative after all! Ended in tears, well a bill from HRMC! The're legit ways to mitigate taxes, illegit ways, and an ever shinking grey area where HRMC comes back later and tells you which one it was!
  4. Oh, BTW, forgot to mention the obvious - a house should be no more than a utility, the cheaper the better! Depriving generations of the opportunity of a reasonably priced place to feel secure, bring up a family, and feel invested in society is a sin and so shortsighted. Financialisation and cheap credit. My name is Finman and my curse is I understand finance and politics!
  5. Hi, Finman here. Formerly Fence of very long standing but I lost my password and email address. Well, TBH, the wife complained I was spending too long here and some of the nasty posts got to me. So I committed cyber su*cide by letting her change my password and email to something forgetable. That was me locked out! And since I'm being honest, I did have a bit of a fling elsewhere but it (confusingly) didn't work out. Anyways, I miss you all, have come home to "Mother" with tail between legs as it were, and have promised my wife to be more focussed. The forum administrator quite rightly said I could not used Fence so here I am - Finman - which is good since it reminds me what I'm meant to be focussing on here! BTW, many thanks Mr/Ms Administrator. Yes, I lead a rather unecessarily complicated life at times! Anyways, I hope I can add value on the finance stuff (also traditional building and IT but don't tell the wife!).
  6. A question for those buying silver coins please. I've read about buying VAT "free" silver coins from overseas but upon looking into it, it may not look that much better than buying in the UK, with the VAT added. An example: Today, US Silver Eagle: Overseas £15.03 plus postage UK: £13.33 or £15.996 including VAT, can have posted or collect in person. So yes, a little bit more expensive if bought in the UK, subject to postage costs which may change that (i.e. may be lower in the UK). But probably cheaper if bought in the UK and collected (no postage costs). Plus collection reduces any postage risk (including not being in at the time). Ex-security type bod so not too worried about collection! And anyways, me postie, well his eyes, too far apart! Overseas does offer discounted prices for 25+ but not sure if that changes things. Am I missing something? All very exciting! Thanks in advance.
  7. Agreed, which dimension will win out? My main aim was a "what if" on the bearish side, given the (horizontal) bullish potential of several tests of long term support. I missed a line, just above the lowest which is bearish, especially given the oscillators. But then again could be a bullish set up like April 2018 (although I have no buy signal this time). Pays your money and takes your chance. Certainly is volatile compared to, and counter-trend to, many of the other markets. Will the FTSE therefore hold up better than the other markets in a general fall? Then again, any fall from here could be massive (i.e. a megaphone pattern). At least my last major purchase was in March 2018! Looking at some sold off dividend players right now (contra charts to the overall FTSE chart).
  8. Mr Burford, a gentleman who used to write for MoneyWeek, introduced the idea of looking for parallel trend lines. Here's my amateur take on the FTSE100: Maybe we're working our way down through a series of parallel trend lines.
  9. 24, own business, has SIPP, maxing out ISA and SIPP contributions. The boy/girl's done well. Sincere congratulations. I did what you suggested. Had a UK wide project based job with locations depending on clients. Bought cheapily where I wanted to live and rented where I (actually more my wife) had to work. Planning for both of us to go contracting and hopefully charge any rental costs as an allowable business expense.
  10. Thanks, thats very kind. Hope I can add some polite value. Popped abroad but sadly the local authorities seemed to take exception to me for some unknown reason! Back safe at home now with Mother and an undertaking to stick to finance!
  11. Researching the following so any comments appreciated: FTSE either topping or found support at previous highs and off to the races: But the usual dividend players are often at multi year lows (2007, 8, 12, 11, 14, etc). Maybe similar to the US market (just a few stocks driving the index). But boy, the usual dividend players do look tempting right now! Need to look at the constituents - certainly warrants a deep dive.
  12. Finman (aka Fence) back again! October 1st, start of the "fun" quarter! I'm loving this (weekly gold in GBP)..... As mentioned before, could be the mother of all cup and handles. Maybe more recently a descending triangle as a continuation pattern (to the upside). Oscillators bouncing along the bottom. At support #1. Time to check my long term PM allocation! Could always go down more though!
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