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  1. I'm not from Ireland, so probably have no right to comment on such matters, but I find it incredible when people's belief system plays a part in choosing where to live. I'm not saying it's irrelevant (I've no doubt it is still a source of conflict in some areas), but why in this day and age does it matter. I've lived in 12+ English/Scottish towns and not once has my religion been asked or affected the decision. It feels archaic to me! Btw this is not a criticism of you, and I'm sure you were being slightly flippant, I'm just astonished that it was/is a factor in choosing a home.
  2. If I was a landlord, sh#tting my pants, I'm not going to admit that to anyone, not until I've flogged my property to a greater fool. Hence these surveys and those of EAs are almost worthless. I do like it when they show negative sentiment though because it probably means reality is much worse.
  3. Is last pass better than using Chrome to suggest and store long complex passwords for each site? I have found a problem whereby I reset the password on Chrome on pc for a site (e.g. Rightmove) but when I go to use the Rightmove app on my android phone it doesn't sync the new password.
  4. Indeed! I've been on here 10+ years, although deleted my account a couple of years ago after getting p#ssed off with the tone of many posts. It does feel like we're entering a golden era...
  5. If you need to move house, and that requires going by train to view properties, and you decide it's essential, and you're happy with the level of risk, then do it. I certainly would.
  6. I would say the florist was the winner there! That level of consumption makes me feel physically ill.
  7. I'm in sussex ... my landlord has a restaurant and a massive house near the seafront ..... ooo errr!!! If he puts it on the market i might make him a cheeky offer
  8. I think he should spend his money on trousers that fit rather than a house.
  9. How old is that office block? 20 yrs old?
  10. What browser/extension gives you that arrow/price history? Thanks. PS. nice house ... still 300k overpriced!
  11. actually laughed out loud at that. thinking about it ... if they have been furloughed, how long before they can work again - is there a lead in time?
  12. Whaaaat!?!??! I've been watching rightmove and hitting refresh since 6am!!!!!!
  13. I'm expecting a flurry of new listings .... hopefully with signs of desperation: doormats moistened with tears; teeth marks on door frames; ashes from burnt photos in the garden ... No new listings so far though..... Anyone else seeing anything?
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