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  1. Sausage

    Rightmove up 0.4%

    Rightmove stats very haphazzard....
  2. Sausage

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    They tend to smooth out the peaks and troughs
  3. Sausage

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    I've had a great day today .... did a bike ride (indoors, on a trainer) but felt good to build up a sweat and release some endorphins. Then got a load of laundry done. Started cooking a big curry. Listened to some music (James McMurty - highly recommended Americana. Every song is a story). Soon I'll be watching a movie.... bliss. All alone though .... which is fine by me. Yes ... wife and 2 young kids I love them to bits .... perhaps as they're the family I have built for myself ... rather than tiresome colleagues/family/strangers that seem to suck the life out of me? I have often wondered whether I'm on the 'tism spectrum .... but then we probably all are! I do think I experience Anhedonia often. I have also been on anti-depressants for most of last 13 years .... so I am deffo special! A big source of unhappiness (which may trigger the introvert in me, plus depression) is that I have drifted through my career, rarely enjoying it. I feel trapped though as it pays decent wage, and a career change may lead to drop in salary. I can barely afford to by my first house as it is! Anyway, thanks for listening folks
  4. *not guaranteed. Based on previous gains. You may lose all your money. It's peer to peer lending. Secured against property. Ideally suited to greatest fools! https://www.kuflink.co.uk What could possibly go wrong!
  5. I struggle with many things that most people find natural, bearable or even downright enjoyable: Small talk. Socializing. Family meet ups. Parties. Watching TV. Recieving presents. Surprises. Food that I haven't chosen and cooked. Is this normal? Am I just introverted?
  6. Sausage

    Xmas eviction

    Well, the eviction saga rumbles on .... new contract will be through the door soon .... will we sign? Will we refuse but accept increased rent? Who knows .... In the meantime (and with the possibility of moving AGAIN into another rental), I've been looking at this house ... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-57911787.html Ticks all the boxes for us, if an offer was accepted of 10% under asking, we could easily afford for only £130 more than our rent. We'd also gain 30% more space ... a MUCH bigger garden .... and not have to deal with ar$eholes. I've been waiting for the crash proper since 2008 .... kids need own bedrooms now ..... grrr FFS By the way .... i have not made my mind up .... hoping you crazy guys will talk some sanity!
  7. Sausage

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    You can easily rent with kids. We're in a rented 2 bed terrace... Kids 5 & 7 (boy & girl). They share a room but now need their own rooms... Which forces us to move into another rental, or buy at market peak. Tricky ... We're hoping prices continue to fall at greater pace and we can buy this autumn. As a couple were in 4th rented property since 2005, and neither want to move again unless it's into our forever home. I know that's a Mumsnet cliche phrase, but by god it's true. I want to decorate... Buy a carpet... Plant some trees and fruit bushes!
  8. Sausage

    Realistic House Price Calculator

    I wonder whether you could work out the lifecycle of a homeowner with age/salary/deposit. E.g first attempt might be... 18yr old: 3.5x sole salary + 5% deposit = 1 bed flat 24yr old: 3.5x joint salary + 10% deposit/equity = 2 bed flat 30: 15% deposit/equity ... 2 bed terrace 36: 20%... 3 bed semi 42: 25%... 4 bed detached Use local average salaries for typical role at each age. E.g. I'm 42... Wife works 0.5 of full time. Kids 5 & 7. Our household income is £60k ... 4 bed detached should be £280k. They're about £350k at the mo... So 20% overpriced. Hope that makes sense.
  9. Sausage

    EA Just told me to wait to buy

    Slightly off topic... What fees are involved in this tennancy? Partly because that may be your EAs motivation. Also I'm tempted to leave my current rental (done direct with landlord via freeads so no fees). I will inevitably incur fees with next rental via an agency, and would like to get an idea of how much.
  10. Sausage

    400% Council Tax Hike Proposed

    Some weird rules about council owned buildings... e.g. in some cases County councils have to try and rent/sell a building for 2 years before they change/convert it.
  11. Sausage

    Nationwide Dec 18

    The tone on BBC (and MSM in general) is always "HPI good... HP Falls bad". For god's sake! They trumpet the needs of the young (when it supposedly supports Remain) but ignore it when it supports HPC. HPC would free up people's cash to spend and support the economy, reduce housing benefit bill, etc etc.
  12. I think it's for new tennancy only. Ditto energy performance certificate.
  13. Not large drops, but mucking around with the price, and on the market for 3 years! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-55992214.html
  14. This place down again: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-74172608.html?premiumA=true

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