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  1. I'm so p*****d off with the attitude of my in-laws but my wife abhors my criticism of them. They literally said people born 1970 onwards need to earn more, house prices are fine. Plus the same people don't stick to lockdown rules hence we need more, stricter lockdowns.
  2. I know 3 boomers. 2 of them blame my generation and the next one for earning too little and spreading covid. I hate them so much my marage might fail.
  3. in case you missed it at bottom of previous page. This is a month out of date, can't find this month's RICS report.
  4. i was expecting midlands or cumbria ... not SW8!!! Lots of off plan landlords bricking themselves i wonder?
  5. Who with that kind of money would buy a flat in Nottingham? Surely a footballer would buy a detached house?
  6. What is it with those cheap mouldy bamboo fences. Bleeeuuuccchh
  7. Old lady opposite me dropped dead last week. Had seemed very healthy considering her age. I wonder if people have avoided gp/hospital for fear of catching covid. Chap at work (50ish) also had heart attack at work and died. I also think the isolation will have sped up dementia deterioration too.
  8. same in mine - in june there were 250 unsold properties, now 125.
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