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  1. Ha ha that is so accurate!
  2. I need to get a new budget (£250) Android phone. I started to buy a Xiaomi direct from their website. I chose the option to log in with Google account and it said "Xiaomi wants to download all your contacts". Why would it do that!? If it was for nefarious purposes would they warn you!? I'm slightly paranoid about Chinese interference in Western society!
  3. I often see adverts on youtube for how to get into currency trading ... stop losses, low risk etc etc .... is it really that easy and low risk?
  4. But you told me me it was worth 775k! Now I have to give away twenty tharsand parnds!
  5. not big drops, but i think some people have missed the boat (these are in coastal sussex, an hour from london on the train, so prime fodder for WFH with occasional trips to the big smoke).
  6. I don't have stats to back this up (have Gov housing stats stopped!?!), but it seems that my coastal Sussex town is full of people moving down from London. If they have indeed sold up in London, who have they sold to? Or are they ex tenants, or have taken out bridging loans? Prices have gone nuts where I am, implying that London money is outbidding local money!
  7. i can't be bothered to read the articles about house prices now, i don't understand what is going on. we're in coastal sussex and all the evidence suggests people from london are buying down here, and paying 10% or more above asking prices. where do they get their money from? did they have huge savings? have they sold in london? are they taking bridging loans? it doesn't make sense.
  8. £3600 hit my bank account, after fees. job done.
  9. We did claim for the full 11 years as i only became aware in 2020, but their argument was we could only go back 6 years. Obviously some room for manoeuvre in that, but my solicitor recommended we didn't push it.
  10. £730 deposit. got 4x deposit from landlord A, and 3x deposit from landlord B. They were parents and son. The only reason i didnt get more is because the claim could only go back 6 years ... so landlord A got away with an extra 5 years that i couldnt claim for. One of the lines used in the response from their solicitor was "they're amateur landlords" - made my blood boil, as if not running it through a company allows you to shirk your responsibilities.
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