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  1. £3600 hit my bank account, after fees. job done.
  2. We did claim for the full 11 years as i only became aware in 2020, but their argument was we could only go back 6 years. Obviously some room for manoeuvre in that, but my solicitor recommended we didn't push it.
  3. £730 deposit. got 4x deposit from landlord A, and 3x deposit from landlord B. They were parents and son. The only reason i didnt get more is because the claim could only go back 6 years ... so landlord A got away with an extra 5 years that i couldnt claim for. One of the lines used in the response from their solicitor was "they're amateur landlords" - made my blood boil, as if not running it through a company allows you to shirk your responsibilities.
  4. You're right .... i bet they're fuming
  5. £3600 just hit my bank account from the solicitor. Not life changing amount, but a victory all the same.
  6. I'm gonna burn the money outside the landlords house (Google KLF £1m ha ha)
  7. No, waiting for funds, but if they don't, the court would add on fees and 10% additional compensation, so I'm sure they will. It was all done via solicitor, so I haven't heard from them direct.
  8. Other landlord now settled. In total we've got 7x deposit compensation.
  9. still waiting for the other landlord to respond, but i imagine he was waiting for our reply to the other landlords (his relatives). we now have a house with a lovely garden, i've spent 2 months knocking down sheds, digging up concrete, buying a cat and being exhausted. i've never been happier, and i'm not going to lose sleep over a few extra k that we never had ion the first place.
  10. They sent one letter to us, we accepted. I'm glad it hasn't dragged on.
  11. We've reached settlement with first landlord. Not as much as I'd hoped, but a court case would probably leave us out of pocket (as we could be seen to be acting unreasonably). Just waiting to hear from the second landlord.
  12. indeed. we had various tradesmen doing work at the rental property, and they all said he hated spending money and was late to pay. he will HATE being fined for his stupidity/laziness.
  13. I'm not sure to be honest, I'm being led by my solicitor. The landlord has some family issues, which i hope means he will avoid court at all costs.
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