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  1. Halifax report says : "Overall, we continue to expect house prices to rise by around 1% over the course of 2018. " So translating their BS spin on the figures, if were already at 2% for 2018 that's a continued decrease in MOM to December at least. Prices up .. trousers down
  2. I would normally have agreed but would that involve the backstop arrangement with an Irish sea boarder? the fudge zone would have to end somewhere which I believe has been ruled out in law by Thesesa May with the DUP at the puppet strings.. I have read some of the technical notices ( talk about fudges, you could drive a bus through the gaps in the plans). if brexit goes wrong, ( no deal etc) with NI's current status as a UK ignored afterthought with no active Gov - I think the whole NI economy is rubber ducked, we may struggle to feed the population here or let alone think of the price of housing stock. If this plays out the way its going, I think this time 2 years there is a fair chance our brightest and best next generation will be clearing off to Australia- a loss to the economy and there's the next generation of FTB's
  3. Is anyone else scared by the ni no deal plans published ? It is the responsibility of the UK government to continue preparations for the full range of potential outcomes, including ‘no deal’. In such a scenario, the UK would stand ready to engage constructively to meet our commitments and act in the best interests of the people of Northern Ireland, recognising the very significant challenges that the lack of a UK-EU legal agreement would pose in this unique and highly sensitive context. This would include engagement on arrangements for land border trade. We will provide more information in due course. The Irish government have indicated they would need to discuss arrangements in the event of no deal with the European Commission and EU member states. We would recommend that, if you trade across the land border, you should consider whether you will need advice from the Irish government about preparations you need to make. sounds a bit wooly to me, plan is there is no plan, wonder how EAs will soon this one?
  4. I have been watching property stock on my desired locations and honestly have not seen anything worthwhile coming on in the last few months, whereas earlier in the year it was almost daily supply. This seems to have opened an opportunity for the less desirable places to ask a little more due to the low volumes elsewhere. Question is this, are people siting tight, I would have thought with Brexit on the way some people would have been cashing out while the going is still good??
  5. More bubble talk https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6064685/amp/Fears-grow-house-prices-fall-fastest-rate-financial-crisis.html
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-45193044 a 1% fall is still a fall had this been the other way it would have been all over the news with EA's on the telly talking utter nonsense.... prices up ... trousers down and all that
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-45193044 a 1% fall this year, didn't take long for them to mention the word bubble and try and put some distance from this downward trend and 2007/8
  8. Hi, There is a lot of talk which points to the high possibility of an impending financial crisis. Many saying the lessons of 2008 have not changed anything, with rising debt, rising inflation, interest rates on life support and cheap credit causing irresponsible lending. We have some very smart people posting here, and I want to use this form as an open debate and gauge peoples thoughts .. 'is there a recession coming?? ' and if so how and where will this happen and how bad will it affect the British people. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail Please lets discuss.... all opinions welcome
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_economic_expansions_in_the_United_States. Table shows periods of USA economic growth in between recessions, we are approaching the longest period in post war history...in an interlinked global economy with Italy and Spain weak, Brexit May be the catalyst to spark of more than a Uk housing crash.....
  10. I think their mammies must be still in shock of their own ordeal or too busy working multiple jobs paying off their over inflated mortgages to lift their heads and pay attention to millennials dreams of a unicorn filled lawn of their own . or maybe its just become the new norm to give up on your dreams and only go to work only to pay your mortgage and estate agents commissions. another question.. mortgages of £350k plus which seem to be fairly common of something half decent worth actually going to work for, are clearly being aimed at joint income multiples, what happens when these couples want kids of their own - extended periods of single income and additional family expenses ( child care etc.). in post war periods purchasing parody of a single income made this family dream possible, with the ever expanding proportion of income required and committed for an over inflated mortgage - what possibilities is this hurting elsewhere. for many this is a short term view sold to those too short sighted to see it..
  11. I think the tax amounts previously would have been quite small for a vast majority due to the offset financing but as this tax break decreases - the liability increases as does the incentive to chase, fingers crossed. It’s just another example of how an unaffordable and unsustainable property market is proper up with illegal activity and greed. Looking at the property market I see one big game of jenga that now only takes one peice to bring down the structure, rental is one, interest rates coming of life support is another, Brexit and god forbid more job losses are another.. I could go in . I honestly hope that when the soon next reset happens the lessons are actually learned this time and housing does not stay an investment but goes back to being the basic human right that it is.
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