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  1. Why are councils providing energy? i would rather they try to get bins collected on a semi regular basis.
  2. Sorry not going to happen. The Boe won't do anything unless forced to.
  3. Then carers wages should increase. Immigration drives down wages and should be resisted where possible.
  4. This is likely lighter fluid on the housing market now. And just goes to show that the regulations are no drag on house prices and if they are they will just be removed. I'm amazed @spyguy has defended the regulators, banks and the BoE for so long even he must be accepting that this is pretty much going to see an acceleration in HPI combined with 50 year mortgages. There are certain posters on here claiming a HPC soon since 2012 who surely must be questioning their logic 10 years after getting it wrong and continuing to do so.
  5. MMR came in in 2014. What has happened to HPI since then despite a pandemic and Brexit? Yes transactions are through the floor but they have been since 2009 and still no sign of a crash. 5% mortgages are back too after an early pandemic disappearance. Sorry i'm not seeing and material impact of increased regulation on house prices.
  6. What a surprise. Yet there are still those who after decades of this believe the BoE are actively encouraging HPI. I said MMR was toothless and would be scaled back and basel 3 was but window dressing and it seems that was right. Expect HPI +++.
  7. yet still people will call theses saying prices are continuing to rise trolls. (some have even made a 35k posting career out of it!)
  8. Likewise we appear to have missed out on the economic collapse that was supposed to have happened.
  9. The price cap should be abandoned. Either we have an energy market or we don't. The government shouldn't be supplying energy at a loss unless explicitly intending to as a nationalised energy provider. Energy companies should have been forced to buy energy in advance.
  10. So the government is now selling energy at a loss as it takes over running Bulb. That is a new level of state intervention.
  11. Lol you have far too much confidence in that, that hasn't really been born out by reality over the last 14 years. Throughout my time on this forum you have been one of the key people saying the powers have things under control to the detriment of house prices e.g. MMR and since this glorious piece of regulation house prices have rocketted. Forgive my very large skepticism over the above statement.
  12. Yep its standard for a repo to gain the best possible price for the bank and the previous mortgagee. Repo's have been in the floor in recent years so no wonder we dont see it much.
  13. And we had a winner back in 2014! Those trolling are those expecting rates to rise having been wrong for over a decade. These are hand picked charlatans and have no intension of raising rates.
  14. We know house prices are driven by credit availability. And we also see an ever decreasing mortgage rate for BTL landlords https://www.telegraph.co.uk/personal-banking/mortgages/first-ever-sub-1pc-buy-to-let-mortgage-rate-launches/ Does anyone want to guess what this will do to house prices?
  15. Stop spoiling the conspiracy theory nonsense we like to perpetuate!
  16. Wage inflation is near 20% in my industry according to recruitment friends and my own investigations
  17. Really the ONS land registry data is hardly puff. it is actual recorded values you can use to generate you own data if you like. HPI is rampant and no amount of quite frankly misinformation that has been posted on here about mortgage rates blaming it all on london and how house prices must be falling and anyone who doesn't believe it is a VI estate agent. It's easy to say house prices are falling today or tomorrow when there is no data to back it up but when the data does emerge like todays ONS data then it really put those posts into perspective. There is still no supply out my way so i can see prices carrying on northwards.
  18. I'm no fan of the Tories they have failed to secure our county's borders and sold out reducing immigration. Labour are worse though.
  19. Me too fed up of the wokie hand wringers wanting us to pay for the world's problems happily add them to the ignore list. We should defend our borders especially in a pandemic.
  20. We are full. We don't have enough houses or infrastructure. I would have thought this site if any would see a Ponzi scheme and an economy relying on ever more people is exactly that.
  21. Quell surprise. 10% yoy is terrible. At the beginning of the pandemic those predictions for house prices just show how terrible some are at predicting and perhaps how their models need changing. Sorry I can't delete the quote
  22. Oh the irony of having an ignore list to avoid an echo chamber.
  23. A crash for me would be a real 25% fall. It has to be real so inflation adjusted because no other representation is relevent in a devaluing fiat currency.
  24. I will have 1M by the time i am 50. saving the full 40k a year into the pension making great sacrifices to do so not a massive earner as i live on near minimum wage. Of course I am disappointed in this it isn't tax relief it is deferred taxation i wouldn't object if i could take the income tax free and not be taxed twice when i crystalise the pension but that wont happen. This is yet again a Tax attack on the young savers. The conservatives will never get my support again if they do this.
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