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  1. For those of us here since 2011 we have seen a few of the counts tops.
  2. And in other news house price crash has been calling the top for 9 years. MMR will kill it, imminent interest rate rise in 2014 will put the breaks on. No section 24 will. Basel 3 will definitely cause a crash, additional property surcharge for sdlt and of course Brexit. Just look at the poll taken last year about house prices in 1 years time. Less than 5% on here got it right. There is a phrase about glass houses and stones that springs to mind.
  3. Wage inflation is bonkers currently. Seeing a near 200k roles appear now and over 100k roles seem to be easier to come by for Software developer roles.
  4. That nationwide 5x earnings is so predictable. I wish people would stop pretending there is meaningful regulation here. It jus shows what a sham MMR was and Basel which despite many on here practically fetishizing that regulation it has had virtually no impact on lending and house prices.
  5. I'm not because the prices are silly. Plus there are better more tax efficient ways of saving money. Doesn't mean that house prices are still rising despite many optimists saying they will crash.
  6. I have a lot of time for the SDP. Their views on women's rights and equality act provision of single sex spaces is also very appealing. https://sdp.org.uk/policies/transgender-and-biological-sex-based-rights/
  7. Yes and second home ownership/BTL I know a 3 in total going through a purchase now like moving in the next 3 weeks. The market is rampant and so few stick people put stuff on at silly prices and people are still paying. It really highlighted There are many on this website who should hang their head on shame over the wrong predictions over the effect of MMR, Basel 3, section 24. Their predictions are so wrong and laughable I just hope they don't have an important financial role. The BTL market is roaring and the first time buyers seem to be getting big mortgages.
  8. It's a sad and a bit typical of this forum for those first posters on this thread to be doing the same HPC playbook and crying troll at anyone who isn't wanting to be as blinkered as them an believe house prices aren't going down soon. These are people who has been on the wrong side of history with their predictions and to be honest perhaps given their history I would consider keeping my thoughts to myself and not digging my hole deeper. Anyway I digress. I too am worried about adding more fuel onto an already raging property market. Properties are being listed at silly prices and
  9. what i find in the uk tech sector is the massive range of abilities and knowledge between two very similar CV's. There are some woeful software engineers out there and some really good ones. I rely on actual practical coding technical interviews to weed out the chaff it really is staggering. But likewise with jobs seeing a £28k games developer role requiring experience you think WTF would take that job on for that money. In the SF bay area you are looking at $150k + for the same role
  10. The electrics are barely regulated out there. Truly shocking electrical installations out there as their equivalent of BS 7671 is a really poor and substandard document.
  11. Lol look at the threads in 2012 or after MMR was announced or after Section 24 was announced. The same key posters foaming at the mouth bout it being the top. Troll hunting anyone who dared to disagree. They were wrong then and spectacularly so (unless they invested their money wisely elsewhere). Not saying this isn't the top the market is mega frothy round here but things are still actually selling.
  12. So this great globalised success sees India banning exports of the vaccine now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-56513371 Not just a threat actually banned. I dont have an issue with that they built a mega setup and have invested billions over the years to create pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities where as we have invested our economy in Coffee shop staff an other low paying non essential jobs. Too bad UK, globalisation works well for those countries who want to take these manufacturing job for the rest well when the crunch comes you will have to suffer.
  13. We saw exactly the same in the PPE mess at the beginning of the pandemic with the begging for PPE supplies from all over the world. We need to have a basic level of UK production because when push comes to shove we cannot rely on others.
  14. I dont understand why the UK are not threatening the EU back over the vaccine. We can restrict their Pfizer supplies as we supply a key ingredient. This is a complete failure of globalization. I am angry with a government that has offshore british manufacturing capacity if favour of non jobs in the service industry, not just the current one but the ones before. This is a result of decades of labour and conservative mismanagement of the economy we need a UK manufacturing base we cannot trust international "partners".
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