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  1. That said I fully support the cause. The peaceful protesters and those respectfully social distancing (not punching police too) deserve respect (unlike Barry Garnier). And of course the murder in the states of George Floyd is absolutely terrible, four officers do not need to restrain anyone that way I just don't get how punching a UK policeman would solve the issue.
  2. Well considering most of these people are at higher risk (BAME) and there isn't much social distance between them. There could be a lot of lives cut short due to covid in the next three weeks. Considering all the complaints earlier on in the week about the risks of covid on BAME people and how the government should do more it seems at least the government doesn't have to do anything else for the group at this protest who were not social distancing because they obviously can't follow the current rules on social distance. Personally I only expect the government to look after me if I take strong steps to look after myself and that means following the rules on social distance. And I took exactly the same stance with the anti lockdown protestors too (who arguably seemed to be less violent at the police).
  3. If course it is fair it is deferred taxation the government will take income tax on this when i draw on the pension. They shouldn't tax me three times on it (once when i put it in once when i withdraw it and again in terms of VAT when i spend it). We have the lifetime allowance anyway to stop someone taking the mickey. Also defined benefit wont be affected by this so therefore this will further make inequality between the public sector defined benefit schemes and those defined contribution schemes the rest of us have. Removing IHT from pensions may well be much fairer though.
  4. given you would need to infect about 65% of the population for herd immunity then that is 43 million people getting covid which means between 540 k and 363k dead which is about where imperial model had us. However that is without hospitals being overwhelmed which they would be with that many cases so actually i would expect the death toll to be much higher.
  5. Stop talking crap I'm not sure how you worked out your figures but maths isn't your strongest point. This link https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/bulletins/coronaviruscovid19infectionsurveypilot/28may2020 shows 6.78% of the uk have had it. random antibody testing which is the best we have currently of getting a figure. In a population size of 70 million that means 4.75 million have had it with between (40 k dead and 60 k https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/26/uk-coronavirus-deaths-weekly-covid-19 ) excess deaths from COVID 19 gives a death rate between 1 in 119 to 1 in 79. Which surprise surprise is about the 1% that was expected.
  6. So the MP's with very little science experience and knowledge want the PM to commit to ignoring his own scientists. Since the current uk death rate is 1 in 88 without overwhelming hospitals how many of these nutter MPS want to see killed. There are things more important than business and GDP that's why some voted Brexit despite being told financially it wasn't in their best interest. This is a science problem and we need scientists to sort it out not politicians.
  7. More bad brexit news https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52829348. Oh wait they chose the UK over Spain. Good to see project fear being throughly debunked so obviously. Spare a thought for those Spanish EU jobs and those so upset to see their remain anti Brexit rhetoric dismantled by l leading manufacturer.
  8. I dont think the population of the UK is prepared to give up their civil liberties to be tracked like in Korea or China. So we will be on the back foot there
  9. That is shocking every single one of those photographers should be fired/prosecuted for failing to social distance. Of course the photographers aren't leading brexiteers so dont upset the remainers on here too much.
  10. I am wary of the lead by example and thing everyone should obey the same rules. Either we say people can do whatever they want no issues but you get sick then you come nowhere near a NHS hospital you go home to die if needed you decision to go out your problem give people full freedom but full responsibility. The other solution is full lockdown people forcible removing infected people to isolate in appropriate centres dragged out like in china often leaving disable relatives to cope alone. You can leave house once per day (checked by mobile phone and police doing spot checks to check mobiles are being carried) shopping trollies inspected by the state it is not essential to buy toys or birthday cards you shop on every other day then you get carted off to have your liberty restricted because you obviously cannot be trusted to shop as infrequently as possible (I am managing a shop every 3 weeks currently). Going for an in between solution like we did leaves these grey areas. Laws are best when they are simple and enforced instead we are discussing how a parents should arrange childcare for a son who's needs we don't know.
  11. Look i he should probably go but ho many people have broken lockdown rules I would argue the law has been too light on them? Is it a sackable offence? Apparently 200k fled London alone to get to their second homes so confiscate them and sell them to pay for furlough. How many left home twice a day during lockdown? Fire them all and fine them £1000. Less than 2 meters from another human (off to the Jail for a year). Go to tesco to buy non essentials or B and M garden section. Never work again and you loose your state pension. All those people in clapham common disobeying social distancing are prime candidates for a punitive 10k fine to help pay for furlough. If this had been Chris Whitty I'm not sure the attack would have been as strong.
  12. Awesome so another failure of unlimited globalist immigration then (and child benefit paying people to have children). We need far far fewer people in this country and we could start by closing the borders.
  13. I absolutely agree but do you think the human rights brigade would accept forced isolation away from home (actually a disabled boy starved to death in China after both his parents were removed)? And there are plenty amongst the Boris bashers that said boarder controls aren't necessary and we would starve with them (also rubbish). Can you also imagine the forced use of mobile phone tracking and it's surveillance being openly used on its citizens to enable contact tracking on such a densely populated island? So I think the main issue is that the government has focussed too much on freedom. They should have locked down earlier and harder and taken more of our freedoms with it, no leaving the home without your smartphone no buying essentials 3 times a week no one should have been internationally travelling from mid January they should have been given three days to get home then boarders close no exceptions. Oh an the unofficial dinghy sailers from Calais to UK should be treated as a biological weapon or biohazard and sunk at sea close to the French shore if they don't turn back.
  14. Absolutely correct here to biggest HPI +++ ers were all remainers the previous poster was simply putting forward anti brexit nonsense trying to discredit it with untruths.
  15. I'm pretty hopeful although let's wait to see these turn into land registry falls. I am still seeing some people proceeding. So not absolutely certain of a crash.
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