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  1. I'm buying and will continue to do so till I retire. No point trying to time the market just time in the market. Rebalance and invest regularly Look at the recently revived HPC threads from 2004 so see how trying to time the market worked out for them! The market can remain irrational longer than ones lifetime or ability to remain solvent.
  2. Absolutely Halifax use their own mortgage book to generate their data. So really what we could be seeing is a change in lending/risk standards. Stuff is still selling even where I am.
  3. Thanks your site was invaluable in my recent purchase really allows you to see what the current value is a weed out the chuff. It does also show transactions are in the floor too.
  4. Pension now maxing my annual allowance!
  5. I always have a plan to move each year if no payrise. Never not had a payrise. Only year i didn't get a payrise from the company I already worked for was the year I got made redundant. But i still had a job lined up ready to go on the basis I knew i was being chopped. Company's have got a skill shortage in the tech sector they can let you go then try and recruit for 6 months and still fail. The moment my financial package isn't up to scratch then I am ready to go. I have a house but a credit car size mortgage so dont need the money just don't want to be taken advantage of. What I would say is pay isn't everything the whole package counts food, medical insurance, electric car charging, gym and pension. Getting a pension increase of 3% for me is the same as a payrise of 3%. A previous company gave me a fuel card and car allowance one year which meant we only paid income tax on the fuel so although that wasn't a paper payrise actually it worked out about 10% at the time. What I would say is have a job ready to go in your pocket be prepared to effectively hand your notice in that day. You never know when you will need a new job anyway through redundancy/change in working conditions so the interview practice is useful anyway.
  6. Inflation adjusted a 40k from 93 is just over 81k today so that has gone up by less than 60% in real terms which is what matters so maybe the figures do check out!
  7. I admire your optimism but I suspect inflation will be let go first. Personally i could see a 30-40% fall over several years with an significant uptick in inflation. That's a greater than 50% real fall.
  8. I guess this is inflation adjusted so real house prices (which have about doubled) so seems about right.
  9. This is just forbearance by another name. The BS will still get their money (we aren't getting a 50% nominal crash) and the home "renter from the bank" gets to keep the home. The interest rates aren't too bad either 3.2% for 5 year fix (i assume no fee). The building societies have no interest in repossessing homes and this deals with the problems on their mortgage book. Plus the BS gets a steady income stream into retirement.. That said with inflation as it is and has been their cant be many who have a LVT of more than 50% who wont qualify unless they have MEWed. Those that have are up shit creek without a paddle and more fool them.
  10. I bought at the beginning of november. (Well had it removed from the market then) I've been moved in since beginning of february and the land registry still hasn't gotten the new price paid available. And i had a quick conveyancing process so these transactions can take a very long time to appear in land reg figures on on their website.
  11. well within reason. nobody takes the mickey and everyone is trustworthy enough to be productive.
  12. We get unlimited holidays but have to take 25 plus bank holidays. In reality most people end up taking between 30 and 35 plus bank holidays and the office is very productive. More so than the 25 day offices i have worked in.
  13. Dodgy dates given here it is actually friday!
  14. As i have said many times no sign of a HPC whilst credit taps are on and this shows they are spurting out credit.
  15. Apparently it's mortgage rates which is why we aren't borrowing for homes so repayment mortgages are getting a bit cheaper. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/jan/20/brexit-gloom-property-mortgage-rates-cut It goes to show there is no shortage of credit and those that want to buy homes can do so with pretty much lowest rates on record.
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