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  1. It would seem the CCP is now emboldened by a events in Afghanistan , made worse by a confused white house. Could the invasion of Taiwan be on the cards? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/20/biden-taiwan-china-us-defence
  2. Drink driving laws and smoking bans killed the boozers, those that didn’t convert to gasto pubs are done for , well certainly out of town ones
  3. You ever seen the movie the demolition man? Where Sandra Bullock says “everything collapsed and only Pizza Hut was left standing ,so now all restaurants are Pizza Hut” 😂
  4. Just read this https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jul/16/tsunami-of-closures-threaten-uk-high-streets-as-debt-grows-fivefold how on earth can you be £250k in the red ! if this is true ,after Christmas the turkey will be well out of the oven!
  5. Yes it’s ridiculous isn’t it .bums on seats. I was thinking more of the contacts side of things ,it’s not what you know etc .You met anyone from Winchester college?I hear that is less abnoxious.
  6. I hate to ask this believe me but……..are the likes of Eton and Harrow the only games in town now for an education?I’m seeing people coming out of university 50k in debt thanks to Lib Dem’s , then they used to be told they needed a masters to stand out (another 20k) ,now you need a PHD and even then your guaranteed nothing special and start on a crap wage.It’s got me thinking ,if you had the dosh would you send your child to one of the schools mentioned?it seems to me everyone that heads off to these institutions ends up driving the gravy train !
  7. They are out of steam now , inflation is fashionably late to the party. No amount of QE is going to get them out of it. https://thehill.com/opinion/finance/556635-pity-the-central-bankers-no-easy-way-to-stop-rising-inflation-or-bubble
  8. I think the sensible thing to do is treat buying as rent. House prices are so high now theres no point in trying to overpay the mortgage, all you will do is waste your life paying for something you cant take to the grave whilst not living your life. Best to get the best house you can for say 1/4 to a 1/3rd of your salary , make the min repayments and enjoy. Its all a totally rigged system anyway designed to enslave people into debt.
  9. Fail safe investing -harry browne
  10. Essentially its 40% plus the company matching my contributions up to a limit , but the point was wondering if the hike in private pension age would be worth it. I don't particularly wont to live past 70 (no offence to anyone that is that age already), wouldn't be able to deal with the vultures circling round me in the care home ? , by the sounds of it though I best stick with it!
  11. So here's the thing , do I take the money as cash , taking the tax hit (i'm in the 40% bracket), and save that into my diversified portfolio ISA knowing that sometime during the coming economic depression, I can draw on that should the proverbial hit the fan, OR do I save it into a pension hoping that I might make it to the age that I could draw on it anyway ., Tough decision really. I just do not trust the Government moving the goalposts or capping the pension limit,effectively raiding it anyway.
  12. Here's one to ponder , who here thinks the retirement age for private pensions and SIPP's will rise to the age of 70 or above? I'm in my late 20's currently squirrelling away a few percent into a private pension with the company I work for matching it . Here's the thing though, i'm not entirely sure I will ever see it.As the Government becomes more desperate for funds I can imagine the age at which I can withdraw it rising until its basically too late,that or it being raided as demonstrated previously by a certain Scottish Chancellor. Thoughts?
  13. You will see this more and more in Wales, the Welsh Assembly just rejected the M4 relief road , doesn't exactly send a good message to businesses. Public sector jobs will start to go in Wales shortly once the EU teat has stopped giving to the fat cats in Cardiff.
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