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  1. I'll give it three months before we see another scheme to make the young person's dream of home ownership a reality. They'll use inflation to justify it.
  2. And all to help the rich get richer over the last two decades.
  3. It's happening this time, no question. Year on Year negative within six months I reckon.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Should be an absolute gem of a place to visit and enjoy, but it is like a place that really wants tourism but does nothing to accommodate the actual tourists.
  5. Somerset is the thinking man's Devon. Far better county to live in IMHO.
  6. Meanwhile, Joe Self-Employed who saves himself a couple of hundred with a little bit of 'creatively' on his accounts can expect the full force of HMRC if he gets caught.
  7. That's a ridiculous petition and a stupid idea. "Sorry sir but you were doing 65mph and whilst this is a perfectly safe speed on this stretch of motorway, there is a temporary limit of 55mph. Have three points and a £100 fine." Immoral, impractical and unworkable.
  8. Neil is superb, bang on the money every time. We need more like him.
  9. Depends... If they're on their way up the proverbial ladder and have already fixed a five year deal there is nothing to worry about. Prices come down, the gap to the next rung reduces.
  10. He is of course spot on, but from what I've seen people don't care. They'll pray to the God of Covid for the rest of their lives. Me, I've had enough.
  11. A new variant, the gift that keeps on giving. You therefore have to wear the Cloth of Conformity if you wish to pop into an otherwise empty shop to buy a paper. A process which takes 30 seconds. On the other hand, if you want to spend the night on the piss in countless crowded pubs, fill your boots. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who believes this is about saving lives is wrong. It is about Digital ID cards, and Covid is the golden goose. Previous restrictions were ill-conceived at best, these combine elements of utter stupidity with a sprinkling of tyranny. Three weeks down the line it will be Covid passports to ensure a 'safe Christmas'. Absolutely guaranteed. 'Papers please' to get into Wetherspoons because "We tried a gentle touch but we have to protect the NHS".
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