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  1. So this is a universal income, that gives everyone enough money to live off? What happens if the people who work in supermarkets, who drive our lorries, who service our cars, who cut our hair, who run our bars and restaurants or help to keep law and order think to themselves "Bollock to this, I'll just take the free money and sit at home all day watching Netflix"?
  2. Saturday lunchtime I saw a young girl, crossing a four way junction whilst pushing a pram and concentrating only on her mobile phone. She was wearing a mask. That to me summed up the entire situation.
  3. William Hague was the best Prime Minister we never had.
  4. £10 in Spoons or thereabout for a burger and a pint. Their burgers are fine, their beer is the same as everywhere else.
  5. I don't think bankers are that smart, the problem is that most people are stupid. How anyone can think spending their entire working life grafting just so that they can own a 3-bed semi in their late 60s, go to Wetherspoons twice a week and Spain twice a year is beyond me.
  6. The idea that millions of people are going to voluntarily test themselves and then go for a proper test if they get a positive result is farcical. People are selfish, always have been, always will be. If you want a vaccination, get one when you're allowed to. If you don't want one then fine. Open everything up, let people get on with life again, modify vaccines and keep the public informed. Accept that 10-15k deaths/year is probably where we'll be, but also recognise that those that die from COVID and those that die from seasonal flu are not mutually exclusive groups. This late
  7. It's just so transparent, they just want more positive tests, or false positives, to keep people scared.
  8. Cheaper housing is all that is needed to help millions and millions of people in the UK alone. Tell landlords that they'll be paying five times as much tax in five years' time and the problem is solved in an instant.
  9. I miss the gold old days of John Major.
  10. What will happen is what always happens. The 1% will get wealthier, the rest of us will just get enough breadcrumbs to keep us from rioting. Rioting will of course become more difficult anyway. I am fairly confident that the way the "Under the guise of COVID to begin with" passport will work will be related to GPS location data. Your local pub or veg shop can't afford someone on the door all day checking your papers.
  11. I reckon a ).5% interest rate rise in the UK brings the whole house of cards tumbling down. I already have my popcorn in the cupboard (the unpopped stuff, ready to be cooked and then drizzled with a nice caramel sauce and maple syrup). Lovely stuff.
  12. I think reluctance to have a vaccine is a very interesting subject. There will be many now who don't want one because they see a diminishing chance of catching COVID, and a slim chance of dying from it too. I have little doubt that all of the science we have shows the vaccines are safe, but no matter how safe they are, if you don't ever catch COVID they surely cannot be as safe as not having one. I'm 57, so at an upper age for thinking about it, but I am fit and healthy, I never get ill and I have absolutely no doubt that if I caught COVID I would be fine, though perhaps ill for a while.
  13. I think it looks fantastic and the Blue Ball pub just up the road is nice, but you would hear the M5 all day long. It is a lot of house though, three houses in fact, and to my mind it makes this nearby look very expensive: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/84932863#/
  14. Actually Sampford Arundel is in Somerset. (Just down the road from me). As to the Mayfair flat, words fail me. Also, where does the sofa and telly go?
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