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  1. Of course it's the price. It's the only thing that matters. Everything else is just twigs and bread ovens.
  2. Government sponsored propaganda peddled as news. Tragic.
  3. Absolutely no chance of no deal. We were never going to leave and we never will.
  4. I agree with every word. As has been said before, Australia is nowhere near as good as Australians think it is.
  5. Sixty seven thousand pounds between them, for working just four days per week each, and they can just about afford a two-bed terrace house in a shitty part of town and have the privilege of shelling out hundred and hundreds to ship their offspring off to someone else. Back when things were sensible a teacher's salary, like his wife has, would have bought a three bed semi in a nice part of town. No childcare needed. Yet he does't agree things were easier for his parent's generation.
  6. The lack of floorplan is telling, though I must admit the thought of having access to a communal roof terrace would want me to consider chucking one hundred thousand pounds at a flat in Wrexham.
  7. If this goes to another vote the questions will effectively be: 1 - Leave. I wanted it last time and I still want it. 2 - Remain. I wanted it last time and I still want it or I wanted to leave last time but I'm just sick of the whole thing. That's why I'm coming round to thinking that there will be another vote because there's no way we're ever going to leave and the above gives a mandate to stay.
  8. Yes, what I believe is exactly that. I expect interest rate rises before next summer.
  9. No way May gets her deal through parliament. They're not going to postpone leaving. No deal a certainty IMHO. Draw your own conclusions, but the pound is only going one way and it ain't up.
  10. The polls before the referendum all said remain would win. The rest is history.
  11. I'm going to buy PLayStation VR today and immerse myself until this whole sorry mess is over in 20 years.
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