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  1. As someone mentioned on Twitter, in Manchester you can be fined £100.00 for having your neighbours join you outside in your garden, but the Government is paying you to sit in a crowded pub with total strangers.
  2. Quite. They could try but the masses would ignore it. Once Cummings took the piss it was game over, and you can't allow BLM protests on one hand and then keep two or three people apart with the other.
  3. And thus 30% was knocked off the value of those who bought their new build just down the road six months ago.
  4. ... and they have a global pandemic to blame. This sucker is going down.
  5. It's exactly what they want. Herd immunity, it was always herd immunity, but they can't say "We want you to go out and catch it, 50-60,000 will die but the economy will be saved." Doesn't take a genius to work this out.
  6. Car dealers don't sell cars any more, they sell finance.
  7. Exactly what is going to happen where I work. Two assistants, manager furloughed, place running just fine.
  8. You open the course and changing rooms. Most have changing rooms accessible from outside with lockable doors to the clubhouse. Most golf courses don't have hotels, not by a long way.
  9. The reason golf clubs won't be allowed to open yet is purely one of public perception. Walking three miles around a park whilst keeping a safe distance from others is absolutely no different than doing the same thing whilst hitting a golf ball. (From the perspective of catching CV of course). Golf courses are keeping greenkeepers employed and they could open in an instant when given the go-ahead by England Golf, but I don't see it happening until Autumn at the earliest.
  10. Of course it will be Boris who is the one to bring any good news. Did anyone honestly expect anything less? You will see a slightly more positive message on Monday, a little bit of a hint at easing some things, "still a long way to go" messages, "all in this together" crap. This government is as predictable as it is incompetant.
  11. Here's a simple test: When anyone comments about Coronavirus on an internet forum, and writes "could of" instead of "could have" you can safely assume they can be completely ignored.
  12. Don't worry, lenders have got your back: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52390860
  13. A level of reasoning beyond that of the average UK slavedroid.
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