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  1. If there is no prospect of simple pleasures like going to a pub or restaurant for the rest of my life then I will indeed have a torrid time. I won't cope with that and will certainly have mental health problems.
  2. Well they claim to have vaccinated just under 5.4 million people, including over 400,000 today. Given that by and large only those aged 70 and over are being offered the vaccine right now, that seems a decent figure. Hospitalisation numbers have dropped for the last couple of days, and the average number of cases is also dropping by a fair amount. The R number is reportedly below 1 for most of the country too. Some distance to go, and whilst you could in theory have the country in this crappy state of lockdown forever, people will want to live their lives again. The longer it goes o
  3. I'm sure Rishi will bung them a few quid to tide them over.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55764673 400 guests at a wedding. £10k fine so £25 each. Disgraceful, the organisers should be doing time.
  5. I have a feeling that obesity is a huge factor, and boy do we have a lot of fat people. I would love to see data that compares BMI with rates of death.
  6. For some time now I have been completely convinced that the Government has seen COVID as the easiest way to print money, inflate assets and make the 1% club even wealthier. The average idiot (of which there are probably 10-15 million) thinks "Ooh, free money, I'll have some of that, and whilst I'm at it I'll hop onto Facebook and ask for a longer lockdown".
  7. Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. Wow, those Americans really know how to do this kind of thing don't they? Clueless, utterly clueless.
  8. What happens when another company rocks up and is also selling the same virtual part of Skegness for less money?
  9. The issue here, as I'm sure everyone is aware, is that obesity, heart disease and lung disease are not contagious. If one of the aims of Government and the health care system was to keep everyone alive as long as possible then banning cigarettes, alcohol and junk food would be high on the agenda. So it's easy to make a meme and say "Look, the Government doesn't want healthy people" but the reality is that they tend to make it quite clear how such lifestyle choices affect health and let people make their own decisions. Granny however, at 80 years of age could easily catch COVID in the
  10. That is exactly what I was going to post yesterday. We've also got a "windfall" of 100,000 people no longer needing NHS care for the next ten years or so, and the subsequent saving on state pensions. Harsh? Yes, but it is the truth. Everyone dies sometime.
  11. Yes of course, but that small group of people is not going to overwhelm the NHS any time soon. Lots of things are a bit if a bummer, life is like that.
  12. Seems to me the argument for lockdowns has been because of the immense pressure on the NHS. Unless I am very much mistaken (and I'm not), the people who are ending up in hospital are either old, or in a vulnerable group, or at risk because they are obese, heavy smokers etc... Once we have vaccinated the old and vulnerable and the NHS pressures ease, I can see no reason for any further restrictions on our freedoms. Yes, you ease restrictions and cases go up, but very few of those catching COVID will require hospitalisation
  13. Some of the burden should be borne by those aged over 60 or so, the ones who have had their lives saved as a direct result of one year of restrictions on people who did not or would not need NHS care. Hit them with 20% tax due on their estate when they die.
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