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  1. Dunno mate. Much blood been spilt, many dead bodies but when I look at the map we haven't advanced one single inch.
  2. Don't worry IMHAL. Most of them are independently wealthy. They'll just quietly sneak off, go live and play golf in an EU country. I get the feeling that kind of option is becoming increasingly popular for some leavers.
  3. Speaking of a living wage. I have a 20 y.o nephew who did some security work at Liverpool station a few weeks back. He was punched by a drunk irate passenger and threatened to be stabbed with a dirty needle by a junkie. This nephew was gone from home for 12 hours (including unpaid travel time). He was paid £48 for his shift. The other day he went from Leeds to Brighton for some gig. His wage wasn't much greater but of course he was gone almost 20 hours. Welcome to the world of work in the UK young man.
  4. No! That can't possibly be correct. The EU were going to bend to our will, our every wish and our every tantrum, we were promised.
  5. Hunt the cuunt can go f.off. Everyone is free to give their opinion on how they think Brexit may affect their lives. That includes the person in the street, Tim Martin or the head of Airbus.
  6. Of course. That's the bit that they don't want to take responsibility for, the meddling, the thinking that dropping bombs is going to solve everything.
  7. The problem with the far right and all this anti immigration/anti refugee stance is that they lack basic humanity. You hear it in their language - words such as vermin, coackroaches, plague, infested. That tells you everything that you need to know about these people. They are hate filled. It really isn't far off the gas chamber.
  8. Nowhere near enough. At this stage I think it would have to be nearer 70/30 and that's highly unlikely to happen. Only a hard Brexit will have that effect.
  9. Thought France was around 1% higher than the UK, Italy is similar?
  10. Now come on guys!!! They ain't gonna let us starve. They'll air bomb food parcels in from Germany and France. Given Hairy's chimney experience the Poles will fly over and sht on us.
  11. Of course you are correct jon2b. Wetherspoon lot are a bit flush of face and flush of years to be doing cartwheels.
  12. Don't worry yer 'ed about them leaving. Brexiteers said we could recruit from all over the world, replacing Polish builders with Pakistani or Indian builders. The Wetherspoon lot will be doing cartwheels in the street!
  13. Nope, they all voted in the ref. Around 8:00 am. By 8.30 am they were on the days first pint.
  14. Just walk into any Wetherspoons on a monday afternoon. . . . you just know! 😉
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