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  1. Lol! Now there's a good little boy. Nice to see, especially after being traitors to the fishing industry, their great flagship. Not any more, it's all sinking with very few survivors.
  2. Good to see that all your sympathies are with the wealthy, none for the poor chap who has lost his job. Not one word.
  3. Any on here who wants to send me 3% of their annual income are welcome, I'm sure it won't be missed, after all it's only 3%.
  4. Shts hit the fan . . . if both are true.
  5. Some rooms look like they'd be OK for performing open heart surgery. Quite nice for that kind of thing. Not much warmth though. Too clinical for my taste and I don't think that look is going to last much longer. Has it got a square loo to match square ars*s?
  6. I don't give a sht what they said. I'm not here to defend them. You are obviously enamoured with a complete and utter disgrace of a human being. Enjoy being conned because that's what Trump is, a con man. Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. Trump did not immediately close the border. There were Americans coming back from Wuhan 2 weeks after the so called border closure. He also claimed that the US was the first country to close borders. He was wrong, that was Italy. Trump is nothing more than one big con man. It's so obvious. Then again I don't support Biden either. The US political system is both bought and broken.
  8. What does that mean? It takes a bit more than just money. You can't just magic these things up, the wheels have to turn, it takes time. Our world beating test and trace tells you everything that you need to know. Just as in March, the NHS hasn't got that sort of time. Where are the staff going to come from at a time of year when people fall sick, including staff? You break the NHS then that's it, it's all over, at least it is for an awful lot of people and I don't just mean covid patients.
  9. Levitts prediction is even worse. The medics are saving more covid patients than back when he made that prediction. You can probably add on some 20K, perhaps more. Currently it's just under 230K with cases rising. IIRC his revised prediction was 150K to 175K maximum.
  10. Trump will win irrespective of the outcome of the election. Can you really see Trump accepting that he's a loser? He will lose the popular vote by a far greater margin than even 2016. The presidential vote however might be much closer than polls suggest. He could even win it. Wouldn't surprise me if it all hinged on one or two states.
  11. Well I'm late 50's, overweight by around 5 or 6 pounds (not really a game changer). BP is higher than it should be but that depends who or how it's measured. The manual method always gives my BP as OK, the machines are always higher, especially the ones at the docs. Maybe white coat syndrome. I know many many people who have altered their behaviour. That may have something to do with my age group but I know a couple in their late 40's who no longer visit the pub, they were doing it over the summer though.
  12. Actually I don't have to add anything and I guess the authorities have the statistics on him. If you really must know, white, 64, thin, had a stroke two years ago but recovered sufficiently that he could get to the pub and back unaided. Very regular visitor. I wouldn't call him a moderate drinker though. No doubt he spent too long in the pub and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that's where the transmission occurred.
  13. I know 5 people who have had it, the most recent died of it earlier this week. 3 weeks ago he was a regular in the pub. Not that any of this tells us very much. We do know survival rates are now much better than in April.
  14. 3 colds in less than 2 months? Man you need to eat some vitamin C and maybe some vitamin D. Lay off the crisps.
  15. Not easy getting a flu jab, even when paying for it. The shelves are empty, lot of panic jabbing going on.
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