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  1. Inteferon Beta (IB) = Instituto de Bill Just thought I'd make the obvious connection.
  2. i'm lovin this. Remainers are now being blamed for Brexit. I had given up, safe in the knowledge that the Brexiteers had to own Brexit. Now they want to absolve themselves, to heap the blame on remainers. Look ! you over there! it's your fault! Own your fckin sht.
  3. Complete and utter bllsht. You've previously stated that you supported lockdown to save the NHS. Now I know why you are so far up the orange man. . . . Take two contradictory positions and declare victory when one of them comes true.
  4. There are now around 50 covid patients in Leeds gen. 2 wards are almost full. Only a week ago it was around 10.
  5. Sister has just phoned to say that they've reopened another ward for covid patients. No idea why that's happened. 2 months ago it was all over, it couldn't possibly spread because it had already run through the entire population.
  6. Yes I got it in February. In fact both sister and myself seemed to be suffering from the exact same symptoms. She had taken a few weeks off work and had come to stay with me. My symptoms continued and lasted weeks. End of March she was called back into work. Within 8 or 9 days of her return she had to isolate, a covid patient had a coughing fit when she was nursing him. Now she has just phoned to say that her ward now has 9 covid patients. Up from zero two weeks ago.
  7. I think you're getting somewhat carried away guys. The only way that will happen is if the lorries get stuck at Dover and we start to go very hungry. I don't think it will get to that level. The Tory party will decide Johnsons fate. They are good at that sort of thing. They remind me of the Roman empire.
  8. It's a 26 point lead gone but that's obviously Johnson having a lot of support through the early Covid crisis. Bit of a false lead. 10 point lead gone is still very significant though. He needs a lovely juicy oven ready deal, quickly + I suspect the never ending u-turns are sapping confidence. Doesn't help when a lot of the Tory party aren't exactly happy with Cummings.
  9. Is that a 20% lead gone in just 5 months? If the Lib Dems were a bit more prominent it could be even worse, some folk like to go half way. Johnson in trouble. But don't worry Cummings is to take personal charge!
  10. Can't find anything about the Berlin one on the Sky News website. Daily Express has something about 'hundreds protesting in London', can't see anything about the other protest. Guardian is reporting the Berlin, if you look it's directly underneath 'Extensive local lockdowns might be needed this winter, says Matt Hancock'. Love the juxtaposition!
  11. . . . not to mention the obesity rates of certain countries. There are many factors to take into account, that's certain.
  12. They are happier being victims. They aren't satisfied with leaving the EU, they want to leave and leave and leave again.
  13. No not yet. Boris has to take all the brexit flak first. Then the Tory party can elect a new leader, start afresh and wipe out the last 10 years. That way they'll get re-elected with another stonking oven ready majority.
  14. It wasn't part of the original model (they said as much at the time) - the hand washing, social distancing etc. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-06-virus-prompted-lockdowns.html
  15. Bannon looks like he has done a few years in solitary. Perhaps he was just saving for a razor and getting his fans to pay for it.
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