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  1. Per earlier post, you’re expecting people here to give a guarantees that prices won’t be forced up again by authorities... how could anyone? I assume you’re not in a position to buy something you want currently, so until you are, why worry about it? Just crack on with your life, save, and when you’re in a position to buy, do it. Now is a great time to be negotiating as prices are falling especially in London. Find the desperate seller.
  2. The problem with this argument is you're assuming that it's the welfare state that's "ruining" people. It could be that other social factors are the cause, but you are linking/blaming the welfare state because it's the correlation you're seeing. And it could be argued that it's worth it for those people that it does help back on their feet and also that 70% figure you say is probably actually much much less. I completely agree with right/left wing being cloudy. I think the easiest way is to decide is whether X believes freedom or equality to be more important, right and left wing, resp
  3. Bumping this thread from a couple of years ago as I was about to start one the same. Found this post as I was reading through.. a few more of these criteria have no been ticked due to brexit...
  4. Hopefully this is in the right section, I’m interested to get some opinions on my situation below. Pretty sure the sentiment I’m going to get here.. I’m almost 30, earn above average salary, and live zone 2/3 London. Gf and I have been renting and saving a while, and got to the point where can afford to buy.  I’ve always had my eye on the house market anyway and have lived in London pretty much since the last crash. Thanks to this place, and my general interest I’ve seen the signs of the market turning since mortgage approvals dropped in 2016 see this link which summed it u
  5. It’s above average condition, and completely good to live in now. That’s based on two viewings though.. ?
  6. It’s above average condition, and completely good to live in now. That’s based on two viewings though.. ?
  7. If you read carefully, this is a 10% reduction in actual sold prices though. I’m not comparing asking prices to sold prices 10% price reduction in 6 months is significant.
  8. I have a first hand account of a BTLer desperate to get out - Streatham, SW London area by the way I’ve been watching asking price reductions of up to 15-20% in some cases (Foxtons, Dexter’s). I’ve decided to buy now if I can find a desperate seller, buy well under the current market value. We found just that- a three bed first floor flat with a private garden just over 900square ft. Currently let out to students. Identical flats have sold as follows: Jan 2018 - £452,000 but needing complete renovation Jan 2018- £475,000 unknown condition December 2015 - £470,
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