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  1. Brightburn Kept me interested all the way through, however with the way it ended It seemed like there should be some kind of ending that's missing.
  2. I Am Mother (2019 - Netflix) 7.5/10 Good performances, interesting premise. I felt they could've made a little more of the story though - it just kind of fizzles out towards the end.
  3. Personally I think that mining new crypto is more profitable. I started investing in MotoCoin not so long ago and don't have any regrets. This crypto uses proof-of-play scheme for mining to secure transactions. For mining you need to play 2D motorbike simulation game. It gives a fair chance for everyone.
  4. Personally I think investing in ICOs become more and more popular today. I try to follow the latest news and recently found info about new promising ICO - iTrue. It is a Blockchain-as-a-Service solution with a built-in authentication system which enable enterprises and developers to build secure, scalable and extensible applications. I think it will be very profitable investment project.
  5. Sounds great. I just returned from my trip to France and now I can say that I'm fond of this country! During my trip I became a regular customer at one local massage parlour here https://sweettouch.fr/info/body-to-body-massage in Paris. I've never tried so amazing massage before, awesome feelings! People, architecture, cuisine...everything is just perfect. Maybe one day I'll move to live there too.
  6. I just hope BTC will be on top in the next few years. Currently I'm interested in investing in ICOs. I follow ICO rating from ICO Pulse experts to find the most promising ICOs. Their reviews helped me to make the right decision several times.
  7. true story. I faced with similar issue not so long ago
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