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  1. Agents make money on % fee's. As 08 blew up the sales volume, and therefore the % commission on sales, many agents went the route of charging 1 months rent from the LL as a fee, and between 1-2 weeks (4 weeks for London) rent from the tenants for signing some prewritten contract, with the later becoming ever more costly for the tenants as time went by. Prior to 08, a contract would cost a tenant no more than 10 pounds, to cover the ink, paper and the little time of the agent signing up the tenant. The governments move to ban fees aimed at tenants means that the agents need to go back to the old model of % commission. Low sales volume = Less Money
  2. Most house builders today build crapy quality, identikit, highly condensed housing. In order to create something that is new today with any form of aesthetic you would need a plot of land, big £££ and planning permission. Only when we do away with the planning permission system willwe be free to build new forms of aesthetic architecture imho
  3. Modernist architecture is trash, that's why people, i,r the market, will pay more to live in victorian semis than 60's commie blocks. So Scruton is right here. Are you sure you want to quote Murphy? Isn't he another natzeee? I disagree with Murphy on aesthetics. People don't want to live in soulless left wing Utopian cement blocks. [save some very avant guarde types] Again, where is the lie. Every year millions of tourists go to visit the coliseum, the Vatican, the louvre, the Parthenon amongst many others. That's because the architecture of those different civilisations is rich, unlike the tat built today
  4. To answer your question: yes. Oh no, the natzees are back, quick, run for cover. Honestly...
  5. ...its Wrexham, those homeless people are likely spice adicts. Not long ago a zombie punched a grandma in Wrexham to steal her purse to buy spice. If this is the same case I would not want that being raised near my home either.
  6. meh, China is surrounded by the US, it can bark all it like
  7. 500 PPD, in what sector are these magical rates being offered?
  8. Nah, I'm with count this time. We hit peak , and we are about to go into a bumpy ride.
  9. thats got to be added to the meme thread
  10. you know what causes inequality? Taking usurious loans from the Chinese, making you, your nation and your people servants of China. Which is what is happening all across Africa and in Venezuela.
  11. A Chinese mouthpiece of the CCP is winging about Trump. there corrected for you
  12. And yet I still dont know what the drama is about.
  13. How is that a bad thing? If more people where like him, maybe we would not have a bubble
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