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  1. That would be the sensible, long and arduous way. It would require the people in this forum to organise, as opposed to complain. Lobying campaigns, linking up with the genreation rent crowd, and other similarly aligned non profits , like shelter. We would need concesus within the forum, on how to change things, something that is a challenge in and of itself
  2. I don't know Carney's motivations. If he wanted fear, maybe it will cause the BTL crowd to head for the exits. Who knows. You are right that houses could be cheaper if the government wanted. But I have not seen any indication that that is the case, just the opposite. With Blair and Brown, Thatcher (before my time), Cameron (THB1/2/3) and now May
  3. As far as I'm concerned, what Mark Carney has said six hours ago is what I've been banking on for the last six moths. Unfortunately I don't have many savings, I started late. That's entirely my fault, I should have saved more, earlier to position myself for the crash. Maybe it won't be an out an out crash but a steady deflation. But either way, I was waiting for this, I am saving now and if my prayers are answered I'll be able to finally buy at a normal price.
  4. The planning permission act was put into place because everyone was leaving the blighted cities for the countryside creating a sprawl. But its 2018, WW2 is well behind. London is growing not shrinking. The housing is not keeping up with population demands, The planning permission act is redundant. We could build whatever we like under a build your own system. If you wAnted a Victorian looking house you could make it, if you wanted to live in a postmodern concrete block, you could, build two if you like. If a plot belongs to you, who is to say you can't build there?
  5. What was the name of that 4sshole CEO of Permisons, who pocketed 172 million pounds from bonuses (all thanks to help to buy propping up prices) there will be no cheap housing policies coming form the government, that isfor sure
  6. PRECISELY. See the 1992 documetary on black wednesday. I have posted it here sevral times. The establishment WANTS HIGH HOUSE PRICES. Irrespective of what we the people want. The only way to get cheaper housing is to force the government to sacrifice the housing sector if they have something bigger to loose, the value of the pound. There is no other way. We could have cheaper housing if we could buy a plot of land and build without needing to felate the council. And that would be it, no housing bubble because the price of land will be as cheap as what is available, agricultural land is 10k an acre. Alternatively, the labour method is lots of social housing at taxpayers expense. Ideologically opposite to libertarian approach but the same result. But guess what, no one will go for this because they dont want to.
  7. Well this was floated before in this forum, but if you watch the videos I posted from today Mark Carney himself says that if there is a hard Brexit there wil be a run on the pound and he will have to raise IR's to 5%. Which is what I've been saying for a very long time [search my post history as proof]. If you want an HPC, and I presume we all do as this is the HPC forum, then a hard Brexit is the best chance in a decade to get it. Hard Brexit will be bad, which is good, because only a black swan can get us a house at this point.
  8. what, gas and oil perchance? Has it bounced back up ? I know a while back Oil prices collapsed and there where mass lay-off's. How are things looking up?
  9. EXACTLY, that's what I feel like now. I'll bring down the corrupt temple down on their heads.
  10. thank you, I thought I was going crazy with the other posters all being against me. fortunately Im nt alone. I see you are posting form Singapore. How is xpat life there?
  11. I'm neither a Russian, a troll or a combination of both. You are confident like a BTL investor in that case. Houses only ever go up, and No deal Brexit is bad... plan b, question is where. Australia and Canada have the same problem. Maybe Russia, I'll hit up my mate Putin so he can fix me up with a condo perhaps.
  12. I'm trying to position myslef in a way that I won't. What is sure is that if things don't drastically change, I'll never own a house. It's been a decade since I finished Uni. I have the career, the wife, and soon the kid. But no fkng chance of a house at these prices. I need something drastic, and it's not coming from the goverments. That is a pipe dream many leftie-HPCrs dream of, where Corbyn will make council housing. Not going to happen. I'm not waiting for the boomers to croak in twenty years either. And the tories are not ging to liberate the build your own, liberterian dream either. There are two options now -Immigration -BOE 5% IR's this is where I am now I'm tired I want a ******ing house. I never want to see another scumlord or letting agent in my life. I don't care if my voting patern torpedoes the country, I no longer care about a country that has deprived me of the opportunity of my fathers.
  13. Well, it worked in 08. I am desperate and out of patience. I want a house, and if I cant get it, Ill vote in a recession so I will
  14. yes I see no other way. Creating risk is the only way I see that I can become a FTB within the next decade or so. That is if I survive economically.
  15. they also say unemployment would rise to 9.8%, if you are in the 90.2% you are going to have cheaper prices
  16. The Bank of England says that a disorderly Brexit could push the UK towards the biggest slump in modern memory. It says that a disorderly Brexit, involving no new trade deals, severe disruption at borders and uncertain economic conditions, could lead to the British economy shrinking by nearly 8% - more than the effect of the financial crisis. In an 88-page document, the bank also claims that a disorderly Brexit could lead to house prices falling by 30%, unemployment nearly doubling and inflation spiralling to 6.5%. Under those circumstances, the interest rate could rocket to 5.5%, it adds.
  17. To all remoaners out there, if you truly want an HPC you have to agree a no deal Brexit is the best way to achieve this. Mark Carnage just had a big meeting with the press confriming that No deal = 33% discount
  18. Im getting a chair on what will be a mythological thread
  19. ? do you think the body cam footage can be used in court against him when a tenat tells him on cam to fix the boiler within a reasonable timeframe and he fails to do so?
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