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  1. I am getting a little bit tired of waiting for "the happening". It's all due to government intervention, and central banks too
  2. I've posted some of his stuff on the Aussie thread. The level of naivety of the people in that clip, unbelievable. That was because banks lowered IR's and shoved liquidity in a rush, making us all poorer. The difference is that the IR's are already low, and Australia is not USA. No one will prop the AUSD as it's not a reserve currency. The Australian central bank needs to defend its currency from a run on the AUSD. That means shooting IR's. Liquidity in the banks will dry up very quickly.
  3. didnt some hotel chain loose data on 500 million customers recently? 500 million is 7-8% of the worlds population
  4. On that last video at 3:26, you dont do up the bottom button of a suit
  5. The naivety. Unfortunate but these idiots cause HPI. I hope the government is unable to financially rescue these idiots
  6. I am now convinced that there is nothing stopping this train wreck. We are in the equivalent of 2007.
  7. The issue here is that Farage opperates in the polite society spectrum of the national debate. And TR does not, he talks about the very nasty stuff happening on the ground as viewed from the working class in Luton who have to put up with the vibrancy and diversity of grooming gangs. Tommy is just bad optics,
  8. Farage, after the B vote decided to ride off into the sun set and try to get other things in his life sorted. I can't blame him. The battle he led was a very long one. However, UKIP imploded when he left. It's only due to Baton that there is a party left. So if Baton and the party want to rebrand and refocus, well Farage can't be a back seat driver. He should have stayed on until B was achieved. Now in Regards to Yaxley L, I believe this guy when he says he joined the bn p in the day without know what he was signing up to. He left it due to the politics so that says a lot, and also the ldl which he started and abandoned when he stoped liking the message and dircetion the group was going in. Tommy then did a new media jorno thing with Ezra Levants Rebel Media, and Ezra doesnt hire natzes as he is jewish himself. So give him the benefit of the doubt
  9. This is a forced meme by the left wing msm. They want to push the idea of inequality because some millennial have parents who lend them money and some who dont. The real story is that one generation (one and a half) has been disenfranchised by both lab and con made up housing bubble. Any middle class millennial buying with BOMAD will loose the shirts in the HPC. Those buying now are the unfortunate ones. The poorer ones will do just fine.
  10. look everyone, an "accidental ll" appears
  11. If Bxit can dampen immigration then it will be an almighty crash
  12. Yes, I saw constant reductions on idealista.com. I like the feature on the site that allows you to scour for most reduced. You'll never see that on rightmove. Talking of RM, on the FT there was an article on how estate agents where trying to create another competitor to RM. Somethingsomething4you or whatnot, terrible name. Using a 4 as a "for" is early 2000 marketing strategy. The rental situation in Spain is driven by low IR's as you say. Hopefully Breixt, forces the BOE to raise IR's and with the FED tightening to 3% the CBE is forced to do the same. That will be the end for the overleveraged and we will see capitulation back in Espanya.
  13. Now its mostly a left vs right political spat on every thread. I dont understand how the market in Spain isn't falling further. Wages are miniscule throught most regions, and prices are still over 1000/m2.
  14. Macron wont make it to a second term that's for sure. Maddame president?
  15. check burbuja.info, its like HPC but in Spanish, and the politics are nastier
  16. I've positioned myself as best I can to prevent this. There is no guarantee however.
  17. Thank you for your understanding. I thought, or its commonly thought here, that house prices are a function of money lending limits and credit availability.
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