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  1. I saw this a while back, peak credit bubble, honestly.
  2. Why doesnt the woman living in the trailer declare bankruptcy?
  3. Is that some insider information @prozac ? What else can you tell us?
  4. What are CDM regulations about? F10? HSE?
  5. Yes, they like to have lots of English teachers there but not much else. I disagree. The Japanese have a population 100M+ in a landmass equivalent to the UK, but where 50% of it is mountainous. This happened post WW2 where the government pushed for women to have lots of kids, followed by a reversal in the 80's when they realised that they where overpopulating. What we are seeing now is population deflation, which is good. They ought to use robots to keep up the slack and allow their population to shrink. I don't get you, honestly. We have 7 Billion people polluting. We don't need more. This idea that we need to be eco friendly but we need more population to keep up economic growth/pensions of the previous generation is contradictory. We can't have both. We need a Global Population Crash GPC
  6. my god, even the Japanese are falling for this a declining population is not a problem, all it means asset prices fall and wages rise, eventually making work highly remunerating which turns to higher TFR. Equilibrium can be reached eventually, Japan is overpopulated. They will find out the hard way what this road leads to
  7. ptfffff, well yes the self build stuff will last forever, so what? I am talking of the identitykit new builds that make 96% of the market
  8. I've been keeping an eye on this. The only way is up. Mark Carney said he would have no choice but to raise rates in a no deal brexit to defend the pound. The FED is in a tightening cycle towards 3% Australia is F***** and will have to raise BOJ I don't know, maybe they will hold our ECB Is holding out for the integrity of the union, dont know how long they will put ideology before the euro Canada will raise Other nations will raise as a trend
  9. I would buy a woodland, and build a house in the center of it. Imagine waking up in a forest every day Yes obviously. There is a reason why we have 5 big builders and near no independents and house prices are stratospheric and quality is sh1t. This in a free market would not last 5 minutes. Competition would kick in almost imediately, as you could go high quality same price or less quality lower price. edit: @maffo in oxford how easy wwould it be to set up an independent building company if there where no planning permission act, and you could just build on aplot of farmland?
  10. Well, we can talk about the quality of pre fabs. I have no idea about this in all honesty. What I do know is the quality of "traditiona'" new builds are complete and utter sh1t. I'd give pre fab a go for a meere 65k. No more rent for me ; )
  11. Just realised something, @APerson replies to @No One
  12. Banbury stinks because of that cookie factory by the Tescos. I'd avoid the tescos by going to Waitroise just because of that smell.
  13. These hippy dippy schemes are a patch not a solution. The only way to solve the housing crises is by changing the incentive structures,, and that can only be done by government. What you need to ask yourself is, what do you want housing to do? -Is it an investment vehicle? -Is it a dwelling for habitation? and then, you wan to ask another thing - Who do you want in the dwelling? My answer is, houses are there to house the population, specially those who are productive and keep the nation running. From the barista to the barrister. The sandwich seller that has to work in some London train station from 6 in the morning, manning an outdoor costa coffee stall, to the city banker and everyone in between, the cab driver, the nurse, the teacher, the amazon delivery guy, the pharmacist etc.
  14. Just caught this article, a few days old, whilst doing a google news search for housing news: followed later by the important point: That sentence perfectly sums up the problem of housing in the country, the land price. I can easily afford 65k. I could save that and with some help from BOMAD purchase in one go w/o going to the banks. I have been saying for a long time now, that the easiest, cheapest way for the government to do away with the housing crisis and create a boom in jobs, is to torpedo the "Town and Country Planning Act of 1968". It's the cheap, libertarian way. You buy a plot, you build on the plot, and you pay a fee to connect the house to the mains and gas etc. You have complete freedom to build the house that you like, so this would solve the god-awful idetity kit sprawls that are latching on to the edge of towns and cities.
  15. yep, shame I half **** it on most days
  16. call the nurse and keep that @prozac nearby, you need it
  17. The global britain idea has not worked because of the narrative of Robinson? What? Can you explain what certain forces have led us here, and define what you mean by "here"? Honestly I don't follow. WTF are you talking about? This is what you are replying to, my original comment: Which is a reply to: This is in no way Anti semetic hatred, It is a fact that Ezra Levant is a Canadian Jewish man who hired Tommy Robinson to work in his firm. If Tommy was a nazi as its being falsely alleged, Ezra would have not hired Tommy as part of Rebel Media. Either you can't read, you are a troll or you are deliberate confounding what I am writing Well Farage could have stayed on to see Brexit through. He would have had more sway as head of UKIP than by being on LBC, even though he could have done both tbf
  18. I have been offered help form BOMAD, but I keep telling them that current prices are way too high and Brexit + IR's will bring them down, also I don't have a deposit yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have parents that can help me, but I don't want to end up in -ve equity. That would be a disaster, so I am in a wait and see mode, plus saving ofcourse.
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