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  1. you sure? because most of England is farmland, and most of this is operated by few people with machinery
  2. not surprised tbf, too many cucks in the torry party. They will never defend their own
  3. well if you double the working population you halve the wages.
  4. TBF those prices arent so crazy for London, but I get your point, The guy is a spiv.
  5. Ford was a disaster for JLR in terms of lost ground in design. X Type and S type where hideous and barely sold. Desing decision where delegated to Detroit. The engines where very good though. JLR is in trouble due to: 1 China 2 Brexit 3 Diesel Gate, which is funny as it was VAG that did that, but the backlash was felt by all.
  6. Well, whilst I like the pressure created by the FED on IR's (I believe we where robbed of high savings rates in 08 to save the idiots who bought into the bubble) I suspect the move is political. Either to Spite Trump, to deflate the bubble (the new FED chair may be a HPCer) or to create trouble for the BRICKS, specially China. I don't know, maybe its just Carney That's a possibility.
  7. The same applies to retail. With retailers forking out profits to renters who produce nothing of vaue, this is what made online much more competitive, because online retailers only need a warehouse as opposed to a highstreet shop that depends on a warehouse + 1000s of stores.
  8. Wasn't there a grooming gang operating there recently? In Telford I mean.
  9. Renting is not puting your life on hold, sacrificing holidays/weekends out/visiting friends far away in order to pay an oversized mortgage is.
  10. If the street is deserted, who is there to tell you what the word on the street is? Or is it like an ancient Chinese saying like "if a tree falls in an empty forest, does it make sound?"
  11. In dollar terms yes, long term in GBP I don't know. I am tempted, although the Marcus 1.5% is not bad as a quick way to save money I may need at short notice, I think th US version is superior.
  12. Should have stayed in school then. Newtons eight law states: "whenever the FED raises rates the BOE must follow suit"
  13. I dont know about Hull, Grimbsy looks pretty shit too I will check wikipedia for data I checked Hull, the demogs look good
  14. I guess you don't live in places like Rotherham or Rochdale or Telford or Banbury or
  15. tribalism is part of nature, and so are humans it's not something we can escape from, no matter how many pills of @prozac you take
  16. That's only a tiny benefit. Here are some others -less demand on the land -less exploitation of fish stocks -less carbon emissions -more space -abandoned areas by humans can be reclaimed by nature -less hunger and suffering
  17. no I don't. J culture is constantly evolving and changing, as are all others. Why would I wan't the cheapest cost workers, that seems like exploitation by the bourgeois on the working class.
  18. ? Please, enlighten me about what motivates me, as you seem to know more about me than me.
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