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  1. I'm going to attempt a full analysis of the paper: bold are my comments
  2. Agreed. I was reading the policy paper, and its full of government interventions. Something that was not mentioned in the newspaper article is the following: Its another HTB
  3. This policy paper needs to be analysed by the HPC members and the erroneous conclusions replied with a counter proposition, and then politely approach to the people in this think tank. What they identify as a root cause is close to what HPC thinks, but their solutions will only add fuel to the fire. Is anyone interested in discting this paper with me?
  4. Extracted from http://www.ukonward.com My thoughts: 1 Against, these councils are filled with home owning NIMBIES. I propose repealing the planning permission act, so one can buy land from a farmer and build a house without government intervention. I am a bit libertarian on this. 2 Partially for, particularity on the building upwards, that could work. 3 Against. Gov intervention got us in this sorry state. 4 Give everyone building power. Why do I have to ask for permission to build on a plot of land which I would hypothetically own? 5 Build discounted housing? wih whose money 6 For. But how will they bring SME builders back?, Only was is with what I suggest in 1. Repeal planning permission, dave the builder can then buy and build 1 home, make a profit and go onto the next. 7 Against, nothing will be built 8 FOR X100 9 For 10 Against on more props. My recommendarion 11 Sack Carney
  5. Hi, I'm a new guy here. Lurking for a long time. I followed a link from the article to the paper to see what else they say, the articles left a lot out. Perhaps I should post it here and we can dissect the policy suggestions a bit further
  6. Hi Long time lurker. hope to add to the discussion and not draw the wrath of count :D
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