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  1. Here is an excellent video to explain the issues to the low iq crown who get their hosuing information form the papers: Its so simple and detailed that it can be shown to anyone
  2. When prices go down by 21.064 in the Midlands that's when I'll pay attention ;p. either way, hpc news is good news
  3. Im still not sold that this is the beginning of an HPC, I have gotten prematurely exited before
  4. They should play this in the airport as Trump gives Omar the boot into an airplane tbf
  5. pyfff, send her back, she is an ingrate who would be in some 3rd world shthole if it were not for American generosity
  6. Count can you brief me about the deep lore of MSEvsHPC?
  7. id like to know too, after the crash what do I buy?
  8. Whats MSE? money saving expert? is there beef between mse and hpc?
  9. I know! My heart bleeds for the OO/BTLer. One decade of historic low IR's
  10. 10% including railways roads and factories/industry is not a lot. Ever flown over the UK, coming in to land on a clear day? It's all green. The green belt is a policy created after ww2 to prevent the money leaving the cities for the suburbs as a lot of landed gentry would loose money from that. You are defending a policy whose cover is that its pro environment, whilst in reality its a con to restrict supply for the benefit of the few. To understand how this country works, and why housing is expensive, watch this documentary: The main conduit of this economy as statedin the video, is housing. If more housing was allowed, the assets that already exist would go wdown.
  11. Yup, just for living in it. I remember that I read that only 10% of the land has stuff built on, including roads and factories
  12. tl;dr: Banks and Building Societies are shifting their lending to OAP's as they are the only ones with assets the bank can go for in case of default. So their children and grandchildren can get fkd out of an inheritance. Not only have they been priced out of the market due to a Bank-led HPI bubble, now the only chance for my generation to own via inheritance is being attacked by these money lenders. vultures, I hope they crash
  13. shift entirely to property being handled as a basic need with the profit element taken out
  14. I am horrified already by what I say. Happy Easter. May God be with you
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