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  1. Such is the irrelevance of major stocks to fundamentals anymore I would suggest the Dow hits 30,000 as the real economy collapses. S&P at 3,500 etc.
  2. This is just wishful thinking. The CDC estimates seasonal flu CFR rates at 0.1%. Current estimates for the CFR of Covid19 are 2-3%. Of course it depends on many factors and is an early estimate. Maybe there are many many more infections so the CFR is lower, or the virus will mutate to less deadly strains. On the other side mutations might make it more deadly or overwhelmed health systems also increase the CSR. As much as you want to wish it will all be over in 2 weeks it almost certainly won't be.
  3. US equity markets will need to fall for about 6 weeks in the same vain as this week to have any notion of general value. If other assets keep falling in tamden they will be at multi-decade lows. I think there is more to PM price falls than margin calls.
  4. Gold down $69 or 4%. Kitco headline saying gold is hammered down. Miners down 20% in 2 days.
  5. Look at global equity markets over the last 5 years. Most are only back to where they were in late 2019. A month of this and then we are talking. Gold and silver have been hammered this morning. Sounds about right.
  6. Coronavirus far more likely than Sars to bond to human cells due to HIV-like mutation, scientists say Research by team from Nankai University shows new virus has mutated gene similar to those found in HIV and Ebola Finding may help scientists understand how the infection spreads and where it came from https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3052495/coronavirus-far-more-likely-sars-bond-human-cells-scientists-say Scientists say the new coronavirus may be significantly different from Sars. APScientists say the new coronavirus may
  7. On the Guardian Live Blog this just came in: NHK is reporting that a Japanese woman who was treated for Covid-19, confirmed as virus-free, and left hospital earlier this month has since retested positive for the disease. According to the report, the woman is a tour-guide in her 40s, in the city of Osaka. She began feeling throat and chest pain about two weeks after leaving hospital, and after several visits to doctors, retested positive for the illness, NHK said. She is now in hospital and has not been to work or in contact with anyone, it said. The article said prefec
  8. Yes and thanks. Not much anyone can do except try to maintain a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Isolating yourself will only work if you can do it for potentially months on end and can really be self sufficient.
  9. The cruise refunded and some money for flights. Will take ages to see the money no doubt. I booked separately flying Swiss/Singapore as was stopping off in Switzerland for Easter. Hotels in Singapore and Switzerland would be lost if I did not travel.
  10. So my cruise at the end of March from Singapore was finally cancelled yesterday. Living close to London and working in London I am actually thinking of staying in Singapore and then Switzerland after for a bit (if not quarantined and can travel) as the virus is obviously not contained now and big UK cities will be very badly prepared to deal with what is coming.
  11. I am not going. But if I cancel now I get nothing back and lose £5k of so with flights and hotel stays each side of the cruise. There is a chance of Future Cruise Credit but the rest is still lost. If they cancel they will offer full refund and some money towards lost flights meaning I will lose £1k or so. If FCO changes advice on Singapore I will get most back via insurance even if suppliers don't refund.
  12. I am due to sail on RCI Quantum of the Seas from Singapore on 31st March. As yet they have not cancelled their March sailings. People are getting very upset and angry about their approach.
  13. Do you not think the strengthening of the quarantine measures and the overwhelmed health-care system alongside a lack of time and resources to test is a more likely reason for these figures?
  14. FOMC announcement later. Miners under massive pressure again. Hope gold holds $1,160. If so then the bottom might just be in. Although there is little chance of much upside until the flight to the USD ends.
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