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  1. FOMC announcement later. Miners under massive pressure again. Hope gold holds $1,160. If so then the bottom might just be in. Although there is little chance of much upside until the flight to the USD ends.
  2. The miners have been relentlessly sold between 10-15% down since this post. Already pricing in $1,100 and below. When is the turnaround? I thought your charts were predicting it is imminent?
  3. If I thought the USD rally would end anytime soon and believed that the paper market is not completely rigged I would think major gold miners at the moment are an insanely good buy, some are at 10-15 year lows. Problems are: 1) How do crypto's affect things? 2) I think things are completely rigged 3) I see the USD soaring as a strategic move in the same vain as the trade war Trump has started It is hard not to believe that suppressing gold is a priority for central bankers and they will kill it stone dead if they can.
  4. Eventually but you need to get the timing right. Gold is getting killed today. Smashed.
  5. If the emerging market bloodbath continues and especially if it affects the wider banking system then the dollar will keep rising and gold will fall hard. For this chart prediction to be accurate something will need to cause the dollar to fall? I can only think of the FED pausing or even reversing rate rises.
  6. USD DXY down, US consumer sentiment up and gold now being smashed back below $1,200. Completely rigged market - probably US central banking interests.
  7. Coming true though - gold is already close to going into the red on USD terms for the day. I have been in and out of gold and gold miners for 10 years. Not made anything much. Possibly slightly up. So I am not awfully bitter but it takes a long time to work out how to try and trade it. I have a 1/4 of a pension fund in it. I did best straight after the Brexit vote result which made up for some previous losses.
  8. 1,160 was tested overnight. I guess that is a line in a sand. I reckon gold will free-fall below $1,000 if that is breached.Still there momentum and sentiment is massively negative. By the end of the US session gold will probably be pushed into a decline on the day.
  9. I will watch later but picking up what you said above about how gold behaves during recent global market crashes it seems a bit pointless to treat it as a safe haven asset at all. You could buy USD, YEN, CHF etc. before a crash, let it appreciate during the crash and then buy gold? You can also buy loads of better stuff after a crash when everything has been discounted. Maybe you can make more money jumping into miners or 3 x funds linked to the rise of gold but if gold is not a safe haven during a crash then it seems to lose some of it's value - I guess what central bankers and those of similar ilk want. Due to market manipulation, naked paper shorting, gold loses it's shine at an important time.
  10. As an individual how are you going to buy food with physical gold! I think a lot of thinking on gold is from hindsight. I am not so sure it is such a good store of wealth anymore. Is it better than anything else that has decent tangible value? Owning land would be better if you could afford it.
  11. crypto-currencies were not around in 2008. I think they will change the dynamics somewhat. Also, I think the manipulation will be worse this time, everything is so artificial. If the global banking system relies on smashing paper gold down and keeping it down then how and why could it rise?
  12. How and who are you going to sell gold to without the aid of the 'paper price'? All those, mainly US, websites about 'stacking' are on the same wave length as preppers. If the proverbial hits the fan you need a safe space with access to food and water and somewhere to grow food. No one is interested in bits of metal. I can't see any return to a gold standard ever - probably a new blockchain based global currency will emerge with a reset. Some of my money is in gold and some in senior minors (funds) as a hedge for GBP decline and a global financial crash. It was probably a stupid move in the short to mid term. It looks like it is turning out that way. I was expecting a sharp decline if we had a global recession/crash but there is something unnerving about the speed of this decline at the moment without corresponding carnage elsewhere - gold could get absolutely crushed and it might take years to even nominally get any return.
  13. Going through 1,180 - I think it has never looked uglier for gold since this thread was started. Gold is relentlessly sold, I have never seen it this bad for years. Bitcoin at least has buy-in on the trend down. It is like someone is killing gold off so that there is no notion of it being a safe haven.
  14. Have a look back through some of the predictions you link to such as this one http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article59815.html The rationale and reasoning are almost the opposite of the recent link: https://www.clivemaund.com/gmu.php?art_id=68&date=2018-08-06 If gold is a momentum trade at the moment then the USD price can fall for months and months and no dome and bowl shaped graphs will prove otherwise. I hope this is not the case as it is not good for me and my investment in this area but my gut is gold will go below $1,000 usd, miners will go under and consolidation will take place in that sector. Then perhaps, if gold is to ever again have any value the speed of the reversal will be massive. Gold is utterly despised but there are many reasons why big actors in the global monetry system. Surely this whole US approach to putting up trade barriers is a last gasp attempt to keep the USD as the 'defacto' global reserve currency as it is massively under threat? The USD to spike above 120 on the DXY, gold to be below $1,000 and a massive global crash.
  15. What indicators? Gold is not moving on global instability and EM carnage and the USD is on a march higher and could have a long way to go. When is soon? Sure within 2 years but not within 2 months? Apart from a little corrective bounce due to being heavily oversold.
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