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  1. Fair enough. I thought borough was vague enough, heh.
  2. Cheap loans. It's new money 😉. And it's the story of the last 10 years, so...
  3. Massive money printing will prop up prices through asset inflation.
  4. Fair enough 😀. It's by no means guaranteed, but there's real risk here I think. Let's pray they're not, in fact, this mental.
  5. It's become habit for them to do this kind of leaking now - if there's a bad reaction then they have plausible deniability. But in this case even the Guardian admits it outright: As per the linked article. It's not just a random policy paper from a random thinktank. That stuff's ten a penny. This isn't.
  6. I guess they might have a say again, now that they managed to scalp Cummings. I do wonder how much clout they'll have though if the government is very motivated. And I think that they are indeed very motivated. They're evidently leaking this policy to test the water, as is basically habit now.
  7. The insane thing about this is that it's making an explicit bet on there never being a significant rate rise. While it doesn't look particularly likely that central banks will choose to make a rate rise, that doesn't exclude them being forced to make a rate rise. Additionally, the government just pumped endless billions into the economy, and there's a very non zero chance we could see CPI inflation as a result.
  8. Sunak's an empty suit; a child who just carries out Johnson's bidding. By the sounds of it this guy was briefed directly by Johnson, given that he worked closely with him during his time as Mayor.
  9. No they're legally required, the banks have to comply. And that's why they want rid of them.
  10. This was frequently mentioned even on Bloomberg last week. Which makes the whole paper totally insane, right?! I mean. I just. I really don't have words. Pretty high I recon. Planning regulation is harder than financial engineering.
  11. I'm gonna read that thread. The thing is that, as per the Guardian quote, there is a significant chance that this is about to become actual policy.
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