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  1. We're ALL doing porridge WAITING for the BLOOD-BATH ...its COMING ya'll will see... SO bide your time GOPER ...goper(S)
  2. GORDON BENNET ! I only posted an hour ago and a deluge of posts! SAD if what i'm thinking has happened....
  3. thanks mate. @durhamborn Whats happened to ya nice avatar pic? @durhamborn
  4. does anyone here have the canadian dummys email ? if so kindly email over the above in blue, and let us know his response!
  5. Blimey looks like i'll have to use my push-bike even MORE now! Whens that canadian dummy going to jack up rates for crying out loud !
  6. I like the comment at the bottom of the article: "They'll be converting phone boxes next!" ?
  7. I did my research and found some info from previous customers of 'close brothers savings' - they appear to be OK. My main concern is if your savings are safe, they are up to £85K. I even called them as had a couple of questions, seem very nice on the phone. So some funds will go here but the majority i will put into N S & I. At the end of the day, NO one knows what bank will go under or some other **** up... Which leads me to another question to you Cosmic Apple, if i may? "As someone who had 70k in Icelandic banks" Did they pay any interest that you were due?
  8. ...it WILL within the next 24 months, if it doesn't I'll go out and hang me self and not return to HPC lol
  9. @Cosmic Apple Thanks for that. I got until this Thursday to decide - so still open to any ones dealings with close brothers or shawbrook bank...CHEERS!
  10. 11 hours ago, Sancho Panza said: '“Mum & dad are lending money to their kids so their kids can afford to pay the prices demanded by mum & dad & their friends. It’s like a giant Ponzi scheme but where the victims are your children.” It just shows how much of the population are SHEEPLE!
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