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  1. Crikey! Followed the link to BBC News (haven't been on there in years). It reminded me of a Netscape page from 1999. In fact, I had to double check that it was not a really old story - you know, MotherCare have been struggling for years.
  2. Yes, they are angry. Unlike the working class, who often do not read books, watch current affairs programmes or take quality newspapers, their anger is not so easily misdirected towards 'the immigrants', smoking and sky TV watching benefits claimants or the EU. Deep down they know that their anger is rightfully directed towards themselves and the self-serving parasites that they invariably have supported over the last ten years. Perhaps if you are, visibly, a migrant or homeless or a teacher you would enjoy the wrath of the working classes a bit more.
  3. Oh, well... I always had a soft spot for Debenhams - had a Saturday/Holiday job there, back in the day - haven't been in Town for years though, least of all Debenhams - I won't pay the parking! Debenhams have gone into administration - the stores will continue trading for now under agreement with the lenders. Debenhams is taken over by lenders as Mike Ashley loses £150m stake
  4. Could replace; 85% Would replace; In next 20 years 50%, easily.
  5. To be even fairer, the Government changed the law in the Nineties making it mandatory for contractors to use Limited Companies. Self employment was not an option. Then, they used IR35 to make having one income stream and any level of 'direction' by the client, 'disguised employment'. So, telling people that they had to pay taxes on their training, work related travel, work equipment but take all the risks involved with being self-employed. It's not black & white - the government and clients are equally culpable for all of this.
  6. Much of municipal Britain now resembles a 3rd world nation. I think very few encumbants travel any more. When I go back, the difference between Euro towns and Blighty towns is now vast - but most of the Brits have little idea how impoverished they have become. Too busy reading Daily Mail, watching Love Island and moaning about neighbour smoking and watching 'Sky' on 'benefits'.
  7. It's because work & workplaces are so disgustingly shite in UK and these people are old enough to remember when work was at least tolerable.
  8. A toxic mix of abject intransigence, blatent self-serving and utter bigotry. So, pretty much what the English deserve.
  9. I guess you are talking about the single Mum working in the Amazon Fulfillment Centre as opposed to people like executives in Persimmon, Carilion and RBS.
  10. Whereas the Mail, Express, Torygraph and Sun stick to entirely fabricated stories to fit with their anti-remain narrative. Well, it was glacial, but a tipping point of English & Welsh people have had a 'Jonny Rotten moment' - they are understanding quite clearly now that they were 'had' by wealth foreign tax evading billionaires.
  11. I'd rather you had answered this; In any case, Merry Christmas everyone on here!
  12. I wonder, if you use the same term, 'gifted', in relation to farming subsidies, tax write offs and other subsidies 'gifted' to wealthy people. Do you think Ian Duncan-Smith's father in law spoke of being 'gifted' a fortune for putting a wind turbine in his back field? I always wonder what the motives are of people who obsess about £60 a week PIP or £200 a week tax credits but are always ready to overlook the vastly greater benefits that are paid to the wealthy.
  13. These two should follow through with their threat to go to war with Ashford, threatening every property owner in Ashford with a property flash crash. They should be driven into exile to Royston Vasey and open a local shop for local people in their twilight years.
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