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  1. I guess you are talking about the single Mum working in the Amazon Fulfillment Centre as opposed to people like executives in Persimmon, Carilion and RBS.
  2. Cryptotrader

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Whereas the Mail, Express, Torygraph and Sun stick to entirely fabricated stories to fit with their anti-remain narrative. Well, it was glacial, but a tipping point of English & Welsh people have had a 'Jonny Rotten moment' - they are understanding quite clearly now that they were 'had' by wealth foreign tax evading billionaires.
  3. I'd rather you had answered this; In any case, Merry Christmas everyone on here!
  4. Yes! Let's emulate the Weimar Republic. Why stop at that?
  5. I wonder, if you use the same term, 'gifted', in relation to farming subsidies, tax write offs and other subsidies 'gifted' to wealthy people. Do you think Ian Duncan-Smith's father in law spoke of being 'gifted' a fortune for putting a wind turbine in his back field? I always wonder what the motives are of people who obsess about £60 a week PIP or £200 a week tax credits but are always ready to overlook the vastly greater benefits that are paid to the wealthy.
  6. These two should follow through with their threat to go to war with Ashford, threatening every property owner in Ashford with a property flash crash. They should be driven into exile to Royston Vasey and open a local shop for local people in their twilight years.
  7. Cryptotrader

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Instead of spouting Daily Mail & Express memes - why don't you use your brain if you have one? Every single Tory government in the last hundred years has racked up far, far more debt than any Labour government. The Tory spivs and their bankster friends cannot stop themselves looting public companies, schools, universities and the treasury. Question is; Why is a person of limited means, such as yourself, an apologist for these criminals?
  8. They would undoubtably push for "no deal". They are all multimillionaires and at the first hint that their 'Global Britain' escapade is headed for disaster they will do a Cameron and run away. In the case of civil unrest, to their huge mansions in safe EU countries overseas.
  9. Cryptotrader

    Rising seas threaten to engulf 1.7m homes, Met Office warns

    This is true. And the bigger picture is that we are living in an Ice Age for last few million years - the glaciers on the Somerset Levels were overdue already. I'm more concerned about the toxic shock pollution levels and destruction of wilderness - the jungles, rain forests etc.
  10. Cryptotrader

    What will collapse next....

    "What's bitcoin down now, 70%, it probably wont exist in 12 months " As long as there are a couple of dudes with laptops, 1TB drive somewhere in the World who mine, Bitcoin will continue to exist.
  11. Cryptotrader

    Work Less, Earn More: Is A Four-Day Week The Solution?

    Work Less, Earn More: Is A Four-Day Week The Solution? Yes, but like everything else in this bigot, ignorant shithole why rely on science, evidence or even common sense.
  12. I got that sense, too, the first half dozen times - just before they caved. You learn.
  13. Don't hold your breath. The self-servatives always cave at the last moment when confronted with their dwindling majorities by the whips.
  14. Well, it's not realistic to talk about the housing crisis. There are several in this Country. Most important is the lack of real affordable housing. This could be reversed by scrapping discounts on right to buy, diverting and ring-fencing sales receipts into Council/Housing Association house building programs and ramping up council house building to 500K per year. The second is the broken domestic dwelling market. This could be mitigated by scrapping the Soviet style help to buy schemes, implementing a landbank tax for developers and restructuring the law and governence of planning. The third is economic and social - directly caused by years of misguided or downright vindictive neoliberalism. Mitigation could take many forms - taxing low pay employers and ring-fencing receipts into council house building. Forcing employers with non-UK passport holding employees to provide housing and health care at their own cost below a certain level of salary/wage. Etc Etc.

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