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  1. I wonder if it's freehold, i.e. it owns the land? If so then just board it up, give spray cans and marker pens to selected locals, leave it a year or so after which the council will give permission for pretty much anything to be built, then stack a hundred flats on the plot. If it doesn't own the land then it's probably not worth what they paid for it, given that it's running at a loss and retail's never going to return to what it was in 1981. Alternatively, they could just flog it to Portsmouth council as an investment for a few million.
  2. Either their camera has weird optics or that terrace is as twisted as a pasta twist. That's a brilliant description though. Sadly that proves that estate agents probably are needed for a good proportion of sellers.
  3. Is it 2016? Has there been some kind of timewarp, I thought the referendum had happened and it had all been decided.
  4. Ah, I see. While I'm not denying that there are conspiracies, not everything is one. Sometimes (not always) rules are there for the right reasons and make life better. By the way I'm not an electrician. My background's in electronics, but I no longer work in that world anyway. But people know I'm technically capable so I tend to get called on for techy type jobs that need doing. I wouldn't rewire a house, but I can change a switch or light fitting, the sort of thing that's permitted for competent amateurs to do. I have no axe to grind either way, other than concern about our relatives that are living in a house that I know is not safe. I just wanted to make the point that their house looks perfectly modern and well maintained but is actually dangerous, and I'm very sure that there are lots more houses that are similar, and some of these will be rented out. This is definitely a real problem, ignoring it is like saying that we've covered loads of tower blocks in combustible foam, none of them have caught fire therefore there's no need to worry, and look where that sort of approach got us. The rubber insulation that is already installed is probably getting more dangerous faster than it's being replaced overall, so it's possible/likely that the risk level is increasing as things currently are. That 1960s cable is now well over 50 years old and is only getting older. The problem with it is that it works - the conductors do not fail, so nothing stops working so there's no fault that necessitates rewiring to those who don't understand the issue.
  5. Well good for you, keep up your fight against evil bossy tradesmen! So... we're all agreed then, and the world is a happy place? Rubber-coated cable degrades over time and needs replacing, there's a ton of evidence to show this. It's just a boring old fact, no matter of opinion involved.
  6. Forgive me, I'm new around here, but do you just argue the opposite with people for entertainment? If you'd put a pile of rubber-coated cable in a cupboard in 1960 - completely disconnected from anything - then today it would look like crap and would not be safe to use. Nobody said that it was 100% due to age, you tried to claim that it was 0% due to age which is complete rubbish and you'd have known this if you'd spent more than 5 seconds thinking about it.
  7. The 1960s stuff I saw was not nice at all. At first I was very confused as I found a brown cable, i.e. the present day colour scheme since 2008. After cutting into it I saw that it was red inside, the outer surface had decayed and turned brown. This was just the switched cable to a single light fitting, it had never seen more than a 60W load. The decay was from the outside of the insulation, not from the inside as you'd expect from heat damage. Just nature taking back the tree sap it was made from using the wonder of biology.
  8. I see the logic but, on the other hand, dodgy cabling with RCDs is much safer than dodgy cabling without RCDs. That is, if you accept that the oldies' decor can not be touched. She'd be on at him to make everything pristine straight after, he's already got a serious heart condition. The combination of stress, work and nagging would tip him over the edge. Honestly, a re-wire could kill him, in fact it would be more of a risk than the dodgy electrics. I did swap out a really nasty crunchy light switch for a new one. I was amazed to see that the back box was wood. I suppose at least that reduces the risk of a bare wire making a screw live though!
  9. I was volunteered into fitting a new light fitting in relatives' house with rubber cable, I'd heard of it but had never actually seen it before. It was not nice stuff at all, not crumbly (yet, but degrading), but nothing like as strong as modern PVC. They also have the fuse wire fusebox. They know it desperately all needs ripping out, but they've spent their lives making the place how they want it, so don't want chased out channels all over the place, together with the dust and mess. I might see if the fusebox can be replaced with a modern RCD consumer unit though. At least that way they'd be safe(r) if something did end up live that shouldn't be, e.g. a screw on a light switch etc. My worry is that it would open a can of worms, and any electrician might refuse to connect to the circuits. There must be countless houses all over the country just like this. It's not ridiculously old, built in the 1960s, all looks pretty modern really. All fairly standard looking square pin sockets and lightswitches, just the same dimensions as current ones. Some of the switches are quite squidgy feeling, but I bet many householders have replaced the faceplates and made it look totally modern, while keeping the rubber cable. There's probably a good number of rented homes in a similar state - presentable to the untrained eye but potentially lethal.
  10. Begging is a lucrative career choice, often they get far more than minimum wage for doing absolutely nothing, many are not homeless. There are lots of cases of it, in fact it's an epidemic - just google "fake homeless" or similar to see many reports, e.g.... https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/people-begging-money-walton-not-15753917 Nobody should be poor in this country, anyone who's completely useless will get a lump of money every month. What they choose to spend it on is the issue. Everyone is free to blow their income at the bookies, pub and dope dealer then pop down the food bank when they get the munchies. The food banks welcome them with open arms as it suits their political agenda to get the opportunity to help people in this way. Perhaps the answer could be to hand out part of the dole in food vouchers if they can't budget. Three times down the food bank means vouchers instead of money.
  11. Is the EU even solvent without our wad of cash every year? All assuming that we manage to get something resembling fair trade that doesn't involve us handing over £billions per year. I'm very sure that their intention is to keep the UK money taps flowing.
  12. Looking at that, I'd guess that yellow means "Investigate for stamp duty evasion"!
  13. I'd be equally happy with either, just as long as it's clearly defined from the outset what we're getting into. With a USofE solution the UK govt would remain but be shrunk down lots and still be elected, just as you have state-level government in the USA. It would also be a good excuse for us to have a root and branch reform of the way the UK is governed too, get rid of all the unelected power and stupid traditions, e.g. all the "Mr Speaker" and robes nonsense, reinvent ourselves as a modern nation fit for the future.
  14. You've misunderstood what councils are doing. They're not investing in shopping centres in their own back yard to improve the area they are responsible for, but are lobbing money at any old property anywhere in the country, just as a get-rich-quick scheme, using the cheap borrowed money they've recently been allowed to play with. E.g... https://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/ext/your-council/policies-and-strategies/property-investment-strategy So far the council has spent just over £108m on the following purchases: A Schlumberger industrial unit, in Gloucestershire (£8m) A Waitrose supermarket, in Somerset (£13.2m) A Matalan retail unit, in Swindon (£9.7m) A DHL warehouse, in Warwickshire (£12.4m) A Mercedes Benz showroom, in Eastleigh (£8.75m) An estate of trade units, in Leeds (£13.75m) A Travis Perkins warehouse, in Leicestershire (£15.7m) Lidl and Dunelm retail units, in Worcestershire (£8.3m) A Sharps Bedrooms factory, in the West Midlands (£11.5m) A UPS warehouse, in Yorkshire (£7.25m) Portsmouth Retail Park, Southampton Road (£16m) Basically, future taxation will pay the interest on the loans and public services will be paid for from the rent received. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. The new EU would need to define its purpose from day one, then stick to it. It needs to be EITHER (1) a trading body that facilitates trade between separate individual nations OR (2) a single nation, with a government that's genuinely democratically accountable. The problem with the EU (previously EEC) is that it started off as (1) then attempted to imperceptibly morph into (2), except without ever intending to have much in the way of democracy. Just be honest from the start on what the ambition is, instead of attempting a sneaky takeover. They took us for idiots, and they seem to be largely getting away with it with the rest of the captive nations.
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