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  1. why did you not check them out BEFORE you invested the money? if you had then you would have known it was a scam, no point whining after the fact if you did not do any due diligence.
  2. If its high return its high risk, take ya choice no point whining later when ya don't win the lottery.
  3. Should have checked the lease and see who is responsible for the lawn before signing it. But if you owned the property what would you do them, buy a cover for it and leave it outside?
  4. Its the big city fat cats who will prosper from this and their Tory buddies. Corruption is alive and well in the 21st century.
  5. So folks who have worked all their lives and paid into NHI and taxes, have been careful to pay off their mortgage, have no debts, are to subsidize the people who live on benefits and won't work? So they can have health care for the smoking and drinking they indulge in when it hits their bodies.....come on this stuff is rotten to the core. If the NHS has issues: 1. Put taxes up for ALL, cut the handouts to those coming in and seeking freebies. 2. Make managers accountable. 3. Stop buying office furniture at the expense of MRI machines 4. Get the IT fiasco
  6. Cllethorpes is down 4% in a year....is this the start of the BIG one?
  7. A torrent starts off as a drip drip drip, like -0.2% then suddenly one month its -2%, then -5% and then thats it the correction starts. having been through several booms and busts I can see the same old pattern showing its head, the figures may be bigger but the way it happens is always the same. This time could be a HUGE drop, so rent until it happens and then get what ya want to retire into. Its dog eat dog in the property world.
  8. Canada advised China two years ago that due to no treaty with China the Canadian government was not able to assist in recovery of any monies coming in from China from thieves and money launderers, hence China sent in agents on tourist visas to 'persuade' those thieves to return funds to China. The canadian government found out and threw out the agents and complained to China and the thieves carried on buying $15million houses in Vancouver and leading a great life, Canada of course collects huge property tax amounts when property prices increase as its based on property value!! Cana
  9. I think these retirement interest only mortgages to age 90 are a decent idea for people. Why would anyone want to leave kids anything anyway? Also the property value does not decrease it's like paying rent to live in your own house but releasing equity to live on or invest so the estate still has the house when the oldster dies. Going into a care home is going to mean selling up but it would anyway. Why don't the kids look after their parents if they want to be left anything like asian cultures do?
  10. People who over price by 10% can afford to drop by 5% or even the 10% and hence the average figures are affected.
  11. https://moneyweek.com/the-weakest-link-in-the-uk-housing-market-right-now?utm_campaign=money-morning-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter Certainly looks as if the measures put in place by the government may be having some effect, along with the fact that prices are too high anyway. Having studied Rightmove and Zoopla for the last 3 years I can see a definite flattening and in some areas a lowering of the average prices for properties, and longer to sell in a lot of case under 300,000PDS that is where I look. There are a few areas north and east where
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