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  1. Yep, and this... We offered £299K on a £315k property in July (previously on for £365k 2 years ago) Offer accepted. Arranged a valuation via Parents in law who are financial advisers (free of charge survey). Survey came back with a house value of £275k. So we considered a bigger deposit, but said no. Property now on for £280k - Offers in excess of. They've not come back to us, and with all that's going on we're going to watch and see. I think I've got a fairly good gauge of property around my patch, but we've been offered a 'Drive buy value survey' - again through contacts of Parents in law - as a way to better gauge the offer and avoid spending on detailed survey fees (as we can't have free surveys forever!) in case we are wide of the mark when comparing our offer with a banks willingness to lend. Apparently drive by surveys are becoming more popular and can be as little as £50.
  2. The Welsh Gov and other devolved (non primary legislature) powers can't dictate to BT Openreach, nor can they dictate to Local authorities to give BT road space to carry out works. WG will try to embarrass companies into a moral obligation via an interview or statement on the TV, but that's about it! Behind closed doors BT is telling UK Gov there's no money in getting fibre broadband to X Y Z locations unless Gov subsidises to a greater extent and provides money for training more BT staff to help role it out cheaper - Gov say no (can't do direct hand outs) and so BT tick along at their own pace. Back to the OP, another STC this week gone back to 'For Sale' again in our village - must be the 20th time in 5 or so years. Nothing much in North Wales shifts easily if its too west of Chester, say beyond 35mins which is Llandudno or Ruthin (nice market town) and over £250k. Most working in NW can't afford much over £250k and the commute is getting worse as entry via North East Wales gets ever more crowded. It shouldn't be a surprise if we start to see a drop in asking prices up this way the further west you travel.
  3. They're fun, I'll give them that, in a roguish charm kind of way. But striking how non PC they were and open about they're opinions, especially given the roles they have back in NZ! And far more in to owning everything outright (bar a mortgage...cos that's OK!) and don't accept renting as an option if you're white and in permanent employment! Funny and gobsmacking all at the same time to listen to. They couldn't believe how many new "luxury" brand cars were on our roads and thought PCP was "f8ckin nuts mate" when I explained! They also couldn't help pointing out how many fat people they kept seeing! Not sure what to expect if we visit them. Bankruptcy?
  4. Friends were over from New Zealand last month - Auckland. They're addicted to property and obtaining as many units as possible and are massively anti Mauri or Asian. Both early twenties working normal jobs as a teacher and policeman. They have a 100% mortgage on their own property and mix of rentals of £1.4million NZ dollars! They're now considering investing in property in Australia to spread their exposure! It's like an obsession for them and say everyone wants a piece of the property action. As friends we're really worried for them, but they can't understand why, and don't get why we haven't bought yet in the UK. Everything they tell us just sounds like 2007/08 all over again, but when you mention it to them they don't remember it. Apparently news coverage in NZ and Oz hardly covered the fall of banks and never mentions it now. They hardly see any news about Europe and are almost completely naïve of Brexit and Trump stories which we are bombarded with...lucky them!
  5. Ha, you gotta laugh. I heard a free trial of an electric bus in Mid Wales has had to end because it had a Union Jack on the front of it!! It was free and electric!! FFS we're surrounded by short sighted w&nkers. Sorry I digress, but we might become leaders in the tech, but we'll have a whole host of other issues to sort before we actually get around to implementing anything remotely ground breaking on our little island! Hydrogen is powering a lot of street lighting, CCTV and ITS type equipment in UK currently. Solar and electric battery is no longer in favour. Also hearing attempts to use hydrogen in plant machinery over electric.
  6. Welcome to 2030...I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better! https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/shopping-i-can-t-really-remember-what-that-is/
  7. Keir construction and anyone else in the construction industry who was banking on a slice of the 1.4billion for the South Wales M4...now officially canned ten mins ago! Woodford IM also has a large amount in Keir...think it’s around 40%!! It just takes one domino to fall
  8. This entire result just adds to the confusion for me. A lot of people calling a Remain win...and I see the logic for that by adding up party votes and applying an assumption for Con / Lab division over votes. But from my most basic of straw polls, which turn out to be broadly accurate, such as when I posted a quick poll of our work staff a few weeks ago showing a BP win and decimation of Con & Lab, show nearly all my family and a host of my work colleagues who are Brexiteers of one sort or another - some want a deal, some want no deal, didn’t even vote on Thursday in protest and said they would only vote at a general election. WTF!!! If we apply that approach to voting across the UK then god knows what the result actually might be. How are we ever going to get a true reflection of what people want in this country if they don’t bother to turn out, but are all willing to talk endlessly about it down the pub!! Maybe all pubs should become polling stations!! My dad, brother, sis and bro in law, the guy next door, at least 20 people at an engagement party yesterday, maybe 40 odd people at an Ibiza reunion party Saturday (heavy weekend!) and far more than half the people I spoke to in work for a poll I did (that gave a BP win) haven’t even voted in this euro election but apparently nearly all want some type of Brexit! 🙄
  9. A little bit of fun in our office. Quick poll and discussion over the euro elections seeing as we work in that arena!! The results are...I feel like I should do the presiding officer's speech! From a total of 38 staff, 35 took part. They voted as follows... 14 Brexit Party = 40% 9 UKIP = 25.7% 6 Labour = 17.14% 4 Conservative = 11.4% 2 Plaid Cymru = 5.7% This assumes we will have candidates for all these parties standing in our areas. The views of Leave and Remain feel evenly represented in the group. 3 are under 25 and 4 are over 60 with the majority between 35-55yrs old. The interesting bit was very few trust the Lab and Cons. Nearly all felt the two parties had a mixed and confusing message on Brexit and voted accordingly. God knows if this will be representative of 23rd May!
  10. Sorry, nothing very inciteful from me, only to reiterate what simon2 said. Its exactly the same round here in Chester and North Wales. A ton of stuff (half decent actually) not shifting, often re-advertised after a year or more. What we have seen is the small 2 and 3 bed stuff go quite quick and at slightly elevated prices, which might explain the apparent rise in 'sold' prices, but isn't a true reflection of the wider market and the houses I'm interested in with 3+ beds and somewhere to park the car. I think we need a tipping point. I thought it might be Brexit, but less convinced the longer that saga continues. I get the feeling for as long as rates remain low people can keep the roof above their head and, although they'd like to sell and have gone to the effort of advertising their house, are not forced to sell, just yet. But I'm happy to wait. I'm a patient awkward sod, that's why my lady says she loves me!
  11. Fairly hot off the press...apparently the Irish (and French, but waiting for it in writing) have now decreed Irish ports (and probably French too) must absolutely not be inconvenienced in any way on the morning after Brexit. Therefore, because HMRC and Irish tax authorities have been prevented from speaking to each other via a legal decree from Brussels (which has annoyed both the Irish and UK authorities), the Irish Port Authorities have had no choice but to inform all HGV operators that their checks MUST have been completed before arrival on Irish soil or the ferry will not be permitted to dock. We are to assume in the next few days the same decree will come from the French. The ferry operators are going bonkers after this last minute change as it is anticipated this will now create an 80-140hr delay per ferry crossing to perform checks UK side depending on the volume of HGV's per crossing. How this will affect air freight is uncertain, but looking likely roads will be chocca block around UK ports if this position does not change. This change has only materialised in the last 24 hrs following months of discussions with agreements in place, now scuppered by dealings behind the scenes which the UK and HMRC have had no say in whatsoever, but also appears to be in no position to argue against. Will need to be offline for a while so feel free to discuss amongst yourselves!!
  12. Same for us, the brother in law and the girl sitting next to me in work. All have had surveys in the last year with resulting values easily 10-20% less than asking price on a range of houses priced from 160k up to 395k. Girl next to me was about to exchange last week, and is now fighting a battle with vendor after vendor couldn't provide certificates for garage conversion or FENSA docs saying LA signed it all off. Unfortunately for vendor her mum works for building control and knows he's bullsh!ttin!! He's now panicked and asked BC to come and view and he'll pay for inspection, but I've told her to tell him to f8ck off and walk away, but she's pregnant and desperate for a house!! Her solicitor has also bottled it and asked her to be represented by someone else. The whole thing stinks.
  13. Example next door to us. Semi detached in row of 8 houses bought for £240k in July 2007 by late 20’s couple. Their divorce went through before Christmas, no work done to house in 12 years. He’s asked us if we’re interested cos he can’t afford it even on interest only (can’t believe that!) - we’ve rented next door for 13 years. For sale sign went up last Monday....£175k! Next door neighbour the other side thinks it’s a disgrace and should be worth more as it devalues all the houses in the row...I’ll add he bought his ex council house for £26k in 2006 ish!!! This country’s attitude to houses is ******in nuts!
  14. Interest rates aren't going anywhere FED or no FED. The BOE don't have the stomach to raise rates unless absolutely forced to (major incident maybe) and only then it'll be at a trickle. Maybe a big event could shift them, but what's a big event these days?? Brexit? who knows?! Hpi is slowing because it has to - the country is skint and scared. The overall trend is heading down and the EAs and more and more home owners by the day know it. Asking prices around me are falling across a range of housing, mostly the bigger stuff as people realise "it ain't shifting!". Still silly prices, but visible price reductions are being instructed resulting in some (but not enough) decent homes now valued below smaller sized less appealing new builds. I'll stick my neck out, but if things are allowed to progress as they are, which is no bad thing - slowly slowly catchy monkey - a slow steady decline in hpi (at a time whilst Mr Carney and Gov are appearing to be relatively quiet in their actions on the matter of falling house prices - i.e. not raising rates as I would like them to being a saver) it is my impression the market will continue to correct, albeit slowly (too slow for some of us) but at a rate the Gov and BOE are happy with as it does not point the finger directly at them as the cause of hpi falls. This suits them just nicely as the blame will point elsewhere having taken no direct action to lower hpi themselves. Patience is a virtue and no matter how bad we think Government can be, they can on occasion be smart or lucky, and often act simply by not reacting. Brexit is a fortunate distraction from introducing new legislation and props to support hpi. I also firmly believe the electorate has begun to turn and are more accepting lower house prices might be a good thing, which the Gov will happily run with. The Gov and BOE are fully aware hpi must end, and with public sentiment turning, which is what they've been waiting for, it is now just a matter of time (as I said, too slow for some of us) as asking prices decline and the new reality sets in of a younger generation gradually gaining a foothold in important roles in our society and their view (sometimes our HPC view) of wanting a reduction in house prices becoming their driven agenda and becoming a reality. It really is a waiting game, that's all.
  15. Yep, everyone's slipping down the ladder a rung or two, leaving the slightly larger stuff (round here that's anything over 230k or bigger than a 3 bed semi) with no one to buy it because no one can touch the prices owners or EAs think they are worth. Those with real money won't touch them as too risky what or who you might end up living next to. We're a tribal bunch when it comes down to it. Looking at the prices of some pretty sh!te houses out there, the owners must think everyone's on 10k a month or a professional footballer is going to rock up and whip it off them at full price.
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