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  1. The customs union would have given countries outside the U.K. access without reciprocal access. The U.K. would have little say in any agreement. It would have been a big advantage for the EU but a real problem in the long term for the U.K. We now have an opportunity to reduce our reliance on the EU and develop other markets. Might not happen though, that remains to be seen.
  2. Yes, always keen to do the right thing https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52916119
  3. I withdrew a test sum of £100 from a European based exchange Friday without an issue. First time I have taken money out since 2017 although I’ve sent money to the exchange but not for months. Never had a problem but I’ve seen some posts on Twitter in the last few days where HSBC won’t even allow sharedealing in Microstrategy as they consider that trading in crypto. A very difficult line to keep IMO as Microstrategy are no more a crypto company than Tesla which can be traded, they just hold more Bitcoin. I guess they won’t allow you to buy Bitcoin miners or deal in Coinbase shares eit
  4. The US will not easily give up dollar hegemony. At the very least such a currency will be heavily dollar loaded and may not be available to the public, like SDR. But that is what Bitcoin is for
  5. You come across as being a little obsessed with Brexit maybe you should talk to someone about it
  6. Based on everything he has said so far I think it is unlikely he will sell unless he has somewhere better to invest the money long term. Long term being generational for him. His intention is to collateralise his holding at some point in the future. Most other large holders don’t have this view and many institutions will be looking at short term gains and rebalancing their assets. He is the exception.
  7. I bought some Argo blockchain in my ISA. It is a crypto miner. London quoted equity. Gone up a lot in price recently though and subject to institutional placing and share dilution.
  8. Well worth reading the letter to shareholders, although it is much more than just a letter at 23 pages long. Tackles the energy fud in probably the clearest form I’ve ever seen. Also interesting how he says that measured in gold, US house prices are the cheapest for 100 years (and not dissimilar to Norway either). https://www.seetee.io/static/shareholder_letter-6ae7e85717c28831bf1c0eca1d632722.pdf
  9. Last March the Federal Reserve reduced the funding reserve ration to 0% so banks don’t need deposits to lend. They can keep the lending up even with negative interest rates and no deposits.
  10. They expired at 4pm. So if the drop is connected to futures then it should now start to rise.
  11. Cryptoquant also. You need a paid account but you can track miners outflows. On Sunday night F2pool sent nearly 4000 Bitcoin and this prompted me to sale most of my ethereum which I was going to do it before April anyway. They did this after the Elon tweet in January so it looked like it might be history repeating. They were probably shorting on leverage then dumping coins.
  12. It’s never wrong to take a profit and I’ve always thought the most difficult thing about buying any investment is deciding when to sell it. Try and take as much emotion out of the decision as you can. Maybe write down some reasons and think about how you’d feel in different scenarios. Often helps when deciding something big. For what it’s worth during 2017 I made a couple of buys and then sold all my Bitcoin in 3 tranches, the last in December. Not quite the top but pretty close. This evening I’ve sold most of my ethereum (which isn’t a lot) but my plan was always to sell my ethereum
  13. Custody. This is still a major issue with corporates, incorporating crypto onto their balance sheets. According to the article most of the interest is coming from N America and Asia. But for personal users yes it has not really been a problem. I first purchased long before you could purchase in GBP I the U.K. And I have bought via Revolut as well but you don’t have custody of the coins if that is an issue for you.
  14. Article in today’s Telegraph. Behind a paywall but for once mainstream media not treating Bitcoin as a complete joke. Disappointing to hear that UK banks are the most reticent though. With Brexit could be an opportunity... Banks seek advice on Bitcoin as digital coin hits record high Inquiries suggest big players are seriously considering enticing younger customers with digital coins Tom Robinson, the British cofounder of Elliptic, the world’s leading cryptocurrency compliance company, says that he has seen a surge in interest from banks who are asking for help to assess
  15. That’s interesting. Used to walk past this on my way to work. If that is indicative of ‘ordinary’ central London apartment prices then it’s a real adjustment. Talking 30% reduction.
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