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  1. Apart from food outlets and poundshops the high st. is dead. Doesnt Mike Ashley own part of HoF and Debenhams?
  2. The Queen of England and the Italian President are not the same roles as you with your devastating knowledge and insight pointed out. But they are both head of state. You know sweet FA about the role of the Italian President and his role apart from what you may have quickly found on wikipedia. Though while watching Russia TV today they informed us viewers that this power has only been used sparingly in the last 40 years, 3 times i believe is what they stated. Also stating the role is ceremonial But to get back to the original point It was an analogy using the head of state in the UK and the head of state in Italy, is it really beyond your pedantic little mind to be unable to make the leap to see this? If i had said it'd be the same as Megan Markle stopping Theresa May appointing Hammond i'd not have a leg to stand on when you drifted over with your absolute wisdom and informed me otherwise.
  3. I didn't say they are the same roles, i said they're both head of state. But i cannot be bothered to get involved in your pi55ing contest so i' off to the gym. You'd think i was comparing the Italian Prime Ministers position to a pizza boy.
  4. They're both head of state. and its a ceremonial position in both cases.
  5. This is extraordinary even for the Italians. Could you imagine the Queen not allowing Theresa May to appoint Phillip Hammond due to his pro EU leanings. Or better still a hypothetical UKIP govt not being allowed to appoint a Chancellor with anti EU tendencies. But still the pro EU fascists on here do not speak up about this.
  6. Thought he was being sarcastic, but it wasn't on the BBC news at 1pm or at least the headline. Main story was some 80 year old getting stuck in his car in the Brum floods.
  7. You only need to find a link between your brain and hand to look at any major news outlet.
  8. Nah, just the EU getting their IMF stooge appointed to be Prime Minister of Italy thus showing democracy no longer exists in Europe. Still the remoaners on here will back this fascist regime to the hilt and won't say a word against it.
  9. Japan had its HPC so workers can presumably buy with wages, leaving money left over to for the productive to play with. The UK on the other hand decided to pump up prices further so the rentier class and debt sellers (unproductive) have other peoples wages to play with. But i agree Japan has to be the model they're following.
  10. Can anyone recommend a platform to open a SIPP/ISA that trades the ASX was looking to get some NCZ New Century Resources. Im with AJ Bell and its a minimum of £10,000.
  11. I had conversations about the prices of property being ridiculous in 1999 (prices had jumped 20% in a couple of years) I then sold my flat in 1999 or 2000 due to the leasehold not allowing me to rent it out for the year when i cleared off round the world. Then in 2003 prices were utterly bonkers and had jumped 25% in 1 year. But when i sold my flat no one could have predicted what was to come in the following few years as back then strangely enough houses were for living in and not investments or a vehicle the govt could use to pour easy money into the economy. We (those of us who waited many years) have been taken for mugs by TBTP when trying to predict what'd happen to prices in the midterm. Thinking MMR, S24, a 2010 Tory led govt who said high house prices are bad for the economy, demographics etc.. would lead to prices coming down has sadly proven to be a dreadful call. I would have only needed to do 120 days offshore to have bought outright in late 2013/ early 2014 but decided to hang on as prices were falling then HTB/FFL kicked in and the rest is history. This was financial illiteracy on my part of the highest order. When i read about HTB2 i knew what was to come. As for your call, only time will tell if it was the right one, personally i think prices will get decimated if interest rates rise just a bit or if a Corbyn led govt takes control and drops lots of helicopter money which would lead to rates rising a lot, failing that stagnation or a slight dip until TPTB come up with new props. Only way id be taking a lot of mortgage debt on now is to get a fixed rate mortgage for 10 years and hope for vast inflation and pay rises. But my ability to predict by using old fashioned economic fundamentals has shown to be terrible.
  12. This video is from April 2014, the FED have raised rates several times and the Armageddon he prophesies about didn't happen.
  13. Accurate article on the useless Canadian #### https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/965411/mark-carney-governor-bank-of-england-interest-rates-politics MARK Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, prefers to play politics rather than manage our economy well. First he campaigned against Leave, then he needlessly cut interest rates straight after the Referendum result ...... His insistence on keeping interest rates at ultra-low levels has led to the price of housing rocketing to a height that means most of our children can only dream about owning a home of their own.
  14. According to this its 200,000 vehicles puchased a year, theyre making some mark up to have a couple of billion stashed in the bank. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motability
  15. For the sake of argument presume every case is 100% genuine and they'd be screwed without this car. Wouldn't it be more logical for the govt to do a deal direct with a car manufacturer to purchase the 500,000 cars a year or whatever is needed and get a discount. 500,000 Daewoo Matiz's would save a fortune. And yes i agree with the tax credit scam needing to end, but first they should stop wasting money on rigging the housing market so peoples wages can afford them a roof over their head.
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