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  1. The death of David Walton is absolutely fantastic news because he was the MPC member who voted for a rise in interest rates and now that he has departed this mortal coil this means that interest rates are not likely to rise this year and will remain on hold for much longer than if he had stayed alive. This is fantastic news for homeowners since the death of David Walton means that interest rates will no longer rise this year which means that house prices will continue to rise throughout this year and the next.
  2. It's too little, too late. The damage has been done and the horse has bolted. This website has shot itself in the foot and has lost credibility.
  3. Fred Harrison is dead wrong. There will never be a crash in house prices. The STRs are just simply wasting their time waiting for a property crash that is never going to happen.
  4. More clutching at straws by the doom-mongers who take the slightest bit of negative news, no matter how trivial, to argue for a property crash. Talk about the Bank of Japan threatening to raise interest rates has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the UK housing market. It just goes to show the desperation of the doom-mongers who have clearly lost the battle and cannot come to terms with the fact that they have lost and the property bulls have won.
  5. Oh no, Dr Bubb, back to looking at Building Stocks to see which way house prices are heading. More cobblers from you.
  6. Many STRs are seriously thinking of throwing the towel in now and buy a property. It was a serious mistake of the STRs in hanging on for the last few years watching prices, drop a little, stagnate and then rise...but the general trend is up. The STRs are fed up of putting their lives on hold waiting for a crash which is always 'just around the corner' The STRs had thought that house prices were stagnating nicely with some price cutting and more FOR SALE boards appearing but recently a flurry of SOLD signs have appeared. The asking prices of properties for sale recently are between £20-50K more than similar houses sold for last year. The STRs just want to get on with life and are fed up of the watching house prices climb further out of their reach every month. However, the sad fact for the STRs is that they will have to hold off buying a property until at least 2015 because the property market will not have bottomed out until at least then and they will just have to be patient and wait nine years.
  7. Go to Amsterdam for a year and then come back to find that house prices will have doubled whilst you were away. Don't believe the doom-mongers. They only want to drag you down with them. I have visited this website many times and not once have I ever seen a relevant post describing what is really happening in this country. This website is a complete waste of time and is just attracting a load of whingers and losers.
  8. The best investment is residential property not stocks and shares. You cannot beat property as a brilliant investment. Property has outperformed every other type of investment in the long term. Another major advantage of property as an investment is tha tthere is no capital gains tax to pay on the profit made in selling a property provided that it was owner's primary residence whereas there is tax to pay on the profit made in selling stocks and shares. We still haven't reached the property market peak yet since property prices are still rising and rising strongly. The property market peak will occur in 2007/2008 which means that we can expect to see further rises in house prices over the next year or two.
  9. Property has long been a major investment sector in the UK and people have always appreciated the benefits of owning property over the long term, particularly in terms of capital appreciation. This is hardly surprising when you consider that the property market has consistently generated good returns for UK investors over the past 40 years and residential property has on average doubled in value every seven years. Despite its historically positive performance, property continues to be the victim of an onslaught of the STR speculators who keep promising an imminent crash just around the corner. There are a number of very good reasons to doubt these predictions. Firstly, interest rates remain low by historic standards and mortgages are at their cheapest for more than 25 years. The predicted property crash is also more unlikely to materialise when you consider the fact that the UK has high GDP growth and employment levels and a shortage of housing supply. In fact, the quantity of newly developed units is more than 100,000 behind current demand levels and the gap is expected to widen, with house building in the UK at its lowest since the Second World War.
  10. Time to raise the rents, You are missing out on a spectacular housing boom that is occurring in Australia. Rather than being in this country you should have stayed in Australia because you would have made alot more money from property there than being here. You must be mad to miss out on the great property gold rush in Australia. You are in the wrong county, mate. Nevermind, when you do eventually go back to Australia you will find yourself living in rented accommodation forever.
  11. The boom-bust cycle of the past has now been replaced by a more stable economy which means that there is not going to be crash in property prices in the foreseeable future and so to answer to your question as to when will the next upturn occur well its occurring right now as house prices are now starting to surge again. Don't listen to the doom-mongers. They are just trying to drag you down with them to the gutter where they belong.
  12. Dr. Bubb, One should also give a warning to beware of Dr. Bubb's advice on the UK property market because he has consistently got his timing wrong and hasn't got a clue about the way the UK property market works. Anybody taking Dr. Bubb's advice on property should be made aware that his predictions have proved to be incorrect and many people have lost money taking his advice and yet he still has the bare faced cheek to continue posting on forums like this is retarded drivel. The man is clearly on an ego trip and constantly needs to attract attention and prove how clever he is but all he does is expose himself as a total and complete quack who should not be taken seriously.
  13. Warwickshire Lad, Whatever happened to your rubbish website for first time buyers www.firstimebuyershelp.co.uk. That website no longer seems to exist anymore. Isn't it just a sign that you have lost the argument and accept that the property bulls have won and you have lost? If you have decided to give up on your website, why is it then that you continue to post your usual pathetic drivel on this forum?
  14. More clutching at straws by the doom-mongers. What happens on the stock market has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the property market. It just goes to show the levels of frustration and desperation of the doom-mongers that they have to latch onto any bit of bad news, regardless of how trivial it appears, to justify a property crash. The doom-mongers are desperately looking around for any trigger that might bring about a property crash. The reality is that whatever happens to the stock market or oil prices or inflation or interest rates, it won't make a blind bit of difference to house prices because the public's perception is that house prices always go up in the long term and that property remains and will always remain the best performing asset. The doom-mongers can put away their sandwich boards and just sit on the sidelines whilst they watch homeowners get richer and richer.
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