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  1. Unprofessional house buying system A person informed me he witnessed (knew someone in the loop) the system where estate agents fending off offers from owner buyers to get the seller to accept a lower developers/landlords offer and also getting a bribe for doings so. The agents, surveyors and mortage brokers are all working to get as much of your money as possible (which is business) but by any means.
  2. 'new mandatory qualifications being proposed' This would be truly excellent and long over due....as long as/if the training wasn't likely to be corrupt as well. A training provider that does not get students past the exam don't stay popular or in business for long. Who would be the overseer of this scheme. All Education is a business now and that brings all sorts of pressures. Teaching for the better of students themselves I feel has slipped under pressure to ensure good results for the establishment. Graduates with very unrealistic salary expectations, where did they get the id
  3. Ignoring where it comes from an influx of lets a say a million people over 5 years, with some being children is an instant population growth and is a major problem for any government, especially with our ineffective governments we have had in the past 20 -30 years. Instantly you need more housing, jobs, school, hospital, doctors, dentists, car space......UK government has proven incapable of the understanding an planing for most basic of needs. When the resident birth rate spikes you have 0 years to prep hospital space 2~3 years to prep a nursery space, 5 years
  4. PCP has changed, well the used car market has. 3 year PCP ended, car was pre-reg £9k = GFV £4900 Spotless under mileage limit, valued at £4k?! (they would not/could not explain what this value meant to anyone), walk away and start new with new deposit or buy car. New same model £10k on PCP payment has increased 25 percent/month the GFV is now being set at 3500 2nd hand car values have tanked or will do, over supply.
  5. Hello Has anyone seen this before? Rent Now, Buy Later, No Mortgage needed. Owner will finance with just £100,000 deposit, then £795 per week. Purchase price £1,500,000. Suitable for self employed, new to the UK, un-established or adverse credit https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/houses/st-neots/?beds_min=1&identifier=st-neots&price_max=130000&property_type=houses&q=St. Neots%2C Cambridgeshire&radius=10&search_source=home#listing_51984609 Well I never! I've been visiting here for many years (well well over 10 years I think) and lost my
  6. 'Ah but you wait for the Spring Bounce it'll be up,up, up to the moon'.....says the estate agent. 'What you want to make a lower offer, oh my that'll lead to trouble?!' Banks are valuing down the agreed price upon assessment, seems they are not letting price increases at their risk, family member has already lost potential 1st home because of this.
  7. Its the attitude to debt that been the cause of this from the top to the bottom. Sadly those at the the bottom don't seem to have a way around in this society/understand the risks/dont care/cant care I've been coming on here for a very long time >15 years(?) odd years, (lost old account details) and the understanding of debt has become very hazzy for many. Banks are just selling to the addicted, nice car, over priced house, bling bling. I recall a shocking phrase 15 odd years ago from some one I thought was more intelligent, 'my partner and I realised we were under mortg
  8. I watched the 'Big short' again last week..........government bail out coming to a financial sector near you soon, is it happening again? consequences free lending all round with no risk of repercussions and little hope of repayment ? repackaged debit anyone? The government can't cut spending on the country any further to support the banks surely? I knew I should have hidden me money and run up as much credit as I could get, when it hit wall go off to the med for a few years of relaxing. oh I forgot, I 'm honest and feel guilty for thinking such a thing, I don't think I belong
  9. I always recall a young man who dared to offer less than asking price once. Kirsty tore a strip of the guy. Almost how dare you offer less then asking...WTFlip I like my newbie tag, I forgot my old log on from 15 years ago, well I didn't post for 10 of them!!!!!!!!! Interesting times, the social impact of this mess has always been my interest and concern. Renters with private landlord have no local vested interest given they have 2 months notice to move to who nows where, perhaps thats another topic.
  10. Well they made it all the way to the top now. Picked up a copy of Viz (yes I know, I also remember when it was only sold in Virgin record stores) and they have their own strip cartoon, real fame, the Simpson next. They move council renters to the moon freeing up homes for...... A national publication has identified them as the faces that lead to nasty social issue.
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