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  1. Yes, and don't forget, it is not tax payers money..... the tax payer is forced under threats of violence to underwrite a 'debt', but it is not money borrowed from tax payers.
  2. Wonder how much physical violence does she recommend to force men to comply?
  3. Would it be more less interesting under a truly free market system, where poeple were not coerced under a threat of violence to part with their property? :-)
  4. Something about greshams law?....... good n bad 'money'.? Used to be loads of terms that are seldom used here, these days..... Cantillon effect's another Another's.......'overheating economy' oft used by Evan Davis until about 2005ish.....about the same time as sub prime was kicking off.
  5. Wouldn't be theft though, if the slaves had given their permission.... .......oh wait.
  6. more like......Governments are simply the HR department of international banking. capitalism can never exist under a system of money printing, that is designed to interfere with true price discovery. Crooked bankers would never have been bailed out under capitalism. ?
  7. so, perhaps the bottom line here is, should children be educated to the fact, there really is a magic money tree and they would be best advised to to follow it...... never mind a career in producing goods and services that poeple actually want. ?
  8. Great if it is 'growth for things poeple want...... trouble is, growth is dependent on spending on things politicians want....... Nice if you are a recipient of the handout ...bankers.....corporates .....furlough etc.....tough if you 're not. Also, growth without limit.? .....say consumption doubling every generation or so?
  9. it's not tax payers money though is it......
  10. Well it's not as if you are indebted to a person.....or poeple. This money comes from the magic money tree.....which some politicians, wickedly do know really does exist....so .... why does this 'money' have to be 'repaid'??
  11. I guess this all boils down to the question.......should the amount of currency/money be fixed...... or continued to be created from nothing.......and if it is to be created from nothing who gets to do the creating........and who gets the first go with it (cantillon effect)
  12. Yes agreed, but what value the piece of paper that reads a person owes another person say £1000? The paper absolutely has no intrinsic value. ?
  13. What might 'things' be like today if Nixon had not finished off the gold standard in 1971
  14. Fair enough, but why not be 'upfront' about it? Perhaps teach / inform the young why they can't afford housing ....... it's the 'price tag' of 'civilisation'....
  15. It is created from nothing........ however we are forced under a threat of violence to pay......you could maybe argue that to be theft....but we do consent by voting?......but as we agree, nothing will change, we can't even agree that money is created from eff all. ?
  16. As per title. Also like him to address....... Why does 'money' created from nothing have to be RE paid?????? Who suffers a loss, if thin air credit is not repaid. Why call it 'borrowing'.....?.... when it's not Won't happen of course.
  17. Why does 'money' created from nothing have to be RE paid?????? Who suffers a loss, if thin air credit is not repaid. Why call it 'borrowing'.....?.... when it's not.
  18. What about a new thread entitled...... "Government enquiry in to the magic money tree".......that doesn't exist, according to Mrs may. Shame this isn't attracting more attention, as this (creating money from eff all) is the root cause for what this site stands for?....or used to.
  19. Really? but there's no mention of the terms........Land ownership......property rights......fractional reserve banking.
  20. As I think you've said before(?)......we're all socialist now..?...... Do you think it might be a good idea to teach / inform children there really IS a real money tree?....... and that only a select few will get some?
  21. for services rendered perhaps? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/01/chris-grayling-cancels-ferry-contracts-at-extra-50m-cost-to-taxpayers-brexit
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