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  1. Yes, she gets hubby to set up the laws, she makes a few quid capitalising on the laws...... luvly jubly .......so it would seem. ?
  2. This is as a direct (?) result of QE HTB FRB ....... Government & bankers cause house price inflation. Foreign buyers obviously push it even further. ?
  3. But 'individualistic, risk taking' isn't the problem (?) It's the rent seeking that's at issue. As Werner says this air credit to people who can produce stuff we all want and need is far better (?) than increasing a house price, or a share price etc... where thin air credit prevents true price discovery. What ever happened to injin?
  4. Don't know if you pay tax ....... but you WILL have to pay to others' part of your earnings.... you'll have no say in it....... woe betide you if you resist........ it's all about fairness, you see.
  5. Not sure that not knowing or understanding something deems one stupid... But it would be interesting to see the effect of education.
  6. Does it really matter who said it ..... tackle the ball, not the man... an' all that. Good & bad folks say good and bad stuff (or even right or wrong stuff)....... and some even do good and bad things to other people. Like the Henry Ford quote .... Doesn't alter validity of the statement according to who said it ..... the statement should be judged on reason irrespective of the author (?) "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning"
  7. Perhaps Corbyn could query the accuracy of this story in the next PMQs. Has Hammond advised Hunt he will be taking steps to increase the 'price' of flats...... more QE BLT .... thin air fraud credit....
  8. I asked my PM if she thought children should be taught about banking, in particular how it has affected their (the childrens') chances of owning a home .... I did not receive a reply
  9. Yes to all the above ..... but ...... bankers have (had) a duty to ask your consent..... that you want your savings diluted / devalued. Be interesting to hear Werners view here.
  10. Yes.....Which leaves them free and clear to laugh all the way to their respective banks. I blame democracy.... ...... .....or at least it does not seem to have served well...... unless unpayable 'debt' is a sign of success.
  11. But we ARE free to criticise bankers, and their political partners?
  12. Can't see how to edit posts ...... any help please. Just wanted to add to SJLs point ..... that banks 'provide no service' ..... they CAN provide service, by charging a fee to look after peoples' money ...... or even, as Werner says that they are NOT allowed to lend thin air credit for asset purchase ...of corporates buying their own shares etc....... need to listen to Werner a few times ....... Interesting that Buick has never mentioned any of this when interviewed on BBC & or Sky ...... or has he?
  13. I'm not to sure that right. I think when people used to trade in gold & silver..... the bankers (goldsmiths?) took advantage of the fact people preferred the convenience of a paper receipt for the metals. Metals they acquired by free trade. The bankers realised they could, fraudulently, issue MORE receipts than the gold they were looking after. They were lending out receipts on a commodity that did not exist..... not sure if they were Americans ..... or even if their nationality matter. What matters is they were / are fraudsters aka banksters.....thinks.... not heard that term in a while
  14. Remember seeing this in 2012. Nationalisation of the banking system? Perhaps the private banking system is the only means by which we can 'manage' the national debt .... wait ...what..? then there's this one
  15. Yes, or perhaps start at the effect (you can't afford housing) to grab their attention ..... then work to the cause?
  16. Anyone considered crowd funding an advertising campaign, primarily to educate the young as to the facts, why they are finding housing so expensive? .....Banking people were able to create money from thin air ...... they weren't happy with the fruits of this real life money tree ...... got greedy (er?) ...... needed bailing out ...... politicians (ALL) voted to bail them out ..... placed the bill on future generations. missed anything out?...... ....oh yes, and they (bankers) KNEW the spineless politicians wouldn't have the bottle to let them fall.... biting hand that feeds etc. Wrote to my MP (yes... a pointless exercise) asking if children should be honestly taught the dishonest fundamentals of banking, and money IS and what it SHOULD BE...... an honest store of value.....received no reply ..... might try again, demanding a reply.
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