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  1. Yes, but what type of credit.....Did I mention there's more than one type??....
  2. But what if the 'investment with a good payback' is has been distorted by government fraud credit ..... like HTB...... Gresham s law??
  3. Sorry you just seemed like someone who would get it..... The two types of credit are 1. the type you & I can extend to those we deem 'good' for it ...... on the acceptance we lose, if the borrower defaults. 2. the type others (politico-bankers) can extend WITHOUT the risk of loss if the 'borrower' defaults.... 'cos they created it from thin air. All to do with risk & the related price of money (interest rates). ??
  4. oh yes.....Lovely distraction.... bread & circuses etc....
  5. Ah yes, but what sort of credit?..... it comes in two distinct, vitally important flavours.
  6. Yes, you say 'loose lending'.....but is the creation of thin air credit 'loose lending'??. THIS is the absolute root cause of immigration & HPI. The guys that do the money creation (bankers) .... and the guys who allow it (politicians) ........ oh yes, lets not forget the stars of the show here....... those who voted for it sanctioned it (us you?). Politico-bankers create thin air 'money' to keep themselves in power..... think of it as the more inflation there is....the more power the banko-politicians have (?)
  7. Aren't goldman sucks the same people who managed to (were allowed to) doctor the divergence criteria allowing italy join the eu? ...... renaming their debt as something else ?? https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2010/02/09/145201/goldmans-trojan-greek-currency-swap/
  8. nice ..... takes y' back. .... here're the lyrics. ... discuss Said the fight to make ends meet Keeps a man upon his feet Holding down his job Trying to show he can't be bought Ooh, it takes every kind of people To make what life's about, yeah Every kind of people To make the world go 'round Someone's looking for a lead In his duty to a King or creed Protecting what he feels is right Fights against wrong with his life There's no profit in deceit Honest men know that Revenge do not taste sweet Whether yellow, black or white Each and every man's the same inside It takes every kind of people To make what life's about, yeah Every kind of people To make the world go 'round You know that love's the only goal That could bring a peace to any soul Hey, and every man's the same He wants the sunshine in his name Ooh, it takes every kind of people
  9. Nothing wrong with greedy. But the dishonesty of the bankers to create 'money' at the stroke of the keyboard, money that others have sweated to create ...... now THAT is wrong...... all goes to property rights, taxation & modern day slavery...... Luckily for bankers, most do not get that.
  10. Yes, people just going to the easy money. Creating 'money' from thin air, and getting benefit claimants to spend it is all part of the stimulus program...... and it's worked so well....? Did I mention this vid? ..... might start a thread to analyse all that is discussed here ........ UK vs German banks..... 13m-30s Is the city of london really not part of the uk 14m-47s?? Buik's been on the MSM often enough ...but he never mentioned any of this stuff (?)
  11. Did you see this? If a 'creditor' can create money at the press of a keyboard, what does the creditor lose under a default...... nothing?
  12. How do they suffer loss if the credit is created from thin air tho?
  13. So when this 'debt' is not 're'paid ..... which people suffer loss. Not forgetting the 'debt' was created from thin air..... according to prof. werner.
  14. Don't you mean future tax payers are responsible? The never ending increase in debt might indicate they are, in fact, gambling addicts..... but without the personal risk. ..... I fully realise they are not low IQ ...... they are clever (devious?)
  15. but the root cause was surely the availability of excess thin air credit? ...... from whom?
  16. Sounds like you're saying over regulation is unavoidable and maybe even desirable. ? .... after all it's a great way keep some people 'employed'.
  17. Yes. This never ending pursuit for 'growth' is, at best, mental ......and, at worst, fundamentally and deliberately evil .
  18. But economies of scale saving 20% is trumped by 100% more regulation.....?
  19. If I were an 'elite' ...... I would want any system that might give me greater access to the tax take. So I would chose more government and more bureaucracy that bigger government delivers..... So I would chose to remain. There's more certainty that tax payer MUST pay, he does not have the choice to refuse to pay, as is the case with all that free market nonsense.
  20. Now why did you have to say that? .... perhaps you're right.....but, perhaps he would agree to a cut in his salary & pension?....and take steps to stop the 'stimulus' that keeps house prices high? ... be interesting to know his view.
  21. fwiw .....i've always had frank field down as a good'n.
  22. as a matter of interest..... did thatcher have any rental properties?
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