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  1. These then were the same 'highly educated' guys who failed to avert the 'credit crunch' ? ......actually I think you have misunderstood the term zombies......it's not people, rather businesses kept alive artificially by government 'stimulus' ......
  2. But the setters of interest rates ARE themselves the zombies. ??
  3. Thinks ...... wonder what rules an algorithm would require to replace Mark Carney ..... might put that in a new thread on capitalism.
  4. Yes of course, bad analogy really, thin air CAN have a value ...... but not in the same way as a credit book entry.... a number on a pc screen having exactly(?) the same value as a real good or service .... such that, the loss of use of, say, ones car would be the same as the loss of use of a number on a pc screen..... that number having no value. 'course, none of this would (could) be allowable under true capitalism. ??
  5. But what are 'interest rates'. To be more specific, what does the term interest rates mean today as opposed to what they should be. It used to be referred to as 'the price of money' or a measure of the scarcity of money ...... trouble is they've created so much thin air credit that raising rates will put an artificially high price on it (the thin air credit) ??
  6. Ha! I am trying to write a thread starter on exactly this. So what MIGHT be wrong with anarchy? People could still buy stuff as they do normally..... free from the threat of violence. It might extend to, say, fixing a pothole or two yourself ....... I might even help you if you were local..... and I guarantee we would do it cheaper than the rigged 'market' that is government. Don't worry tho, chances of this happening in our lifetime is slim ...... People think they themselves are better off by having a third party parasite 'give' them services they think they want at a price determined rigged outside the normal market.
  7. If there was such a thing as 'society' there would be 'something' one could do about it..... withholding your taxes in the knowledge others will some to your aid if other statist people threaten to take your stuff..... ??
  8. ...... It does, if you're Mr & Mrs Tony c^^t(s) Blair. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4712322/Tony-Cherie-Blair-buy-38-homes-leaving-office.html Seems to be inverse correlation between the 'happiness' of the price out young...... and the Bliars. What can happen to dispairing young people without hope..... ......according to.... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/jordan/1397696/Anger-at-Cherie-sympathy-for-suicide-bombers.html
  9. Yes. Once, interest rates were (should be) a measure of scarcity,...... or, the risk of getting NO return OF capital...... Now, we are the subjects to one global lab experiment...where the money issuers passes risk to tax payers ..... who would / could, under capitalism, refuse to take that risk. ??
  10. Well Bliar has made a few quid from his own policies ..... perhaps his wealth masks any shame? NB. Always wondered why Bliar was offered a job at J P Morgan when he left office..... services rendered?
  11. Depends on what you think money (and credit) truly are. ...... . IF money is said to be a store of value, then what the banks 'lend' is not money.... 'cos they create it from fvck all. I borrow your stuff .... you have lent it. I have borrowed it. (or) You flog it and lend me the money...... it is a representation of your stuff and the effort you went to in order to acquire it. If a banker creates 'LENDS' thin air credit ...... WHAT IS HE LENDING?? .... Seems even Taleb doesn't really seem to get it .... @3-24 ......" ....bank(er)s should not be lending my money....." but it is not Taleb's money they are lending..... and even if it was his money ..... it no longer HIS money when it is deposited with the banker.
  12. I thought a text message was mentioned ...... assumes he actually sent it, of course.
  13. Anyone remember a time when Evan Davis used to bang on about the 'overheating economy' ....... When did that term cease to be used? 2006-7?......it was almost as if there had been some sort of diktat, from on high, forbidding it. .....
  14. Thanks for that (really). So, poorly scripted does not (necessarily) imply inaccuracy? ...... he asked carefully
  15. I see the new fiver has, on one side, 'I promise to pay........' , the other says 'I have nothing to offer....' tork about takin' the pee
  16. haha you remind me of a guy from college (uni??) many years back..... I commented how he could write so much, so quickly.... he confessed me could write like that 'all day long', and even he didn't really know what he was writing about..... during the real life project (bridge build).... his group failed....... but boy, could he write loads of words.
  17. yes.....of which, only one is used to inflate asset prices beyond true & honest market rates.... immigration, as a secondary effect, is also a fine way, directly and indirectly, to increase these 'values' further.....??
  18. So a word count is a function of truth & accuracy?? .....and / or .... well scripted does not infer truth & accuracy.
  19. Absolutely. the two terms had completely different meanings ......accurate use of words is quite important ...or not?
  20. perhaps you should have said 'cost of TRUE money' ......?? a subtle, but (vitally)important, difference...??? .....weasel words are carefully used by banking types to conduct their nefarious dealings.
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