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  1. But, to be fair (?) Homebase have a load of hangers on the pay ...... government people ..... rentier people.... China people don't have that.
  2. ...... and who the fvck are 'Close Brothers' to get half a BILLION !!!! ..... another nice round sum ....... 'ere mate, 'ere's 'alf a Bill..... see wot y' can do wiv it. https://www.closebrothers.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6J7YBRC4ARIsAJMXXscsjV6DkhBWVaIbcSYiquFWanF87LrbFUR7HyDzKJKYseLI9-NpbU0aAqwhEALw_wcB
  3. So, once again, I had to look TFS up..... It is , it would seem a big fvck off type number.... 127,000 MILLION!! Soooo, what is, exactly......" Aggregate outstanding TFS drawings as at 31/03/2018 (£mn) " ......described in terms that would be understood by tomorrows debt underwriters ...... ie a 12 year old ...... (and me) Also... what did, for example AIB(UK) need £250,000,000 for exactly..... (nice round sum innit) All this from the table about two thirds down the page https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/markets/quantitative-easing-and-the-asset-purchase-facility
  4. He says the market is dead 'cos prices are falling ....... the market was dead when the prices were rising ...... there ain't a market
  5. There's cheap debt ..... I charge you a pound a year for borrowing my lawn mower..... the compensation for losing the use of my stuff then there's fraud debt where I, as a banker, can charge you a fee for something I did not have... so I get back the money you earned, doing real stuff, PLUS an interest payment ........ and here's the really nice bit ..... I have limited liability protection ....... even though I did not have to do the due diligence i would if I were lending other peoples' real earned money. ??
  6. What about bankers? will they have benefited in any way?.... banks being just convenient legal fictions an' all.
  7. Yes, but it's not really helicopter 'money' is it.....helicopter, implies it's spread around to all...... but, It is 'money' that is given first, to those who least need it (banker types)..... for it to 'trickle down' ... eventually.... to those who most need it, by which time assets prices have risen due to the first users.............cvnts
  8. but but they contribute sooooo much to an economy.
  9. Had to google TFS to find out what it meant ...... and found this. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/markets/quantitative-easing-and-the-asset-purchase-facility I wonder how many young realise this page represents the reason they can't afford housing. ??
  10. ....to whom? ..... or even ..... to what...... meaning, a pension fund or such like??
  11. yes........one that relies entirely upon threat of violence by one group of people on another group of people. ??
  12. Yes but of fundamental importance........ what is a 'rigged economy'? My fear is the labour party will replace one rigged economy for anther ...... and so it goes on......perhaps now's time to give an un-rigged economy a go?..... unfortunately, that would mean no person (a banker) could ask (force, under threat of violence) another person (a tax payer) to bail them (the banker) out if they try to sell stuff they do not own ..... when an honest market goes against them. ??
  13. So are these 1% capitalist? ie did they have gain their wealth without any threat of violence. Very much doubt it.... bankers' underwriters (tax payers) MUST pay taxes under threat of violence. Land owning people acquired 'their' land under threat of violence.
  14. Two issues. 1. Land 'ownership' ... those who have first access to it have massive advantage over subsequent generations 2. Money creation...... those who have first access to it have massive advantage over subsequent users.... remember the trickle down BS theory?
  15. Shame. You missed out the the bankers .... you know ..... the ones who are protected from ANY risk. Ah I see you did mention them ....... but they they have been mentioned in the first instance.
  16. Had a think about this .... calling him a tw4t might be a bit harsh. If he did NOT know the consequences of government action of massive stimuli would result in the inter generational split then he's really not that bright. If however he DID know there would be a 'good' chance that printed money would go first to those with existing assets and NOT to the young WITHOUT assets ...... then he's just another evil shyster politician...... .....He's bad, rather than mad.
  17. I heard this...... and they called him 'two brains' ..... sh1t for brains for like. What caused the inter generational split? .... too much money in the system. ..... what's the cure? ......put even more f7cking money into the system....guy's a tw4t. ??
  18. Yes. Please don't hang me from the nearest lamp post .... I was incompetent ..... not omnipotent. But these guys are degree 'educated'. ??
  19. The same people who gave Tony Bliar 'a job' Didn't Ed Balls & Milliband go out with Stephanie FLanders.... she also worked for JPMorgan ?? What is it about politicians & banksters. (a term seldom used, these days, 'round here)..... why the seeming mutual attraction?..... direct access to the tax paying debt underwriters, I guess. ?? Who does Mr T May work for?
  20. lol.. yes I know all this is true! ...seems my attempt at the ironical's a bit of a fail.
  21. Ah yes but they are sanctioned by the state as degree educated(?) ........ so it must be malice. ??
  22. As a matter of interest ..... when was your Damascene (red pill) moment? ..... mine was about 10 years back having read injin's stuff..... miss his posts..... penny dropped large
  23. This is a bit unfair. I describe BTLers as the effect rather than a cause....... like the pustules of a poor victim of the pox ..... the real cause is the virus that is the banking system who needed to inflate asset values to protect themselves against negative equity ....... it / is was a parasites dream.
  24. https://www.property118.com/mays-new-housing-adviser-ex-policy-geek-shelter/ BLT ers getting a bit tetchy.
  25. THIS, land 'ownership', in addition to the creation of 'money' from thin air are the two absolute fundamental wrongs of our time. Many thanks for the link. it represents ALL this site is about. Toby Lloyd. Never heard the name before, worth remembering.
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