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  1. I'm thinking of becoming remainer..... just to satisfy my curiosity as to what will happen to the EU project without brexit to blame.
  2. But what if the conservative party suddenly, miraculously, became ...conservative.... ie it advocated living within our means ....... rather than living within the means of future generations?.....aka, todays young.... might that sway you?
  3. Yes, but please......don't forget the old phrase .... 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'. ??
  4. Think I worded it badly (very possible). I'll try again ...... What caused / causes inflation?...... and I am not pointing the finger at the EU....... but imagine if the EU (as well as national government were prevented, by law, from printing 'money'....... so that the house of 40 years back was almost the same price today.
  5. Imagine a world today, if the price of a house now was the same price as it was, say, 40 years ago...... what caused it.... EEC ....EU ....Brexit?? what? answer ..... the system of banking that (wrongly) benefitted boomers (me) ...... brexit's a side show by comparison.
  6. Yes We get threats of violence from local government ....... national government ..... and now we get the threat of violence from international governmnent...... and the never ending rate of increase of regulations, and the ensuing threats of violence. This is the problem with democracy .....and even referenda........ 51% have power of violence over 49%. ... In the case of the 'in / out' referendum the slim majority voted for less violence ........The only 'democracy' that should carry weight is the vote you execise when you spend your money..... but this will won't happen in our lifetimes.
  7. what..... a 'mistake', such as not making a 'protection' payment?? : )
  8. or another analagy might be the 'business partner' who makes threats for payment for ........'protection'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protection_racket
  9. +1 ..... perhaps a few dead casualties would be a bonus for him (?)...... could be young or old...... clearly statist, needing to threaten violence toward others.
  10. What will happen to food prices if some EU political people decide they will prevent food trade with UK people ...... could food produced in Africa be cheaper? ...... guess it would take some time for them to get up to speed with production?
  11. I thought separate currencies, free to float, were a reasonably (?) simply measure (a kind of pressure guage) to show if one's economy is shyte? ..... or not. ...... a sort of international price discovery mechanism.
  12. What is the point of the EU? What are the people who actually run it seeking to achieve?
  13. Many said we would be consigned to the slow lane, of a two speed Europe, if we did not adopt the Euro currency....
  14. YES!! ..... The banking system is fvck all to do with capitalism.....
  15. in retaliation? ...... which goes to prove the bureaucrats are anti people on the false pretext of being pro people ... which would be a shame.......so we will just have to find markets without that overhead. ??
  16. Shame, it really boils down to the amount of government required / needed / wanted. I voted to be free from yet another layer of EU government...... because I want to be closer to trade with EU PEOPLE..... NOT EU GOVERNMENT. Ideally I want more open borders, but far fewer handouts, HTB, QE and any other fvckin subsidy that attracts the wrong people and fvcks price discovery...... There were open borders 1900s(ish?)....... people were free to travel to where honest free trade could be accessed by talent, graft and / or a bit of good fortune (in spite of land 'ownership') ....... governments have succeeded in destroying virtually all price discovery mechanisms...... ??
  17. Yes but it's not just here in the UK .......'their' people say it's the same for USA? ..... Greece? ... Italy? The bankster know no borders. Which really comes down to .... there are no countries.... or political parties ....... there're just banksters ....... vs ...... non banksters.
  18. Free trade can never and has never existed along side any system of taxation. Taxation is evidence you do not even own your own body..... it is owned by other people, which proves you can never be free. So, accordingly, a free market cannot exist. So, being free of yet another layer of government should reduce regulation..... but a thief who only take half YOUR stuff and is nice enough to leave you with half YOUR stuff is still a thief. ??
  19. There is a difference between payment and repayment. The bank was not lending anything..... so they can't be RE paying anything ..... it is just payment. one more time ........
  20. Yes, which is why democracy, as it stands, is a fail. Be interesting to develop alternative ideas. Perhaps we could give capitalism a try sometime...... not the type of socialism that is sometime referred to as crony capitalism. ??
  21. You will remember injin would always say the state does not exist ..... people & things DO exist. So we are, then, left with the truth that is some state people print 'money' for other people to underwrite (make good) when they grow up only to realise they have been fvcked over. They will blame previous generations leaving the real statist politico banker culprits in the clear.....or not? ??
  22. Reading Peter Oborne in the DM.....he reckons there's a real chance the newly elected parties will pull Italy out of the EU ..... and renege on 'their' 600 billion euro debt ..... with all the fun that will ensue.
  23. Yes eric, but can you name a politician who would have let the banks a bank fall over. ..... cos that is really what it comes down to. That's the price of political democracy. ??
  24. 'Exploitation' is how it works..... we all do it every time we buy anything. Two things that ARE wrong which, alas, will never be changed in out lifetime. 1. ownership of land..... 2. creation of money from fvck all..... both wrong and immoral....oh yes nearly forgot... the threat of violence to enforce both 1 & 2. with thanks to injin for his insight.
  25. Yes.... but what was / is the alternative?????? Make it here, at a loss?? ....would that make them a better entrepreneur?
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