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  1. *based on coercion Imagine if tax payers were not forced to underwrite the thin air credit national 'debt'. What of a government that asked 'tax payers' if they would kindly cough up a cheque now to pay for their (todays) services Look, I realise this could never changed overnight......but the 'how we got here' must be discussed........else f' all will ever change. ?
  2. But how can you legislate for greed?....... might not be appealing...... but doubt you could identify an injured party from the crime of greed?......whereas dishonesty is identifiable. ?
  3. What's worse ........ greed or dishonesty? When a banking person creates purchasing power from nothing and gets paid for that 'service' (Cantillon effect?) ....... is that greed or dishonest. ?
  4. yes, the absolute here is physical violence.... or the threat of it. 'Capitalism' that 'requires' coercion is NOT capitalism. We here have never known capitalism.
  5. They already are forcing poeple. They have run up debts that you are forced to underwrite.... under a threat of physical violence, should you fail to comply......they will initiate force on you, even though you have not threatened them...... of course, some would say you are free to leave, free to not work..... but the fact remains, they will initiate lethal force on you, even though you have caused no harm nor loss to them.
  6. Yes, but they are just extending labour policies.....print, tax, spend. ?
  7. Yes, you could ask how much would they be happy to pay freely to support the army?
  8. Yes, but you could freely pay for the services offered, if you wanted?
  9. If it is moral for one *person to demand another **person's property under a threat of violence. * government ** non government ?
  10. But surely the reason EE work harder is / maybe they can buy more housing per £ when they return home... what hope have most young brits on min wage to buy a home and start a family...... without massive state handout. ?
  11. Yes, and the other £450k of the price tag is to keep the banking system solvent. ?
  12. Bump. Seems he (KB) was correct. Wonder if he has a view on Basel 3.
  13. So who gets to decide what has or may have value? You?.....Boris?
  14. Maybe the recent pullback is an effect of Basel 3? Btc funds to pms..... for now? ?
  15. Have a look at AU and AG at about the same time ........ obviously just a coincidence......... absolutely no manipulation happening here..... just normal market forces in action....
  16. OK so what might ubi be set to Rent on 500 sq ft......£350? 2500 calories.....£100? Heat to say 18deg avg.....£50? Cooking electric......£30? Phone internet etc......£40? Government charges.....£150? £700-800ish per month...... about the same as a state pension....? So everyone gets same state handout....... so if you want more you have to find ..... some......work, but sweatshop employers will have to up their game, as it were, to attract staff....but also should not be forced to employ staff. ?
  17. But if, as examples, UBI was say £500 / week?......or £50/week If, taken in isolation, UBI was £500/wk the sweatshops would HAVE to improve. ?
  18. But,surely, it makes the dangerous workshop owner more inclined to provide a less dangerous environment, as workers would be less dependent? ?
  19. Have employment rights and minimum wage been discussed in this thread? Not sure UBI in addition to worker rights and MW would be reasonable. Up until now I've always thought UBI was fundamentally wrong ....... now, I regard it as right, in a fundamentally mad system, where any line between capitalism and socialism is completely blurred. ?
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