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  1. So why did they lend to them .... knowing full well they were 'lazy and corrupt'?? German tax payers would never have bailed them ...... a few German politico-bankers did.
  2. Sorry Jon but you completely misunderstand money. Yes I agree .... money SHOULD be inert .... but it is not ..... money SHOULD be just an honest boring record of account..... but the bankers are allowed to create it from thin air ...... which deliberately devalues what you call 'inert' honestly earned money. There can never be inert money under fractional reserve banking. You will never rid the world of greed....... you can't jail someone for greed ...... but you can jail a person for dishonesty...... and bankers are only deemed honest because government statute says they are.
  3. Yes! .....but what would your first most important referendum be? I'd prefer .... "should private bankers be allowed to be create money from thin air, via fractional reserve banking" or even "should government be allowed to create money from thin air and give to to those who least need it" or maybe "should land ownership acquired centuries ago under threats of violence be relinquished for all" ?? : )
  4. Great post. Such a shame it will be forgotten, in a few more pages of this thread, by those who should not..... I would like to be proved wrong.
  5. No Jon you're wrong. The corruption of money IS the problem ..... NOT profit & greed. .....'endless pursuit of more profit & greed' ARE effects ..... money corruption (via FRB & QE etc) IS the cause. Sorry but it is you who needs to learn to separate the two.
  6. The UK might be uninvestable due to the colossal amount of thin air credit people like he created....asset prices up but no corresponding increase in productivity... yield down...... it has feck all to do with brexit...... frankly, I'm surprised at you mate for trusting the words of a banker.
  7. How do you mean? ...... I know.... I should read more.... .....or should I ? : )
  8. Yes......where brexit is just a side show compared CBers behavior...... I reckon this brexit vote was feck all to do with left / right ..... in or out .... people just wanted to stick it to the establishment .... central bankers an' all. Could the average majority voter explain why they voted that way???? ..... Nope, probly not. The majority just sense(d) they're being effed up the A by the establishment. Maybe?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/mar/07/ecb-to-keep-interest-rates-low-recession-fears-eurozone-banks EU money obsessed banks are promised extra liquidity (sez ere) ...... what IS 'liquidity' exactly?? ...what does it do?? .... and why do they need it?
  10. Yes, yes, but would any of this stop Honda from leaving..... : )
  11. So how much more QE /debt should the government create, in order to distort 'market' prices for Honda cars still further? Perhaps some of the £39 billion could be used to 'encourage' EU people to buy UK built Hondas? ...... goods they would not have otherwise bought.
  12. +1 Why did a few German people decide to do what they did c. 1938 ...... how (why?) did they get the funding/money/resouces. History being the light that shines the way behind us, an' all that.
  13. Well, according to this wise old sage, it could restore our faith in democracy ...... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6698089/Leaving-EU-restore-faith-democracy-says-Mark-Carney-Bank-England-governor.html
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