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  1. Lots of nice people here until confronted with with reality.
  2. https://goldstandardinstitute.net/classroom/when-gold-backwardation-becomes-permanent/#:~:text=By definition%2C it means that,is resolved by higher prices.&text=Thus far%2C the answer has been via higher prices.
  3. We need to get a reputation as a nasty country.?....as nasty as Australia maybe?.....shame, but being nice isn't working. https://thediplomat.com/2019/08/australias-harsh-immigration-policy/
  4. Yes, but for sake of a bit of hypothetical whatiffery fun......how many ounces would have to be bought to move the market $100 up?
  5. Anyone have an idea as to how many ounces of physical would have to be traded to move the 'market' by $100...... .....or just a rough idea??
  6. Just about to post similar.......! I got $1963 @ 4-00......to $1934 @ 4-06....$29 in six minutes!....must check that.... How many physical ounces might that be?..... to shift a 'market' that much? ..........given that the paper/physical ratio's around 250 : 1.
  7. How many ounces would need to be bought to move the market this much.......... or more importantly ..... (?) how many naked short positions would have to be sold? ? https://www.globalresearch.ca/naked-gold-shorts-the-inside-story-of-gold-price-manipulation/5365360
  8. As someone said years ago........'buy gold and pray it never goes up......'
  9. Who actually owns this stuff when (if) it's taken to the tip......bet they're under orders not to re-sell...... .?
  10. https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/bullionstar/what-sets-the-gold-price-is-it-the-paper-market-or-physical-market/ ........does the physical gold market or the paper gold market set this international price of gold?The international gold price is purely set by paper gold markets, in other words it is set by non-physical gold markets. Based on their respective gold market structures, the London OTC gold market and COMEX are both paper gold markets. Supply of and demand for physical gold plays no role in setting the gold price in these markets. Physical gold transactions in all other gold markets just inherit the gold prices that are discovered in these paper gold markets............ What's the physical to paper ratio at the moment?
  11. I understood when money is deposited with a bank......'your' money becomes owned by the bank.....it's ok though 'cos it's legal. https://thehutchreport.com/your-bank-account-who-really-owns-the-money-hint-its-not-you/
  12. Yes, without doubt, the socialist state employs a better class of threat of violence. Wondering if there might be a better way. ?
  13. It really is quite simple. True honest socialism requires a threat of violence, true honest capitalism does not. ?
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