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  1. ?? Suggest checking what happened to the Christians of Russia a couple of decades earlier. Most of that history has been deleted, so just label me "deluded". Having a grandfather who wanted to unburden himself started my investigations. About five years on I understood why General Patton said that we'd fought the wrong enemy. If we do survive our bodies, then perhaps the truth will be known to us all one day. I now think the 20th century history we were taught is total horse manure. What has this to do with a failing Britain? Possibly more than many of us realise at the moment. Back to puppet Teresa and her well rehearsed treachery.
  2. Sickening. How many other forums do you and 'howler' perform your narrative control attempts on?
  3. Oh how 'caring' of the mis-named foul foreign org. that messes with our lives. Would anyone who isn't watching the Strictly final tonight go and tear the place down please? TIA
  4. Poor Fergus. All these years and still he isn't being shown the respect that a man of his stature knows he deserves.
  5. My respect to you Sir. Well said! Even more so for the latest post, above.
  6. IEA? ERG? I thought I was in the UK? not the acronym infested US of A
  7. Exactly. The mob won't allow any chance of a return to price/value discovery now. The system throughout Europe wasn't going to be collapsed until the tribes could be guaranteed to tear each other apart, but along come the French again to cause trouble.
  8. Oz:- Grabbing the equity is normal. Mortgages are full recourse. State assistance (we only know about Victoria) means applying for an interest-free loan, which you can only get if you can prove it can be repaid! We have friends who are stuffed and about to get completely screwed. It hurts to watch the slow motion inevitability, but they were warned. Are they bonkers? Or is it because I'm a Jew married to a Scots Gentile and wanting value for money is ingrained in us? Maybe if everyone was like us the system wouldn't work at all? Edit: the woman in the caravan was trying to get an early release of her superannuation. I heard that that doesn't get approved often either. Oz is very controlling. A strict but sociopathic parent. - The dirt cheap public transport, and the people, are probably the only things I like about the country!
  9. Correction. Editing forbidden Looks like the ideal vehicle(s) for a savy couple from Kent in desperate need of a broader portfolio.
  10. Looks like the ideal vehicle for a savy couple from Kent in desperate need of a broader portfolio.
  11. You are a man of steel Mr. Rollover. Posting the above when nearly 18,000 posts were poised an inch above. Impressive.
  12. Take a couple of minutes off, and enjoy https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-12/blain-if-may-dethroned-today-sell-if-may-survives-sell
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