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  1. Whoever that twitter profile belongs to, find it kinda bizarre advertising one is a lottery jackpot winner to the world. I can only imagine the hassle that brings.
  2. The thing is there are other search engines such as duckduckgo and services like the waybackmachine. I'm sure it's still out there now if they searched for the name that's been posted here.
  3. Bit of a schoolboy eh? Problem is if he keeps bringing up there's an acronym to look out for he's just going to make it easier for people to find him
  4. No that's not me. No idea why you feel you need to write the last part. It just illustrates how emotionally attached/invested you are. I highly doubt you can really see a clear picture. Subquently it's difficult to really take what you say on the matter seriously.
  5. You what? Think you have me mistaken with someone. The rest you've just written: Pretty much inline with everything else you write. Certainly like to talk a good game, difficult to believe most of it though.
  6. It's funny reading most your posts Hairy but these two really do sum up how much rubbish you can spout at times. You're basing your opinion on 11 people and a few randoms you've come across on travels? My own experiance is those that voted for him are happy thus far with his progress. Those that voted dems have doubled down. In the middle have either warmed to him or don't really care. I would say the only ones that are embarssed are the lefties. This is coming from a blue city in a red state close to the border. Although this is something I've seen first hand I still don't consider my anecdotal evidence as remotely close to an accurate picture. The US is a big place. Let's see the lie of the land in a couple of years time. Until then probably worth you considering the same ?
  7. From my understanding is that you don't even need to sell the house. At any stage you want to pay off a portion of the HTB equity loan the house will need to be valued.
  8. I know. They owned by a japanese firm and have been outsourcing for a long time now. I was merely adding a bit more to the overall picture. Well good luck with the German or the Japanese bikes I'm sure their quality is much better ?
  9. Interesting timing... https://www.nbcnews.com/business/economy/harley-davidson-workers-stunned-plant-closure-after-tax-cut-n876901
  10. Didn't answer my question. No point carrying on the conversation. At least one thing we can agree on though is your last point.
  11. 29 on houseprice.io. March 2017 was 44. So the slow does look like its underway
  12. Population - 18,000 (2011 census), Hampshire with rail links to Waterloo Mar - 6 (WTF) - Is this lag? Feb - 25 Jan - 36 Dec - 75 Nov - 58 Oct - 37
  13. But you only get the "bonus" if you buy a house right? So who without a job will be using the HTB ISA to theive?
  14. I find this bit of a bizarre way of seeing it. It only becomes available if its actually used on a house purchase. I'm sure to be buying a house one would need to have earned the money (in 99% of cases) and paid tax on that income. Am I one that needs to reavaulate how I see my LISA bonus as tax relief? ?
  15. I think you're right and is probably why the numbers have been fairly low on the takeup, both for providers and users. iirc from an article a while back the data is showing that the vast majority that have signed up have done so to use on a house purhcase rather than retirement.
  16. I'm referring to any a pension that one would contribute to voluntarily to gain (signifcantly more) tax relief . I frame it that way because that is what it is for most people. They frame it as a bonus, which for most people it isn't a bonus. Sure some, a minority that don't work or have maxed out their pensions will use a LISA etc to gain more. Small numbers though. Bigger things to get upset at, perhaps this one: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/help-to-save-what-it-is-and-who-its-for/the-help-to-save-scheme To call the majoirty of users of LISA's and HTB ISA as thieves, is just bizarre, imho. Agree to disagree though ?
  17. Ah yes some hard workers who want to jump on the property ladder getting 20% tax relief on £4000 are thieves. What does that make people contributing to a pension? ? What a bizarre way of looking at it I have to say.
  18. @ftb_fml Another thing you can do is use a regular saver (HSBC, First Direct, Nationwide etc) to get 5% then transfer that amount into your LISA. I know not much but circa £100 is better than a kick up the backside ?
  19. HTB ISA is for FTB's only. HTB Equity Loan is open to all (depending on the local provider). We have a thread on it the other week iirc as there was an article that showed a big % of users weren't first time buyers
  20. I know what you mean regardin the 5 years. I didn't even think I would be using the LISA, now I'm into my second year haha. I hope I don't go to 5 years or beyond. No problem, any time. They don't make it simple. Seems like they have no long term plan with pensions and the ISA system. It's all becoming very convoluted
  21. I doubt HMG care too much about you WAICO. You're a skinflint and won't be paying any more taxes ?
  22. Seems to me this is the case. Our spanish friends tell me a nice 3 bed detached goes for 70,000 euros in their northern town. No idea why they're wasting their time paying £1200 a month in rent to live in a one bed dump ?
  23. *Nutmeg you're looking at anywhere from 0.70% to over 1% depending if you want it fully managed or not.
  24. If you're going to be buying within 5 years probably worth going with a cash LISA. Only provider at the moment is Skipton. If further out than 5 years and more open to risk then the other providers are S & S LISA's. You have a few options, Nutmeg (robo investor), AJ Bell and H & L. AJ Bell I think is the cheapest platform but will dpeend what youre investing in. HL will probably be more expensive. I know from the Delfationary thread a few of the guys rate HL. You're looking at anywhere from 0.70% to over 1% depending if you want it fully managed or not.
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