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  1. an update on this. i put in a formal complaint against the EA and got a reply saying that they would not accept liability but out of goodwill they would pay half the fee. wrote back quoting this https://www.tpos.co.uk/news-media-and-press-releases/case-studies/item/more-problems-down-below git a reply stating they do not accept liability but out of goodwill they will reimburse the full fee. so whatever anyone thinks the vermin called estate agents can be held to account for their bull.hit.
  2. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-72949610.html here is another repo in prestwich which is generally a rich area.
  3. its gone for 280k.or i wanted to bid but the massive 25 meter leylandii hedge at the back put me off. said hedge is 1m away from the neighbour's wall. imho it smells of potential dispute if cracks appear in neighbour property. probably too cautious but having suffered neighbour issues before i would rather not risk it again.
  4. ta. should i complain first or just threaten proceedings?
  5. hello there, we were looking to buy a house which was marketed as a four bed house. turns out the whole second floor does not have building regs hence the valuation is a total joke. surveyor says ea should not have marketed said property as two floors four bed when the second floor is legally only loft space. We have pulled out. My question is do i have any recourse against the ea for misrepresenting the property? i obviously lost 500 quid worth of survey.
  6. don't understand the electorate. On the one had people voted for brexit because of immigration mostly, yet the same people would be happy to have JC as prime minister, one who does not believe in nation states and who would allow unrestricted immigration from outside the EU. I understand the dislike for the Tories but to vote JC imho is sheer lunacy, people should not complain if one day their kids have to learn polish or Arabic as their first language at school. Also, if you think that labour will raise taxation to reduce the cuts think again, the vast army
  7. probably not but he would pro actively invite them all here, will not condemn islamic terrorism and will shower them with even more benefits. he is a marxist, does not believe in nation states.
  8. exactly, i could never vote for that socialist nightmare. he will aslo help public sector workers, so immigrants and public sector workers would elect him which is funny considering that many public sector workers i know, staunch labour supporters, have fallen in love with btl as soon as they came into money via inheritance or generous redundancy package...the irony of it all... personally i would father have Bashar Assad in charge here than corbyn, at least he cares for the concept of national borders and fights islamic terrorism, unlike mr corbyn would. i still think even the
  9. fair dnough but do you realize that with corbyn you will get mohammed from mogadisghu and his 15 kids requesting the government that you pay more tax to pay for his kids.
  10. rules are already in place to limit eeuropean and extra eu access to nhs benefity etc etc. problem is civil servants will not apply said rule. one gp surgery near us just registers new patients without asking for passport or proof of address. once registered with a gp you have full access to nhs services. the practice manager and gp partner are both pakistanis. plenty of asians register there because of this.
  11. Hi, We may put an offer in on a property. We are no chain cash buyer but the people selling the house would need to find somewhere. I would just like to know what happens in these cases. I do not want to pay for a survey until they have had an offer accepted and proof of this provided. I would basically only tell the EA to issue memorandum of sale to my solicitor and that is it till the seller finds something. I do not want to waste money on surveys or searches until I am sure the seller has found something. Is this approach accepted or is there anything w
  12. this one was on market for only two weeks before it went under off that's why I suggested maybe the survey was crucial. but you are probably right, it is more an issue of greed than survey.
  13. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/46843819?search_identifier=eb33d39b204cf077471b0438986208a0#5j866VcCiyWWm8oB.97 listed originally at 350k, then went under offer. Under offer now gone and property remarketed at 360k. what is going on here? could it be that surveys was done, identified 10k worth of remedial works and seller did not want to discount and has now slapped the extra 10k on asking price?
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5574115/Benefits-cheat-told-officials-didnt-like-travel-took-839-international-flights.html#reader-comments i want more people like this in the uk now. eventually they will kill the benefits system which would be a good thing.
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