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  1. will have to vote Lim Dem as they are strong in my constituency. Having come from a country which uses PR, first past the post is nonsense. I see Bojo sneaked in the proposed changes to Mayoral elections during the reshuffle to first past the post also. Democracy...
  2. Home sellers made £110k profit during pandemic price boom (msn.com) "profit".. only profit if they sold and didnt spend on another overpriced property
  3. is he replacing the all the sitting Tory members of parliament? that would be the only good outcome
  4. its all about their plan to inflate the gov debt away and thrash the pound as a fall out
  5. buyers regret https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4297166-House-sold-for-80k-less
  6. Persimmon sold me four-bed home but it only has three - now it refuses to fix it (msn.com)
  7. paper bags are worse for the environment. they can't be used much either. a bag for life which is re-used properly is a better solution
  8. marvellous for those who were put inside IR35 in April.. another 2.5% pay cut
  9. Overseas investors ‘gearing up for return to UK property market’ (msn.com) The next prop
  10. Rebuke for Hammond over use of government contacts to assist bank (msn.com) They are all at it.. Snouts in the trough
  11. Nearly 400k property sales hit by down valuations last year (msn.com) i have seen stories of this on mumsnet where one wanted to get a solicitor after the mortgage lender 😆
  12. Rishi Sunak told to close loophole helping people avoid inheritance and capital gains tax (msn.com)
  13. I expect by time I get to be eligible for state pension it will be non existent or pointless. long ago, I decided I needed to ensure I am able to support myself
  14. I don't want it to be means tested, and it should be more but is that feasible without yet more tax on work
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