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  1. This thread reminds me the landlords who used to ramp up house prices in the 2000s. Everyone was telling their friends/family/ cat/ dog to get a BTL. It was sold as "the road to riches" and "a guaranteed way for an average person to become a millionaire" etc. The landlords thought they were geniuses. Like everything, some make gains and some lose out. Nothing new to see.
  2. He might also be talking about having a lower LTV upon remortgaging due to higher valuations (which are partly caused by lower interest rates too).
  3. They have teased us with negative interest rates for so long. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.
  4. I bet the investors were the smug type boasting about how smart they are and how much growth they expected.
  5. It should be a straight no. They are relying on people being emotionally attached to the house and acting under pressure.
  6. Sorry Arpeggio, I'm not going to change your mind so there is no point. I will reply just once. I think you are missing my point. Regardless of whether people are tested for covid or flu, some people get so unwell that they need hospital admission. Anybody who has the flu is treated if they need hospital admission. Anybody who has covid and needs hospital admission is treated too. My point is whether you believe me or not, hospitals (certainly mine) are very stretched at the moment due to covid.
  7. You are too logical and have too much common sense for this forum. I work in a hospital and can see with my own eyes the effects of covid on admissions, staffing and deaths. Some people are oblivious. It's easy to deny the existence of covid when sat behind a computer screen far away from the frontline.
  8. My old university charges overseas students almost £35,000 per year for a bog standard physics/ chemistry degree.
  9. EU students will have to pay overseas fees. It might be a game changer. Changes for EU students in 2021: The UK government has confirmed that EU students starting at the University from 1 August 2021 will normally be classified as Overseas students for fee purposes.
  10. Sadly this has gone on before covid. The core issue is the lack of affordable housing for the majority.
  11. I think it shows what happens when the richest 1% get spooked and when interest rates are at record lows.
  12. I suspect a high proportion will be inherited by the very rich. They can minimise their tax liability and find strategic ways of passing on wealth. For the average person, they might have little or nothing left over.
  13. It might Merryn Somerset Webb as others have mentioned. I wonder if there are any common traits in HPCer wives. I guess that is a whole new thread for a separate discussion. Beingcareful with money must be on the list 😄
  14. I bet there will be a similar stamp duty exemption in London and/ or nationwide within 2 years.
  15. I never knew we had a fanclub on HPC 😄
  16. Madness. I can imagine something similar here post-Brexit. A visa for buying off-plan new builds.
  17. "Leftists hijacking vaccine rollout". The title says it all. Take it or leave it advice - you need to get out more and look after your mental health. Otherwise it will be the tinfoil hat next.
  18. Agreed. Are people too passive, distracted or is it linked to a lack of understanding about the economy?
  19. Agreed. I think many things which were basic have become finacialised and/ or turned into an exercise of taking on large debt. University education/ housing/ payday loans etc.
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