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  1. 2 minutes ago, ubuntu said:

    Interesting twitter thread on banks making life difficult for people involved in crypto, may have issues when trying to cash out in the future. I know this guy can be a bit of a 'dick' but he's not the only one having issues. Roll on Blockfi,Nexo,Celsius getting bigger and better to proivde an alternative.


    My bank locked my internet banking two days ago after I sent a large amount to kraken. I had to call the fraud department to verify it was intentional.

  2. 46 minutes ago, markyh said:

    good looking (ex model) , hard working, and very loyal so far. But she expects a certain life, and if i decided to not supply it, pretty sure divorce would happen eventually. 

    It's funny, now i am sitting on fiat £250k+ of Crypto and she knows if i die suddenly its gone, or of i decided to disappear with a new bird in her 20's/30's , i have the means and a divorce wont help her, she has toned down her attitude from the last few years. She can see a nice life ahead if we stay married so is more nice, and a bit more subservient. 

    I like the power dynamics having a wedge of Crypto gives me , a nice bit o Mojo. 

    Good looks are a deflationary asset, wealth is an inflationary asset. Good trade from a lady's perspective (Joking)

  3. 54 minutes ago, Londonkid said:

    Never known a panic move to workout. Personally would have just chipped away in 10% lots if I was desperate. Also surprised he didn't do some after April for tax year.

    The amount of weak hands over the last 48 hours has just given the whale wallets cheap btc, just look at the on chain analysis. 

    The dumped happened cause of leveraged trades

    Interesting. Is there a website that tracks the proportion held by whales?

  4. 6 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Exactly - that channel looks like a golden rule!  But then you notice it is only plotting data from 15 December 2020 onwards.  What is so special about that date?  Nothing at all.  

    According to that chart the price of BTC will DEFINITELY be between $48,000 and $63,000 this April.

    But (i) it won't DEFINITELY be in that range and (ii) if you started your channel from other dates than 15 December 2020 you would get a different DEFINITE range.

    So I don't understand what that chart is useful for?

    If charting shows an incorrect forecast, all they do is create a new one to suit the current narrative or outcome.

  5. 4 hours ago, Ah-so said:


    Since the beginning, the same group of people have all made various statements along the lines of:

    • COVID is no more dangerous than flu
    • Masks don't work
    • Death with COVID not death by COVID
    • COVID has finished
    • The wards are empty
    • The tests aren't accurate
    • The vaccine hasn't been tested
    • The vaccine is dangerous

    And quite a few more.

    Agree. Instead of accepting being wrong, they find a new way of digging themselves deeper into the conspiracy theories.

    Once covid has been stabilised. I wonder what sort of conspiracy theory will they hop over to next?

  6. 9 hours ago, dugsbody said:

    It is alt-season. The problem is, if we follow previous cycles, alts will collapse hard at some point. Can you time getting out at the top if you buy now? Is the collapse sparked tomorrow? Will you be me and FOMO into XRP and lose 80% over a week?

    I'm frankly not following any news or developments in crypto space at the moment (apart from this thread). Maybe this time it is different. Maybe there are real world uses for some of these coins. My suspicion is that it'll turn out similar to last time. We just don't really need cryptocoins to solve real world problems.

    I'm probably wrong, we'll wait and see. 

    If Bitcoin becomes part of everyday life then people might find used for alts. Anyway, that's my guess. I got a tiny amount of alts and will reassess the situation in 5 years time. 

  7. 10 hours ago, GregBowman said:

    I am broadly a Times reader but bought the Torygraph for the first time in ages this morning and that article jumped out at me

    Totally agree but what I picked up was the sense of middle class entitlement along the lines of your parents did well out of BTL (sort of said as a given) but poor you won't do so well

    Also the numbers are exactly what's wrong with BTL ' a parent of two on £50k ' which is middling but your trying to be an amateur landlord - how about focus on your career, your family and stop being a buy to leech cretin 

    BTL is not a good idea (economically and and morally) but wages are rubbish for most. Assets are the way forward for building substantial wealth. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    House prices around the United Kingdom and in fact globally have already crashed when priced in Bitcoin. They have crashed and will continue to crash as Bitcoin marches onwards and upwards. If you are waiting for prices to crash in GBP terms they good luck with that what with all the money printing going on the figures dwarf the 2008 financial crisis:






    Bitcoin will be this generation's BTL (road to riches) without the hassle that goes along being a landlord. 

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