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  1. 35 minutes ago, zugzwang said:

    You should know by now - after ten uninterrupted years of it - that no-one loves uncontrolled open-door immigration more than the Tory boys.

    And there's another two million on the way from Hong Kong! ūüĎé





    I agree completely. I cannot understand why anyone on this website votes for them. For example, I had 100% confidence that buying a house was right decision the moment they won the 2017 election. They are smart in the way they manipulate public opion to think a vote for them is in their interest.

  2. 6 minutes ago, debtlessmanc said:


    I think "reclaim the streets" would claim to be working class. Are you suggesting that the left in the UK are actually middle class people who despise the true working classes? never heard that allegation before.

    Yes. Have a look at student/ university politics, extinction rebellion, left-leaning charity groups, the green party membership, journalists in the guardian etc. It often coincides with a pro-immigration stance.

  3. 2 minutes ago, debtlessmanc said:

    i had never thought of that angle, indeed, clearer evidence that the protest is political would be difficult to find.

    I suspect there is a class element there. A middle class type lady in London will gather more media attention than a working class girl in Rotherham.

  4. 1 hour ago, hotblack42 said:

    Firms poaching experienced staff from each other is cynical short termism.  Its also self defeating as eventually they will have so much wealth in the form of pension & property that working becomes pointless - and that won't happen conveniently between critical projects.

    An alternative is to recruit younger people with a good, flexible attitude and enough experience to be useful then do the hard work required to turn them into highly experienced practitioners.  Spend money on quality training (not CBT in their 'spare time') & mentoring & inflation busting payrises.  Most won't leave.

    A business that serially keeps urgently needing heavy hitters with years of experience in highly specific skills is being badly run.

    Personally I find networks a bit tedious & telephony teeth grindingly boring.  Which is unfortunate because anyone expert in these areas, & can manage their internal & external security can name their price at present.

    I'm paid OK.  50% more net salary would be nice, but not worth wishing I was doing something else every work day.

    Agree, it's the opposite of the German model. The culture here focuses too much on short term goals. Poaching people and try to leave training for other firms to do. No wonder people don't stay long. They see new employees offered better pay/ prospects than the ones who work hard and stay. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    To be honest no one comes out of this well - were the police heavy handed? Yes perhaps.

    However, organising an unofficial protest for anything (and this was about women’s safety not COVID) in the middle of a pandemic is not sensible. 

    Everyone comes out of this badly to me.


    I remember how the police were criticised for being "hands-off" when dealing with BLM, extinction rebellion and Rangers fans. I think they would have had bad press regardless of what they do.

  6. 15 hours ago, MinistryMan said:

    To push the affordability point, I’m at principal engineer level the last few places I’ve worked.

    I rent with my GF in a row of 8 semi detached ex-council houses in the rural village I was brought up in North Wales, 25 mins from Chester.

    I‚Äôve lived in the Thames valley and Chester before coming back ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ, as a¬†¬£1200/month 2bed flat in Reading wasn‚Äôt for me. However affordability is now an issue¬†in the¬†village.

    In 1995 when I was a lad;

    no.1 lived our postman 

    no.2 lived my school dinner lady

    no.3 lived the cheese factory worker

    no.4 was a farm worker

    no.5 was the primary school caretaker

    no.6 old lady and handicapped son

    no.7 council worker with a pickup, wife worked in the post office.

    no.8 my school mates dad worked for the water board


    Role on to 2021:

    House No.1 is barrister & doctor couple mid 30’s

    No.2 finance director at a car parts factory

    No.3 Headteacher at nearby secondary school and husband a CLASS 1 HGV driver

    No.4 just sold to a retired Vodafone Manager. Think her husband is Manager at Unilever. They have nice cars!

    No.5 Head of year at local school and wife is accountant in Chester

    No.6 Self employed builder and wife is Environment manager at Council

    No.7 that’s us. Chartered Eng and partner is head of IT at software company.

    No.8 sold for £295k a month ago and needs serious work. Was lived in by ASDA regional manager based in Liverpool.

    It‚Äôs no wonder many on lower incomes are of ‚Äėno fixed abode‚Äô and disappearing off the housing radar. For sale or rent, none of what was once¬†basic housing stock is now¬†affordable to those it was intended for ¬†- or is it the case a head teacher, doctor and engineer are now considered the semi-poor in society when measured in housing??

    I have no doubt this will all end in tears, but when is anyone’s guess.

    295k for a semi in North Wales?!

  7. On 11/03/2021 at 09:18, Si1 said:

    Yeah I'm forced to agree.

    For all that the working conditions for junior academics are ludicrous - temporary disposable contracts, extreme geographical instability, very poor work life balance, job expenses not covered etc

    Supply and demand I guess. A large proportion of the junior academics at my old university were from the EU. I remember seeing many post docs from Spain, Italy and Portugal. It was almost seen as a way to spend time in a large British city without having to be a waiter/ bar staff.

  8. 5 hours ago, Unmoderated said:

    Yep, I was arguing this back in 2009 too. They can't keep them low forever and was rubbing my hands in anticipation of being able to dodge the high house price mania that was pricing me out. 8 years later I bought! Silly me, but I learned my lesson. 

    I'm planning on getting an interest only mortgage later this year and fixing it for 3 or 5 depending on the rates on offer. As long as the debt isn't growing I'm fine servicing it. I could probably pay the interest working at Tesco. Meanwhile I'll save and invest the cash. It'll be a net cashflow benefit of over £1K/month versus renting. Precious little point paying it back when it is so cheap and you can get a lot more benefit and quality of life by not doing so. 

    You sound organised and prepared. You will do well!

  9. 6 minutes ago, highcontrast said:

    Oh ok, so your interest rate foresight is just a wild prediction too then, rather than a fact. I thought you could see into the future for a minute. Slightly disappointed if I'm honest.

    Remind me in 10 years. Posters on this website have said interest rates must go up since 2009. I will make the most of the low rates and plan accordingly.

  10. 5 hours ago, MancTom said:

    Depends. Plenty of cases where the boomer will die and the wealth will pass to the grand kids to buy property because the parents pretty much have their mortgage paid off. But people without that are stuffed. So a two tier society is going to open up - those who rent and come into he family property wealth late in life and those who rent and will be in poverty on a crap pension in old age paying through the nose their rent.

    Agree. Winners and losers of house prices will increasing be decided by how much parental wealth you have. 

  11. 1 hour ago, 14stFlyer said:


    I recognise this will not be popular here, but hopefully there will be a continued drop in Bitcoin price until mining ceases. 

    How does the environmental impact compare to mining gold? It's always good to compare these things on relative terms.

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