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  1. Interest rates will stay low for the foreseeable future. Nothing to worry about.
  2. Roughly what sort of increase in the following month(s)?
  3. Can anyone remember what effect the past stimulus cheques have had (if any) on Bitcoin?
  4. Agree. Winners and losers of house prices will increasing be decided by how much parental wealth you have.
  5. It highlights how trading/ timing the market is futile. HODL is the way.
  6. Average price of £231,061 highest on record
  7. Anyone who voted for the Tories should not be surprised. If this goes ahead it will be the end of HPC as a realistic prospect. All those who believed covid will be the black swan event are likely to have taken a wrong gamble in hindsight.
  8. How does the environmental impact compare to mining gold? It's always good to compare these things on relative terms.
  9. My bank locked my internet banking two days ago after I sent a large amount to kraken. I had to call the fraud department to verify it was intentional.
  10. Good looks are a deflationary asset, wealth is an inflationary asset. Good trade from a lady's perspective (Joking)
  11. Interesting. Is there a website that tracks the proportion held by whales?
  12. The Alts rose so quickly today. Who is buying them all? Is it algorithms/ traders/ whales/ retail?
  13. Yes. It's surprising how many people panic across different threads. For me, anything between 10k to 100k is just noise. I remember when one of my shares dropped 66-70% in a week.
  14. If charting shows an incorrect forecast, all they do is create a new one to suit the current narrative or outcome.
  15. I'm using the current dip/ correction to go all in. Exciting times.
  16. Congratulations. It's nice to see people on this thread/ website doing well. There is a lot of doom and gloom on this website. It shows what people can do outside of housing.
  17. Agree. Instead of accepting being wrong, they find a new way of digging themselves deeper into the conspiracy theories. Once covid has been stabilised. I wonder what sort of conspiracy theory will they hop over to next?
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