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  1. It's all a distraction from the real issues in Britain today (i.e house prices, wages, low interest rates). The large majority of people (all colours) get on with their daily lives as best they can. At a basic level, I think people just want to look after their loved ones and have a roof over their head.
  2. Alternative to people paying their landlord a high proportion of their income for another year?
  3. There is a notorious poster on this website who pins almost every HPC problem to Gordon Brown 😄
  4. Yes, own BAT. It has potential to be a game-change for advertising and web browsing.
  5. A few like BAT have a potential purpose but it is way too early to tell whether any of them will succeed. I have small handful which I will keep and check again in 5 years.
  6. Sounds like he might be doubting whether he did the right thing by cashing out 100%. The sudden sense of panic seems odd for a HODL.
  7. Suspicious it's coming from the Evening Standard- one of the most pro house price newspapers I've ever come across.
  8. I agree completely. I cannot understand why anyone on this website votes for them. For example, I had 100% confidence that buying a house was right decision the moment they won the 2017 election. They are smart in the way they manipulate public opion to think a vote for them is in their interest.
  9. Yes. Have a look at student/ university politics, extinction rebellion, left-leaning charity groups, the green party membership, journalists in the guardian etc. It often coincides with a pro-immigration stance.
  10. I suspect there is a class element there. A middle class type lady in London will gather more media attention than a working class girl in Rotherham.
  11. Agree, it's the opposite of the German model. The culture here focuses too much on short term goals. Poaching people and try to leave training for other firms to do. No wonder people don't stay long. They see new employees offered better pay/ prospects than the ones who work hard and stay.
  12. I remember how the police were criticised for being "hands-off" when dealing with BLM, extinction rebellion and Rangers fans. I think they would have had bad press regardless of what they do.
  13. Supply and demand I guess. A large proportion of the junior academics at my old university were from the EU. I remember seeing many post docs from Spain, Italy and Portugal. It was almost seen as a way to spend time in a large British city without having to be a waiter/ bar staff.
  14. Maybe we will see a big announcement by a large company on Monday.
  15. When bitcoin gets to $100k, he will try and wait for it to drop to $80k and so on.
  16. You sound organised and prepared. You will do well!
  17. Remind me in 10 years. Posters on this website have said interest rates must go up since 2009. I will make the most of the low rates and plan accordingly.
  18. Yes. There is a thread pinned at the top of HPC. It's linked to a particular digital coin 😄
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